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  1. farsider

    Esox Lucius, a week chasing big pike.

    Nicely done Bill! Thanks for posting
  2. farsider

    KickingFrog and Son in Outdoor Canada mag.

    Was the magazine. Blurb with it said it was submitted by your brother. Cheers
  3. In the July/August Adventure Special 2018 edition of Outdoor Canada, a picture of Kickingfrog and his Son with his son's Smallmouth is highlighted. It can be found on p. 14 Wtg Rob! Cheers, Mark
  4. Napa has Seafoam on for $7.99 again for the month of June. Cheers, Mark
  5. farsider

    6 year olds first pike

    Very cool Rob! Passing on the traditions for both. Great job. Mark
  6. farsider

    Boat cover support

    I used a plastic bucket/Aluminum pot/coffee can that I filled with concrete. While it was setting I inserted an off-cut of a 2x4 with nails/screws near the bottom that will be covered by the concrete. After it cures, screw another off-cut to the 2x4 or cut the original to desired height if it was long enough. Attach some rounded plastic or a sanded round off-cut to the top of the stand. Right, job done. Just what I had on hand but, easy to scrounge from a construction/renovation site. Cheers, Mark
  7. farsider

    Pike Underwater Footage of Follows and Strikes

    Some Westin lures used among others. JB's had some last year and North Bay Outfitters also carries some. https://www.northbayoutfitters.com/product/westin-percy-the-perch/ https://www.northbayoutfitters.com/product/westin-mike-the-pike/
  8. Free boat just posted if someone is close by. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-free-stuff/oshawa-durham-region/free-12ft-aluminum-boat/1351350128?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  9. Who remembers this shack? Who's backyard is missing one? https://www.mynorthbaynow.com/29451/abandoned-ice-fishing-hut-found-on-lake-nipissing/ Cheers, Mark
  10. farsider

    $3,000 fine for over double limit

    We all take in information and filter it through our prism of lifetime experiences and personal biases. This thread was supposed to be about some enforcement for once. Most of all this frustration stems from lack of enforcement. We see habitual poachers, call it in and nothing changes. Be it buckets or the gong show the river fisherman have to endure during the spawning runs for Trout in the spring and especially the fall Salmon run, or others. Poaching with impunity and seemingly few repercussions. Little to zero enforcement breeds more frustration. We play by the rules and respect the resource for future opportunities but see others abusing at will. I was glad that some enforcement was taking place. Although, the punishment seemed low, I guess there would be less guilty pleas if the vehicle was taken and fines where higher. I am glad Dutch has called in the habitual abusers he has encountered when he night fishes. He must know first hand the frustration that results after nothing changes even after he has repeatedly called it in. Cheers, Mark
  11. At least they caught him. Ice fishing on Georgian Bay. https://www.muskokaregion.com/community-story/8389929-man-caught-with-more-than-double-allowed-fish-ice-fishing-georgian-bay/
  12. farsider

    NF - Best Penetrating fluid?

    Yep. Believe it to be this Universal Bracket (KD 180 U) http://kwikdox.ca/products/plates/#!
  13. farsider

    NF - Best Penetrating fluid?

    Some dock hardware. Gangway that attaches to dock and has a post sleeve on the land end. Post sleeve is held in place on post with through bolt. SS bolt threads though sleeve. Sleeve is Galvanized with threaded insert(SS maybe). Bolt head torqued off at threaded insert. Worst case scenario, I cut off sleeve from post and replace with new sleeve. Wanted to try removing the bolt first. Get yer head out of the gutter. (lol) Not positive if it is yet. Maybe SS or Galv. Thanks
  14. farsider

    NF - Best Penetrating fluid?

    Thanks for the input and thanks Dan. It really suggest it is a two part question but, it got me thinking if there was a superior penetrating fluid. Helping a buddy at his cottage and wanted to bring all that I would need to cover my bases. Hopefully backs out first go but, he has already monkeyed with it a bit with little success. Mark
  15. Figured I would ask....tons of experience on this board. What is the best penetrating fluid available to aid removing a compressed broken off SS bolt? Heard good things about Kroil, except where it might be available. Saw the ATF/Acetone 50/50 mix story too. Anyone use this? Thanks in advance, Mark