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  1. Thanks for posting Dave! Some real beauties. Pics are really stunning! It is football season after all! Yowza Cheers
  2. Thanks for posting. Stunning!
  3. Headhunters thread here https://ontariofishingcommunity.com/topic/88940-sail-filing-for-chapter-11-restructuring/
  4. Do you work for Fish ' n Canada in any capacity? Seems like all your posts are promoting them or trying to drive views their way. Or maybe you have already disclosed your affiliation with that company and I haven't seen it yet. Thanks
  5. Yes. It is a cheap way for Fish n' Canada to buy web page view(s).
  6. Meth wreaking havoc for sure. I am sure you have seen the change in Parry Sound too. Discarded needle, etc. And North Bay going through hell. Their own encampments/tent cities, discarded needles, crime, etc. Going north (even farther north) not necessarily an escape from these issues anymore. Not just a big city problem. Sad but, true. There definitely will be offsets for each option. Costs for both too. You seem to be going at it in a level-headed way. Best of luck, Mark
  7. I would guess European Skipper.
  8. Great shots as always! Thanks for posting. Mark
  9. Came across this one for $2 off admission. Promo code - CSFL https://www.springfishingandboatshow.com/ Don't know how long it will be valid. Post other ones you come across. Cheers, Mark
  10. Nice job Brian. Very cool on your own fly! Mark
  11. The cynical among us (eg. me) , would say this is just another ploy by GM to shakedown the Federal and provincial gov'ts for more "investments". An election year for the federals. Sad to toy with workers lives this way, plus all those tied to GM jobs.
  12. Got out last weekend for a day of Musky fishing with a buddy. On the Pickerel river east of 69. No Musky seen or caught. The water was as high as we have ever seen it. Stark contrast to only a few months ago when it was the lowest we have ever seen it. A little bit of snow and a lot of wind off and on all day. Buddy caught a total surprise of a male Salmon on his larger Jake/Grandma style bait while trolling. About a 6-8lber. No gut to speak of. Probably been in the river, not eating and moving up for a month. Not a full boot yet but, definitely getting there. More shoe than boot. Seemed late for him too. First one for us in that area. New technique for river males? They are always nipping and pushing and jockeying with other males/fish for position. Size up to the 10" baits. Cheers, Mark
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