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  1. Anyone getting em these days? Thinking about a trip to Simcoe soon and wonder if any luck with them is going on.
  2. cisco


    QUOTES GregF2 "Not sure how I don't know anyone that smokes it, proves a point. You are right though, it proves the point that the people I hang out with and family don't do drugs, as they know better. They are all against pot, as it is a drug! " Reminds me of doing a move for a moving company many years ago having to listen to an older lady preaching about the evils of alcohol and how her son never would touch a drop. He shows up and he is almost stumbling drunk and smells of it. I clearly remember this and him there quietly listening to her and when she wasn't watching slyly putting his finger to his lip while giving me and my co-worker a wink. Shhhhhh. haha! Greg I bet you have people around you doing pot and other stuff but they aren't about to come clean knowing you are such a vigilanty. Neighbor with arthritis, postperson, boss, employees, doctor, ........
  3. cisco


    Capitalism is the decay of our society. It wraps itself in the flags of democracy and patriotism as camouflage to get what it wants.
  4. cisco


    Yes and tell that to a mechanic buddy who had tried all kinds of pain pills for his arthritis but now does a bit of pot instead to get needed pain relief.
  5. cisco


    So what about booze and cigarettes? I never heard of an equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous or smoking cessation programs for marijuana. How many DUI fatalities are from pot? My guess is next to zero. I bet more fatal accidents are dropped-cigarette or lighter search related.
  6. cisco


    Back in the 60's and 70's anyone with a Bachelor of Arts got going up the ladder and the$$$. Their kids look at their parents and think it isn't fair for BAs to be where they got too when the kids have MAs and PHDs and have to flip burgers now to try and pay CRAZY student debts off and are also aware they have to pay the foreign debt the old people's gov't has amassed and which is still growing almost to the point interest can't be paid on it. So the kids don't care and are bitter and stay at home where mommy feeds and clothes and shelters ems. I read several years ago that 34 was average age of a kid leaving home. Oh and folks from other countries that never paid much tax/licence fees arrive with 'questionable' certificates and compete for houses with our young. Our young have been paying taxes and their competition have been amassing wealth. Guess who gets the house? I don't blame our young for being a bit bitter. Drugs are an easy path for the weak to take. Many of our young are weak. They are also missing the sense of identity that happened before. now its all Facebook/tech toys everyone must have/mandatory car insurance and other 'new' expenses all need to be cool like internet. I once witnessed a 'nurse' selling a bottle full of pills from the hospital the nurse worked at. The nurse that got given a bunch of morphine may have made $1,000. Tempting and Drs and Big Pharma like making $ pushing pills which is why in the US a major charge was laid against a big pharma where it was paying Drs to push its product which was addictive.
  7. I lived in North Bay for several years and got some nice brookies with a pal. When the bugs bite the brookies start biting....the big water/lake upstream is letting warm surface water into the stream especially in the heat of summer and as the stream flows away from the lake the temps should go down since earth temps are like 55 degrees Fahr. So the stream should get cooler as it flows over a cooler stream bed and especially through cedars/shaded areas. Cold water upwelling may also be good in spots to the liking of brookies, like spots below hillsides. I always hit pools just below rapids since lotsa small food there for them, minnows after small food and better oxygenated water. The bigger ones will be out at low light and be under banks, fallen timber, behind boulders during the day. Since you're on a long stretch I'd worry less about direction re inflow but start staring at topo maps to find rapids that have fish pools below. What I'd do anyways. Good luck and keep your spots/trails hidden. Locals are bad for cleaning spots out when told..... this I know!!😒
  8. Follow the money. Simple really. Hindu and other non-meat eating cultures are growing. Chain restaurants are after money. No more to it than that unless gov't edicts say they must do so-and-so. Gov't hasn't. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ market/profit motivated. Period.
  9. Pop'n demographics are a changin' folks. This stuff is simply a competition to snag a whole other rapidly growing customer base. Many cultures don't allow beef and/or pork but their members are sold on the BIG restaurant chain ads/hype that gets them wanting to go. Also their friends from meat-eating cultures also go there and to join in it is good biz to have similar products of a plant-based kind. It has zero to do with us meat eaters other than it's more comfy to have friends join and enjoy without having meat as deterrent. It's all good IMHO.
  10. Grew up in Kitchener. We never went to Erie since it was well known that going there was a crap shoot. Hit Owen Sound for bows/salmon, Port Severn area for pike and walleye, Rice for walleye. Never targeted bass but got them anyplace close to shore or along the Nith/Grand below rapids. To me the extra drive to waters you know are sheltered and safe is a better way to go about using your 18fter. Three times over the past 10 years I've hit Erie for fishing and only once was tolerable. IMHO you pretty much have to live right there to take advantage of calm waters. To drive from Burlington to Lake Erie as a long term plan for open water fishing will involve way too many disappointments. Like said above the river is best but you should consider different directions than towards Erie. Be safe and all the best!
  11. Fished a similar lake years ago and it held lakers, splake and walleye except nobody caught walleye. We were lucky and got a few diff size walleye before dark quietly fishing minnows in front of the only weed patch we could find at the end of a small bay. Maybe same approach by beaver lodges too. Minnows in there hiding as well. Close to dark though. Small minnows habitat IMO.
  12. I remember when lotteries were going to help fund sports for kids, wheelchair ramps and such. That's how the 'evil' lottery was sold to us. Then shortly after starting the $ all went into the same place our other tax dollars go. Nowhere. Would have been a great thing to set up a way to help pay for kids playing hockey and other sports.
  13. May sound crazy but folks around here seem tired and quieter than normal. My guess is the 'ying/yang' thing where all the euphoria over the Raptors win is now being counterbalanced with a bit of a 'low'.
  14. Maybe they're in the weeds? Hiding from .... no pike in there?
  15. Great game and outcome for sure!!! Raps got their 3 point percentage up to same as the Wars... 47% or so. Fred IMO took them over the edge with his last buncha 3 pointers after others were too tired to be accurate long distance anymore. Hope he gets a big contract raise and extension over the two year deal he started with.
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