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  1. Not sure if 'carcasses' mean't skinned or unskinned. Article wasn't clear about that. Would probably take a bit of time to get that many. I can see a gang of hunters who specialize hunting them keeping them froze out back until time to thaw a bit to skin all at once then draw straws on who gets to discard the remains. Lazy guy drew the short straw.
  2. i'D Get a Toyota Sienna van. I have a real wheel drive but there are all-wheel drive ones out there. I use ramps late season duck hunting and simply carry a bag of sand or cat litter. Also bought some Princess Auto traction mats 'just in case' but haven't used yet. You wife will enjoy the van as most do and it'll carry anything easily and trailer hitches are also on many so you needn't get one. Prices are all over the map as are years and mileage. Better to take advantage of this than fall for the red-neck trap of 'pickup or SUV' which is why prices are so high. A pal has a 2014 Ram HEMI PU with 113,000km for about $19,000 as is but getting emissions on these may be hard so ? re getting it on the road legally. If interested in it message me.
  3. Very interesting and skilled workmanship of all kinds going on there! Just proves again that trip preparation can also be allot of fun and all part of the adventure.
  4. Just back from Simcoe whitee huntin' and thought about another angle. If the hunters took the yotes to, say, a landfil,l they might be told 'no' and advised to go bury them or take them someplace else like a rendering plant. I'm not sure if a landfill would take them. Also it may cause some civil servant there to call the police or MNR re the carcasses thus causing allot of undue hassle to the hunters. IMO the MNR when commenting on this issue could and should have provided advise on how to properly dispose of such critters. This as a public service since no doubt the hunters in this case along with others would like to know proper protocol. MNR fell flat on this one. Recall years ago when a moose hunter found the entire animal was filled with cysts and MNR said it's OK to eat. SURE!!! Hunter told me "I took the whole works to the dump". But again, these days a call might go out getting a hunter in trouble for this same thing.
  5. My mistake it seems. So you wouldn't have taken that chopper up if you were the pilot when even the cops had grounded their choppers? Smart. Hindsight is 20/20 though. Not sure why you seem to be 'woefully' arguing the point that safety of others is less important than cutting corners getting someplace more quickly. Of course there will be excuses why the chopper went up. Just like when a trucker who crushes a car in the fog may say his kid's birthday was important to get too. Regardless of the 'psychology' of the pilot's or Kobe's mind at the time it was a PIC decision, no one else's. Pilot is Captain of the air ship. NO excuses. Now perhaps fog wasn't the issue and the chopper experienced catastrophic failure by hitting....a drone or flock of birds. Time will tell. But I feel you need to realize my 'simple message' that cutting corners and taking chances with the life of yourself and others isn't worth it. You can get away with driving a chopper of big-rig in the fog for many times. But sadly it only takes one time for odds to turn. Psychology be da%ned! No excuse for endangering the life of yourself or others while making a living. Follow the rules and even then err on the side of caution. Done here.
  6. Pelts take time and effort to remove, flesh out, stretch and need stretching boards, etc.. many guys haven't been taught how to do this. plus fur prices for such late season pelts aren't as good as early season and from western provinces. Coyotes are getting too numerous and they reproduce quickly to compensate for removed members and food availability. IMO the MNR can't be bothered to get down the hill to them nor to take apart stinking carcasses to find out what death they experienced. There is little point in trying to find out anything further. No limit or bounty or meat wasted re coyote harvest around southern Ontario. All we shot got skinned but the carcasses were left in the bush around where we shot them. back to nature went the remains.
  7. Nice pic of a piebald deer. Be nice to see eye coloration re degree of albinoism. Not complete albino but extremely rare. Genetic weaknesses may take this doe earlier than normal plus the white will be easier to see from a predator or hunter vantage. May have similar young. Your area is shotgun/archery only I think with fairly abundant residences with less hunting going on so she may live long. Coyotes are getting thick so they probably pose biggest threat in your area Lew IMO.
  8. PIC means 'pilot in command'. Oh and I agree completely re your mention that helicopters are safer than autos. But not on a day with fog and with the flight limitations that particular helicopter apparently had. A limo leaving early to compensate for traffic is what I'm suggesting. Your opinion is kinda like saying hunting is safer than the drive to go hunting. I would agree, but not when you have to walk out to your deep water blind in fog walking on 2 inches of ice. Your tremendous experience driving around does not include helicopter flights does it? Not sure why you mention your past employment as it has no relevance. With the number of people being transported a regular car wouldn't have been large enough. A much safer limo/huge Suburban would have been needed. Bet that could have been easily arranged. Again, sad we lost such a great athlete and person to a bad choice in which labor-saving device to use on that tragic day.
  9. Hero moose trying to rescue some scared sounding people eaten whole by a big black glob. or Moose used to getting handouts trying to get some.
  10. Sad and I find it strange that the Amazon fire has been totally dropped in exchange for the Australian disaster. i tried to find updates on the Amazon one but little available. It still seems to be going but no media coverage of note from what i found.
  11. RIP Mr. Bryant and all else aboard. Money. Massive amounts of money enabled purchase of a labor-saving device. A helicopter to save time getting places he otherwise would have to be driven too. How many celebs have we lost over the years to small craft flight disasters or to fast car disasters? Money. It brings with it a degree of 'hubris' to many. This in exchange for caution. Money should be used safely. He had all the time in the world. No rush. Probably not a care in the world and was looking forward to getting to a game where his achievement of total points scored would be handed to Lebron James. Limelight was waiting even more than usual. A choice was made. Sadly the dice was rolled once too often. If the flight was successful it would have given the wrong message that next time with similar conditions it would also be fine. All just to save some time on the road. Always be careful when considering a method of transportation folks. Always err on the side of caution especially when the safety of others depends on you.
  12. East of NB close to the Q border on the north side is a managed area containing Blue Lake and many others that would be perfect. Perch, lakers, splake, specks, pike and walleye each has a lake or more and even rainbows in one or two lakes. Used to camp at the Blue lake campground and a while ago I heard the whole area is managed by a private contractor with MNR. For sure check it out. Had many a great fish in there! Contact NB MNR to get some info.. Can fish a diff lake for a diff species for several days.
  13. Early 80's a pal and I had our pic in the K-W Record with 3 we shot around Kitchener one day. First I saw was around 1970 between Kitchener and Guelph. MNR was getting concerned around 1980 when aerial winter surveys showed they learned how to hunt deer in packs around there. They look big but all we got over the years were around 35lbs. Lotsa fur. IMO any coyote in heat when a lone wolf male is around to sniff may become a mommy. Rare I know but have read no such thing as a true coyote with all the dog inbreeding. So no reason there may not be some wolf/coyote crosses out there where ranges overlap. A coydog can be very big and even dangerous so an animal like that when in heat meeting up with a young male wolf ........ simple biology.
  14. Condolences to all the families affected by such a tragedy. Everyone has to remember that guided paths on the ice were made gradually and safely by compacting the snow to minimize the insulating properties so ice gets thicker there. Stray off the path and you're on thinner ice. Also realize that later in the day the ice won't be as safe having had sun and milder temps on it.
  15. Glad you're OK. Kinda thought so since you are pretty well preserved/pickled thanks to that Old Milwakee you like swillin'. Haha! Oh don't need any baits thanks. I whittled a whole bunch from the HUGE minnow baits me and Swampdogger won at Lakair many years ago.
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