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  1. Great game and outcome for sure!!! Raps got their 3 point percentage up to same as the Wars... 47% or so. Fred IMO took them over the edge with his last buncha 3 pointers after others were too tired to be accurate long distance anymore. Hope he gets a big contract raise and extension over the two year deal he started with.
  2. IMHO the Raps have to up their 3-point percentage average and or drop the Wars 3 point percentage. The Wars win with 3 pointers. Last game the Raps were 25% and the wars 47%. Raps also need to keep drawing fouls by pushing paint and doing more double pumps before layup lift offs. Raps need to give the Wars foul trouble concerns to soften the D while gaining free throw line 3s nearing game end. Also making them lose rythm and gaining stiffness in their joints standing by for free throws slows and stiffens the Wars.
  3. All great work but I'd use epoxy resin since it is both waterproof and an adhesive. Polyester resin is neither. Epoxy costs way more but it is best for marine applications.
  4. cisco

    New Boat

    For an old man you're sure gonna scoot in that beautiful jet rig! Congrats!!
  5. The scenario sure does sound like black crappie. That's how they roll certain times of the year.
  6. Big reshuffling going on under the new Prov Gov't. Heck the Ministry of Environment , conservation and parks has this name but no mention of the 'parks' angle in its mandate yet that I can find. MNR may have lost this responsibility. I can't find anything on the hatchery thing either BB. Would have thought a press announcement would have gone out about it. With shuffling/$ tightening its hard to imagine a gov't agency wishing to admit any failure BTW.
  7. Hi BB. No problem. I posted to stick my catch pic somewhere and since your joke to your friend seemed a bit odd so I wondered what you heard/read. You say you read it somewhere so would like to see this thing to find out more of what folks are saying. Good to find out public perceptions. Thanks for the link BB. The laker they both guess to be 7-8lbs which is sadly an older fish. Maybe smaller than their guess but not the young year class we hope to see proof of. Hope this clears it up. Oh and re the Nfld thing I consider our Simcoe fishery to also be 'commercial' with all the commercial stakeholders involved from tackle and bait suppliers to guides/outfitting services and associated lodging/huts. Also like in Nfld many regular 'anglers' here also work for the commercial industry as well. I just hope that 'fiddling while Rome burns' mindset doesn't take hold on Simcoe. We all need to speak up if there is a perceived problem. I disagree that rules can't be changed by us. That's why the perch poll was taken, right? I do see some 'commercial' interests keeping silent on the possible problem and wonder whether expressing concern may put heat on them/chase customers away. I remember some years back trying to get away from lakers hitting my jigging presentation so whitefish had a chance. Boy times have really changed. The whities I cleaned had a couple decomposed gobies but no shiners. Check what yours had in em? I agree 100% that MNR isn't keeping good enough tabs on the pulse of the Simcoe fishery. My understanding is stocking of both species is to encourage natural reproduction rather than to just have a put and delayed take fishery. To this end research is needed IMO to see what is the issue and what can be done about it with minimal impact to anglers. I just hope that draconian measures aren't taken if things get determined late. I recall a northern lake where fishing wasn't allowed due to a laker issue. Sanctuaries/boundary markers were established on shoals and bass/walleye and pike fishing opportunities got reduced due to the laker issue. Don't want that on Simcoe for sure!! I'm here to enjoy fishing also. I certainly will give free advice to anyone wanting to keep a natural though or wanting to chase lakers in my boat. Like you I'm no 'expert' on laker management on Simcoe but seems everyone here needs to understand the possible issue/what's maybe at stake. I have a great lake trout smoking recipe but still try and avoid them. I'd be releasing with trembling hands while drooling. Haha! Ya I saw Trappers post on that. A shame....
  8. Just checked an earlier pic showing you have bunks too vs rollers on the trailer and they extend slightly past the transom to absorb transom load so you're good.
  9. Too bad white oak is hard to get but it is the best for marine applications. Question... why is the motor/transom support roller behind the transom? Looks like it should rather be on the other side of the frame so its under the transom wall.
  10. Haha Lew! HF I was in the same 'boat' as you are in. I have a 70's 18ft Crestliner side console with a 45hp power tilt 2 stroke main and a 5hp 4-stroke 1cyl kicker. 2 huge batteries aft along with kicker with 5 gal gas tank. The 5hp kicker is just fine for my application. Had to use it once when the main developed an intake leak so I shut er down before ? happened. Got back after 3/4 hour full throttle but made good progress in a chop. Went a few miles at least. The 5hp trolls down very slow but my electric is perfect for dead calm days.
  11. Congrats to you too BB. Would like pics of any small lakers incl. any fin clips. I honestly need see them. There is a letter being put together to MNR on the subject so any and all proof outside of hearsay would be appreciated. Got a link to the vid? You often speak of NFLD heritage. Nice place and people there and from there. I recall your neck of the woods Nfld being against cod harvest restrictions until too late. Politicians didn't do it out of vote loss concerns. That fishery collapsed right after and a close season was imposed. Not sure but the fishery may be recovering slowly now. I see the same thing here re Simcoe lakers if we keep catching and keeping cuz the law allows. I seriously doubt your 'no laker' comment was any more than a joke of some kind, but if you truly have read or heard anyone saying such nonsense please help straighten the silly willy out.
  12. Nice day to be out after whitefish. Got our 4 and enjoyed calm seas, nice sun and few equipment quirks. Going to use Doug's aka Shag's smoking recipe on my two. Can't wait to enjoy smoked whitefish. BB not sure where you've read there aren't any lakers left in Simcoe. Seems only old ones that aren't reproducing are left though. Didn't see any caught today but maybe Terry or you got into some as in the past? If so any young ones say under 4-5lbs?
  13. So you disagree with the info Marketplace has shown? That was with the older less powerful stuff. Now with 5G it will be one of three things.... better, worse, or the same effect on users. I'm not an expert and seems things are pointing to the 'worse' scenario. IMO people who have been using even the 'old stuff' are or are getting 'hooked' and will for sure be in the 'denial zone'. They don't want to reduce the frequency (pun intended) of their 'fun' habit of using their devices. They also don't want to consider that their devices are harming them or their family, and will even blindly argue that IT CAN'T BE HARMFUL!!!!!!. I'll leave it there. IMHO this crap is Darwinism on the massive scale. We are dumming down and changing from sheep to lemmings from this stuff. Get earphones and use cases not your pockets to carry the devices around to provide at least a 5mm distance. That's re the older stuff. The new 5G stuff with transmitters pegged everywhere to light poles and such.... well.... ignorance is bliss so enjoy and don't even think about it.
  14. WOW!! Just ran into this. That show Marketplace did a segment on celphones a while ago. Anyone with kids especially should watch this one..
  15. Don't get whitefish generally by trolling. Unless real slow with worm harnesses along bottom. They seem to gather in Spring on or related to shoals anywhere from 10 o 30 ft deep. So jigging spoons/rapalas/Meegs jigs or Vibratos work well on Simcoe. I know they are specialists at stealing minnow off hook.
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