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  1. From AK post...."Their explanation was simply that they didnt think that the dangers of Covid applied to their demographic." Probably right! But their parents/grandparents are the ones going to hospital after catching it from them. But the youngins will be spared visitation so they can sit at home crying aloud wondering why their poor elder caught it when being such a good person. Healthcare workers are bracing for the May 24 covidiot wave that may have begun already. Higher numbers now are possibly Mother's Day aftermath.
  2. Looks like it is attached to the boat via 2 screws in the middle so maybe just trim off the bottom of the plate so it fits/rests on the ridge. Trim off enough to eliminate the floor of the plate slot. The belt would simply slide on the ridge rather than on the slot floor.
  3. I'm not going up to the boat till things calm down. But locals really should stay away from stores/crowds to keep safe. No way I'd be going out this weekend if living up there. Long weekend for a southerner should be treated like a work day by a northerner where he/she would call in sick during an ice storm.
  4. I worked security at a couple Rush concerts at WLU in Waterloo when they were touring with Max Webster. Back circa 1977. All really young kids in the audience and now wonder how now Rush is considered such a popular 'rock group' now when all I recall seeing in the audience were youngins there back then. Good band and I guess all the youngins then grew into old supporters now. Remember the long-aired blond guy on guitar who's wife was there with their new baby. Friendly folks. Band somehow found some weird stuff back stage and were wearing turbans and such during their show. Hated Max Webster silly song about 'diamonds'. Worked a few of their gigs and the phrase 'diamonds diamonds' just stuck in the memory. Ugggh!
  5. Haha! So you don't know that 'ironic' is about the same thing as 'hypocritical' in the context of your post? I'll simplify.... It is 'ironic' that you reference Aljazeera to discredit anything as 'fake news'. Just substitute 'ironic' where I use 'hypocritical' and you should easily see how it fits to convey the same point. Unlike you I don't read Aljazeera so will call upon you if ever I feel the need to understand it's propaganda/perspective.
  6. Haha! You don't see your hypocrisy? You read Aljazeera for news and call other stuff 'fake news'? Hahaha! Aljazeera for cryin' out loud! Zero credibility is your goal? Accomplished!! Doubt you saw the vid since no way a senior scientist who worked around that Dr. Fausi (sp?) on ebola, HIV, vaccines who puts her face, name and reputation on the line is 'fake'. If you did watch the vid then call it all 'fake' then your agenda is quite obvious. Sourcing Aljazeera....LOL! I'll try and ind some info to link to her. She is now conducting public presentations to teach doctors about what is going on based on her expertise and experience at the top of US virus research. NOT Aljazeera sourced BTW. Sorry if that reduces her credibility to you nl. Dr. Judy Mikovits is her name and worth checking out. Here is an overview of the vid that was taken down by utube... https://www.pennlive.com/nation-world/2020/05/who-is-judy-mikovits-and-what-does-she-have-to-do-with-anthony-fauci-and-the-coronavirus.html BTW I offer such vids to help us all explore and understand things. I leave conclusions to the folks here. What I thought interesting from her vid was 1. Big pharma has greedy hands on anything and would rather treat not cure people. 2. Research is guided by Big Pharma rather than by academics. 3. 2 medicines classed by the WHO as 'vital to the world' or some such designation, which cost very little and deal with autism and ?HIV? (can't recall), have been taken over by two big corporations so no longer available. 4. Vaccine development is treated as big business rather than to help people and there are/may be bad consequences if animal samples are used to create them. 5. Ebola learned to get into humans in a lab. (Had to listen closely twice to hear this statement). 6. The Covid-19 somehow came after a US biomedical lab was closed for unsafe leaks of stuff and gov't spent $3.7 million to transfer the work to the Wuhan (sp?) lab. All interesting stuff to me and maybe some others here. The above things made me think folks here might be interested even though we have no say in anything except our own decisions like getting a vaccine.
  7. Always thought the best way to reduce gun violence was easy. Same way to easily reduce drug peddling, abductions, parolees hangin' with buds they were ordered to stay away from, child and adult prostitution, drive by shootings, armed robberies, and probably more crap. Police just need to do their job and not be 'guided' to ignore things. How? Enforce/revamp the law so that dark-tinted vehicle windshields/windows are illegal and if caught the vehicle can be searched. Simple and effective especially with all the cameras and camera phones around these days to help gather evidence/leads.
  8. Interesting take on the virus, it's origins and vaccines from an 'outcast' expert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAa8FLInScc
  9. Chris please keep presenting facts and opinions. Don't expect 'rewards' from those who appreciate them but certainly expect criticisms from others. A Class A mechanic pal used to give repair advice here until a few basically said he didn't know anything. He gone. A sad loss for those needing a bit of repair advice for their rides. I post stuff hoping some will learn from it to help some spread useful stuff. I advise you look in the mirror and so long as the guy looking back is proud of what you do, keep doing it. God bless!
  10. I follow this UK doctor for a global perspective as he has been quite accurate so far in his factual observations and predictions. Africa is just getting hit with it as is many other parts of the world. The first few minutes gives a sobering perspective on spread.
  11. You are intentionally trying to misrepresent things and paint a target of sort onto healthcare workers. I am done with you. Learn to read and to stop lying about healthcare workers. They are no more responsible for bringing the virus into Ontario than anyone else.
  12. nlpaintballer you are misinterpreting that old April 2nd statement. Your very insulting and misinformed. Here the statement is more completely... "As for Toronto, the latest numbers show that out of at least 818 total known cases to date, at least 31 front-line workers have contracted the virus so far — including 12 physicians, 13 nurses and six other health-care workers. Earlier data suggested a higher count, but public health officials are now reporting only patient care roles. "The majority of these cases of COVID-19 are travel-related," noted Toronto Public Health spokesperson Lenore Bromley." So the wayyy back April 2nd number of 818 is what he is referring to re most are from travel. Not just HC workers. Makes sense if properly read. Also in Toronto where most international travel originated/returned to less than 4% (31) of the reported 818 infections were from HC workers. Oh and if 10% are HC workers traveling then why and where are the HC workers traveling to where such a large number are catching it? It should be assumed that HC travelers are catching it at the same rate as other travelers. In fact they'd be less likely to catch it since they generally have a better understanding of hygiene precautions. At the start which was just before April 2nd the hospital HC workers were being told how to deal with Covid-19. All were following orders, learning and adapting. Many got it while treating patients. To imply they got it traveling and brought it into Homers or hospitals is both wrong and a bit insulting.
  13. OK here is why IMHO hospitals are focusing on the virus rather than on other 'elective' surgeries and such. Not happy to explain this but here's the logic. Point out where I'm wrong cuz I hope i am... 1. Hospitals and Homes are just screening employees for obvious symptoms. The rest get in to work and possibly infect patients and fellow staff. Think about that. Why? Well if all workers were screened then a big bunch would have to leave along with everyone they had been in contact with. So the result is worker-empty hospitals and Homes and big bucks paid to hospital workers who do have sick day provisions. No way part time call ins could cover the manpower loss. 2. Hospital workers are generally given crappy non-N95 masks which are supposed to be worn to prevent spread to others rather than to protect the worker. Even N-95 masks don't screen the virus completely. It is too teeny. So 11% of these workers show symptoms. How many are infected but don't? 3. So if other patients are brought in for elective procedures they may become infected. About 11% of the infected are healthcare workers and this without really any testing. No doubt more. At Homes they don't have sick days so are used to working sick to pay bills with their relatively lower-than-hospital-worker wages. 4. So hospitals are basically saying they don't want non-virus/elective procedure patients there for their own safety and hospital liability concerns. Nor do hospitals want to have hospital-infected patients and their family/visitors with them carry the virus back out to increase it in the general population. 5. Healthcare workers don't know who among them are asymptomatic virus carriers. They do not know if they are taking it home to loved ones. 6. Homes are privately run businesses where profit is the goal. Minimum staff and cleaning in some. Now existing staff are told to do way more but without proper PPEs and if they get sick they get to go home sans pay. If they do show virus symptoms they get to go home sans sick pay for ? period of time and infect others there as a bonus. No wonder spread in Homes is so widespread. 7. Yet despite the above, the notion is circulating that Home workers should not get extra 'hazard pay' and that they or hospital workers should not be allowed at the front of the line at stores. IMHO people desperate for work need to funnel aggression and suggestions/demands at their elected reps not on the working stiffs trying to control this virus. 8. When hospitals resume elective surgeries just like after holiday breaks then workers although getting the same pay have to work much harder since doctors/surgeons go fast and hard to catch up on the income lost during the break. Hospital workers will be getting a rough go even after this virus allows hospitals to get back serving the non-virused.
  14. Oh and re 'shale' or fracking, this 'new invention' of US producers that ruptures underground water/oil veins to contaminate groundwater...... the Saudis and Russia were very unhappy the US changed laws enabling entry into the foreign market using this and then when the Russian/Saudi folks had an 'argument' over how much each would cut in production to raise world prices for more profit. So the Saudis flooded the market with oil and now they are getting a better arrangement with Russia. Meanwhile both were very happy the highly financed fracking industry was and is going broke due to the low oil prices. This happened about a month or so ago. US fracking is dying. Prices will stay low as demand craters, and the plandemic is largely responsible and the Saudis and Russia are happy their US fracking competition is, well, fracked.
  15. Pumping operators who remove the crude oil from the ground are trying to keep pumping just to keep their operations going. Costs $ to shut down wells and lay workers off. By dropping to the point of paying processors to buy their crude the producers are hoping to tempt buyers to favor buying from them rather than their competition. But when it gets processed, shipped out, taxed, sold at a gas station there is lots of $ added to the price. You can bet that prices will be 'price fixed' to ensure profits at your gas station. Gov't won't ever step in to affect prices due to the huge tax revenue received by the provinces and the feds. MHO.
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