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  1. Nice work. Might want to put a bag around the power head to keep track snow and slush from getting into the carb.
  2. More vaccine choices the better IMO. We can all better decide based on side effect issues which may arise. I hope little to none, but we should keep ears to the ground.
  3. AKP So after all your negativity you seem to agree that Ivermectin is worth testing/trialing? Sad that you didn't understand that this was all that I and the 'u-tube medical experts' have been seeking. Here FYI is a very neutral perspective methinks of several covid treatment possibilities. But understand that the 'new' proposed trials will take 5 months to do. This is totally unacceptable. The vaccine took how long to 'approve'? So trials end in 5 months then the approval system kicks in until?? This means the vaccine will be well established and administered with no competition by a possible cheap and effective 'actual treatment/cure until past May 2021. Other countries are acting now and seem pleased with results. Me, I want review and if positive I want Emergency Use declared to allow physicians to try and increase survival rates. https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/88310 If and I say IF other countries are using Ivermectin successfully to save lives it should be EASY to have our own medical experts speak to the pros over there to gather information quickly to determine it's merits. Re your number crunching it is all meaningless since the assumptions you made about what I said are wrong. Canada is a wee entity in the whole central banking system. But the approx 15,000 deaths here is a GROWING number as is the 320,000 deaths in the US which is a GROWING number. After a while the numbers will have GROWN as would the accompanying savings re pensions, Medicare and so forth. I can't see how you are missing that gov't and pension firms save money the less they have to pay out. I am not saying this is why the pandemic happened but it doesn't seem that the pandemic is hurting gov't and the central bankers in this regard. From a business standpoint when profits and revenues go down you may try and reduce expenditures. When POTUS (Trump) and his wife supposedly got covid their recovery was vaguely given as....POTUS got a 'cocktail of medical sorts' and his wife said she took a more 'herbal' approach. Isn't it strange that no proper listing of their successful medications is available? Big secret? IMO he was previously proclaiming that HCQ and zinc was good but he got shouted down by the media. He LOL also advised bleach drinking too. But IMO they both got something not allowed by the present approval's system. That is apparent or else why not disclose their exact treatments? No idea at all why you're mixing up airline and ? industries into your perspective. Of course they are all losing money. But their plight and methods to make money isn't the same as Big Pharma which has its own agenda and the people with approval authority for drugs are very quiet about other-than-Big Pharma products. Why hasn't Fauci even mentioned Ivermectin and/or encouraged trialing? Not a peep. Maybe theorize about that. If you or an aged loved one is facing ICU with covid I hope any and all useful treatment options are available regardless of whether it may cause a (oh the horrors!) skin rash. LOL! Re the economy perhaps you are unaware but in the months before the pandemic the US Federal Reserve began buying bank securities in order to pump billions$ cash per day into the system. Economic crash seemed imminent. Then the pandemic hit. OK huge coincidence. One-in-a million but OK fine. Now the WHO says lock downs are bad idea. OK why are we all doing it except for big monopoly growing stores? Here the seniors homes are privately run yet gov't has not mandated better pay and sick days so staff keep going to work because they need the money. No wonder outbreaks and death happens. Why no legislation to ,say, mandate gov't overview of profit margins and mandate no profit while covid is present? Why not put all profits into PPEs and staffing resources temporarily?
  4. Sad to say it isn't allowed since no formal testing/trialing can be done on it for covid unless Big Pharma sees profit in it. The company that makes it provides it free (maybe at cost) to any country for use as a parasitic disease treatment and it won the Nobel medicine award in 2015 and is listed by the WHO on its list of essential medications. BUT no mention of it on MSM or by our Ontario government. I am reading reports of India starting to use it due to the impossibility of social distancing and closures (which they found more deadly than the virus re starvation and such). India is calling it a good treatment and also for prevention. Here is what is going on in the US which IMHO is same as here in Canada/Ontario where political knee bends to Big Pharma. Here is a renowned Dr. who represents a group of medical experts with over 2,000 published works. His group is being ignored both by MSM, Big Pharma, and politicians and the gov't agencies who are supposed to be screening medications for the benefit of their employers... the people. Sad IMHO and what is being held back is all for the dollar and possibly for genocide. Sociopaths. Oh and I am a social scientist with education and this is what I now must conclude. If anyone here or a loved one catches covid and can't get Ivermectin of HCQ with zinc you should realize that these medications are being denied you and your loved ones. Watch the vid and hear what he says about who is dying the most around him in ICU. Also realize that $billions$ are being 'saved' by the death of pensioners on Medicare, social security and so forth. I see a few hidden agendas going on and these at the expense of our elderly, sickly and retired. I have 'politely' asked various levels of gov't to please find a way to get Ivermectin trialed to hopefully get this possible 'cure' allowed but NO response.
  5. You talk to a doctor/bio/pal of sorts to get info too. I'm fine with that but don't toss stones while sitting in a glass fish hut. LOL! I'd rather watch Utube vids of actual specialists and doctors with credential who have thoughts and opinions than MSM. MSM is very misleading and full of propaganda. So is Utube and facebook and so forth. That's why I look to the references/author to review credentials and affiliations. I know Fauci is plugged in with Big Pharma. Oh and doctors follow orders even though they know or as I recently discovered haven't been informed of alternatives. When his/her licencing administrative body tells a doctor what he/she is allowed to do and what protocol to exactly follow the doctor is confined there. IMHO if a patient is dying and their doctor wants to try something 'unapproved' with their blessing then why not??? This should be between patient and physician and the physician should be allowed access to whatever medicine deemed helpful at that time. Doctors now have their hands tied and ears plugged unlike Banting and best. Under democracy we can discuss matters and present information for others to consider. Exactly what we do here. I was aware of that Knightfisher vid a while ago and it sure is an eye opener from someone who worked alongside Fauci and who was basically tortured to have her inventions stolen. Brave lady and it should be seen by everyone to get insight to the workings of big Pharma and its underlings.
  6. I am fortunate to deal with hospital doctors daily. The 'Residents' do as they are allowed and told. Many haven't heard about treatments even those mentioned here. Funny but sad that when Banting and Best invented Insulin at the U of T many years ago they simply tested it on mice then some folks desperately wanted to try it since they were dying and it saved them. Viola... insulin went forward and got into production since to save the lives of millions world wide. Now this process cannot occur with many regulations and approvals needed. I'm fine with that since public safety and genetic modification is at risk. But it's completely backwards now since trial permission and funding approvals lie in the hands of regulators in bed with Big Pharma which is completely profit based. It is no surprise that MSM and gov't has turned a blind eye to other treatments developed elsewhere or via cheap existing medicines. IMO it wouldn't matter if Russia or some other country developed a better treatment since investors and Big Pharma has decided on what will be allowed via their approval and trialing funding/allowances concerning Canada and the USA. MSM also fails to mention a big 'secret' which is that as old, impoverished and sickly people pass from covid so does their gov't funding. Medicare, OHIP, pension, social security and such payments are reducing as result.
  7. Here is a Dr who many are following as he provides covid updates and has great expertise. A bit long but he also details his take and the known data re Ivermectin. He supports vaccines especially the Columbia one from his homeland but seems neutral on his take on Ivermectin. Oh and sad to say but MSM news and info on much of anything these days is quite slanted in favor of paid advertisers/owners so Utube channels where experts are providing qualifications and data and opinions is fine by me. Just like Fox news showing the Dr Cory Congress presentation. I don't mind as long as no video tampering was done. LOL! to discredit him just because Fox News taped and showed his presentation is completely insane. It was a great laughable story to pass around at work.
  8. Go over the vids again man. The Dr. is quite clear that if supplies of Ivermectin for people runs short a less refined yet effective version can be obtained from veterinary sources.
  9. 40,000 folks were used with 50% getting the vaccine. Folks who developed symptoms then were tested and those found to have covid from each of the two groups were compared. This is where they get the percentages. Basically, way more people who didn't get the vaccine developed symptoms/caught covid compared to the folks who got the vaccine. BUT from a research survey standpoint (which I have education and experience) I don't like hearing that scientists who requested the demographics of the trial group have so far been denied this info.. I want to know how many high risk and elderly were in the study and how many showed up with symptoms. ALSO think about this ..... if the vaccine just suppresses symptoms then just as many in the medicated group may have caught the virus but not showed symptoms to call in about it. So the percentages deemed to show 'success' preventing covid is an incorrect conclusion which the media and Big Pharma are pushing. More asymptomatic participants may be unknowingly spreading it now rather than someone with demonstrated symptoms who would isolatate/be more careful being around others. than
  10. Maybe watch that Dr Cory vid properly since if what he and his task force are finding is correct then Ivermectin is safely being used in many parts of the world with great success both in a preventative role and as a treatment. I don't mind taking a pill knowing many have been taking it for years with scant side effects for preventative small doses. I recall him stating his group set up a not-for-profit charity website with information for folks around the world so that info can be obtained re protocol for people safely taking proper amounts for prevention and for hospitals to administer safely to covid patients. I haven't reviewed that website but no point yet since acc to my pharmacist the drug isn't even being allowed in pharmacies here even for parasitic disease treatment like lice which is pretty common for homeless folks. Now there is a possible conspiracy theory.... Nobel prize for medicine and used for years around the world except not allowed here? What's up with dat?
  11. I agree but don't recall reading any 'conspiracy theories' any of us have gone to great lengths to create here. IMHO you are creating a 'conspiracy theory' about us having conspiracy theories.
  12. No problem Dan. My goal was to inform members in hopes that one or more might use their keyboard talents to connect with relevant gov't agencies/personnel or at least pass the vid along to those who could so that proper review of Ivermectin would be requested. Got that done. I did get some laughs from some of the responses.
  13. Just serached for 'Ivermectin harmful side effects' and got a few re some bad stuff but little re really bad stuff but 2nd thing listed was.... " Ivermectin has continually proved to be astonishingly safe for human use. Indeed, it is such a safe drug, with minimal side effects, that it can be administered by non-medical staff and even illiterate individuals in remote rural communities, provided that they have had some very basic, appropriate training." Oh and Misfish I doubt we will have a choice since short supply means demand induced by those who can't get it ahead of others. This creates a 'I'm lucky' feeling for those who can. Healthcare workers will be 'assumed' to take it or else not be allowed to work. But if it only treats symptoms and it isn't known how long it lasts or whether it prevents transmission then ???? Personally I don't think it should even be called a 'vaccine'. It is a 'treatment' IMHO. I got all this from Fauci and hopefully he has discovered better aspects to it and can make more positive opinions. Oh and re the vaccine I have read where scientists has requested the demographics of the clinical trial participants but have been denied. Concern is ,say, if no old and infirm people were tested and only healthy young people then what are the effects on the people who most need help... old, sickly folks. I have seen far less examples of cold/flu in the employment places I deal with. It is obvious that less contact means less transmission of all illnesses.
  14. OK but don't forget the Sackler family business Purdu Pharma.Remember them? They are the owners of Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that produces the opioid painkiller OxyContin. As a result, the family has been accused of fuelling a deadly opioid crisis in the US that has killed more than 200,000 people in two decades. So should we trust Big Pharma? We can't even trust gov't agencies to watch over and regulate them properly. I have read many accounts of US prescription prices being way higher than same in Canada. Profit motivated companies should be trusted blindly for products that keep us and loved ones alive? I suggest not.
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