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  1. farsider

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    Falling and hitting your head on the way out is but one example. What if a "personal watercraft", out of control boat or some drunk, inattentive cruiser hits you. Can happen in an instance, like being rapidly swamped (like the shared story), with little time to find, let alone put on a PFD. Always wear one.
  2. farsider


    So sad. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/09/11/body-found-in-pickering-believed-to-be-that-of-missing-toronto-boater-kevin-wong.html Condolences to all who cared for him
  3. farsider

    Various older baits

    I believe the Mepps Lusox are still made and commonly available from UK/Europe. Nice to see the original ones still in package. Cheers, Mark
  4. Birds have been found dead or dying at Toronto's Tommy Thompson Park. (Home to North Americas largest breeding colony with around 14,500 breeding pairs and between 60,000-70,000 individuals). https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/cormorants-toronto-disease-1.4795873
  5. I guess you could wait for Trombley's next sale and see if they are included. Have seen a few go on the 2nd market for $60. Even one in the states at Goodwill for $29usd. Apparently there are differences in quality too. Earlier versions having metal hook holders (newer ones are plastic?) And Rapala now has 6 foot versions. Did find this from Amazon. Also, they have Rivers Edge lures for around $60 but, out of stock. https://www.amazon.ca/Rapala-Original-Floater-Giant-Tiger/dp/B001NXC7VS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533766450&sr=8-1&keywords=giant+lure Cheers, Mark
  6. I have used it. Just a quick pass until the leaves have briefly withered is all it takes. They will completely shrivel away within days. It does nothing for the seeds still remaining in the gravel so, you will still have to do it over again throughout the season. Good thing you know a fireman, as it can be dicey during current drought-like conditions or on windy days (especially if there is leaked oil,etc.). I have done it right after it has rained. Have you salted your driveway? That should help make it less hospitable for growth. All the best, Mark
  7. farsider

    Esox Lucius, a week chasing big pike.

    Nicely done Bill! Thanks for posting
  8. farsider

    KickingFrog and Son in Outdoor Canada mag.

    Was the magazine. Blurb with it said it was submitted by your brother. Cheers
  9. In the July/August Adventure Special 2018 edition of Outdoor Canada, a picture of Kickingfrog and his Son with his son's Smallmouth is highlighted. It can be found on p. 14 Wtg Rob! Cheers, Mark
  10. Napa has Seafoam on for $7.99 again for the month of June. Cheers, Mark
  11. farsider

    6 year olds first pike

    Very cool Rob! Passing on the traditions for both. Great job. Mark
  12. farsider

    Boat cover support

    I used a plastic bucket/Aluminum pot/coffee can that I filled with concrete. While it was setting I inserted an off-cut of a 2x4 with nails/screws near the bottom that will be covered by the concrete. After it cures, screw another off-cut to the 2x4 or cut the original to desired height if it was long enough. Attach some rounded plastic or a sanded round off-cut to the top of the stand. Right, job done. Just what I had on hand but, easy to scrounge from a construction/renovation site. Cheers, Mark
  13. farsider

    Pike Underwater Footage of Follows and Strikes

    Some Westin lures used among others. JB's had some last year and North Bay Outfitters also carries some. https://www.northbayoutfitters.com/product/westin-percy-the-perch/ https://www.northbayoutfitters.com/product/westin-mike-the-pike/
  14. Free boat just posted if someone is close by. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-free-stuff/oshawa-durham-region/free-12ft-aluminum-boat/1351350128?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  15. Who remembers this shack? Who's backyard is missing one? https://www.mynorthbaynow.com/29451/abandoned-ice-fishing-hut-found-on-lake-nipissing/ Cheers, Mark