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  1. Goby stomach content analysis needs to be done on lake trout spawning locations to see to what extent the critters are eating the eggs and fry. Since the trapping method also captures similar-sized fish check their stomachs also. My theory is Gobies have tilted the balance drastically. BUT if so Goby traps could be devised to protect spawning areas. Not a fun job but that's what bios, techs and students are supposed to be doing, namely, developing and testing hypothesis to asap find out what is going wrong so hopefully a solution can be devised.
  2. Right time of year for a lost deer dog. They come in all shapes and sizes from beagles to elk hounds. Also it may be caught in a leg snare or some such thing. I have seen the aftermath of a few bears caught in illegal snares and they must have gone through an awful painful death.
  3. OK you bunch! Calm down!! The sensitive and easily offended may address the following with hysteria but I'll still give it a go..... I strongly suggest you all try and think about this gruesome issue from a slightly different perspective. A simple perspective... one that may make the more sensitive here upset in it's logic... Ready? A legal expert gave it to me.... Here goes.... start grinding your axes.......start thinking of a way to twist the following..... IMHO nobody can twist this.....OK......? There's the challenge.... The gauntlet has been thrown so to speak..... "To say Cherry is aiming at just immigrants for not wearing poppies means..... he is fine .... just PEACHY.....with all the 'others' NOT wearing poppies. The 'others' get a free pass and don't need to wear poppies" Get it? Understand what I'm saying??? Anyone in their heart of hearts knows the above statement isn't true...... Undeniable TRUTH is that Don Cherry is pissed at ANYONE not wearing a poppy. Think about this perspective. The above logic is irrefutable...... Cherry is happy for anyone wearing it and unhappy with anyone not wearing it. This is a known fact. A logical perspective but missed perspective by many. I missed it til it was explained to me by a lawyer. Again, to complain about him 'picking' on one bunch of people logically means you are saying he is fine with others not wearing poppies. Get it? If not then please reread this post until you do or get someone else to translate for you. Or offer evidence he is complimentary of someone for not wearing a poppy. Maybe he is on his show someplace saying how Ron's jacket doesn't match the red poppy so Ron should toss the poppy to look more fashionable. Something like that. OK you people. All I got........ a lawyer gave it to me and I'm passing it along. Says he can't wait for any logical disagreement with his 'legal' perspective.
  4. Good man Art. I only wish the NHL Players Ass'n would muster a petition among its members to bring him back. No interviews with Sportsnet til then.Anyone else can interview them but that outfit.
  5. So if anyone in a workplace says what he said they should be fired without getting the opportunity to explain themselves to HR? I hope he goes after them in court. He'd win. He has always supported veterans and heroes of all backgrounds evenly from what I recall. This is how a patriot is treated. Bad show. Mac Clean abandoned his bread and butter and i hope he gets sidelined when the new crew is selected.
  6. He was interviewed and said he should have used the word 'everyone' instead.
  7. Wayne. Those are the 5% kids I was getting input on whether to try and help. The rest have parents looking out for them. Oh re P3TA ... good joke! No I'm not. I've killed many critters sometimes in tough weather. Some here know I diver duck hunt. Oh and I'm not a narcissist either.
  8. Poor kids can't afford "flashlights and ponchos" or "buy candy" to stay at home. Many get meals at school since they don't get fed at home before. I was just thinking of a way to keep them safer than having to deal with the 80km winds and rain experienced this Halloween. I can imagine that some of us here had it tough growing up and this hardening proved useful. Kudos!!! But I'm talking about poor kids on their own out in the stuff your kids and grandkids didn't have to go out in last night or that didn't go out in for long. But OK guess the issue is not worth bothering about. Next time you don't go out fishing or hunting due to bad weather I hope you change your mind and go knowing you'd send poor young kids out in it.
  9. As a kid I recall the less fortunate coming to the door with pillow sacks and little makeup/costume. They came to the door early and late compared to the general population of trick-or-treaters. Last night I though of the less fortunate out there trying to get candy in the rain, cold temps and high winds while the more fortunate had less cause to 'venture forth'. Hearing that some places near Montreal postponed the date while the GTA didn't got me thinking about it. The kids out there need our protection from the elements and vehicle traffic. I am considering asking gov't to consider this aspect if they haven't thought about it. Thoughts?
  10. Thoughts? I think this is a great way to get ticket revenues beyond 'excessive noise' tickets and will help improve ID of drivers committing crimes. Also it may help discourage drive-by shooters from their terrorism since numerous cameras may get face pics of occupants. If done safely re police protection it isn't 'carding' but would target illegal windshields.
  11. Nice ride. 8.1 liter gas engine so miles per gallon or kms per liter is interesting to know IMHO.
  12. Up around North Bay I helped deliver some donations to poor rural families. Lots of times in front of the homes were ATVs, snowmobiles and fancy pickup trucks. To me they were as much 'thieves' as the ones mentioned in the other posts.
  13. The Principal and Vice principal knew of this and did nothing. I blame them. They are highly paid to get stuff like this out of their school. They should have brought the bullies in with their parents and read them the riot act with police in attendance if things seemed serious enough. Back in the day nobody did anything about bullying. In fact some teachers liked to do it to students. The educational system is in drastic need of legal strengthening to set up proper immediate safeguards against mentally unstable students. Pecking order happens everywhere in nature and in human populations. To not admit and act on this is like sticking one's head in the sand like another animal we now... an ostrich.
  14. Thank you. Haven't been there in a while and nice to hear good results! A weird slot there. Any of a size to be kept? Last time out we 3 got 5 walleye and one was ok to keep but just barely so got released.
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