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  1. "Like A dead moose is gonna harm a lake....that's hilarious." It's a public health issue. Many who swim, wash hands, or perhaps even drink the water thinking it's clean may become quite ill from the water-borne pathogens from a huge rotting animal carcass. Here's an excerpt from an issue of Cottage life..... "What can be done when a large, dead moose is found decaying in the cottage water source? How can it be removed and can it be poisonous? Any time you have a piece of rotting meat that weighs as much as 600 kg sitting in your water supply, it could affect your water quality. In addition to pathogens accumulating on the dead beast, there’s also the danger that the moose is carrying potentially deadly bacteria, such as E. coli or salmonella. Water supplies can easily become contaminated and should be tested on a regular basis." You really should study up on things before making such ridiculous grandiose assertions.
  2. Common sense says it was dying in the water and after 'rescue' it ran off into the woods. Sure it might end up back in the water and die. But the rescuers upped the odds on it not drowning in the lake. But following your bizarre reasoning maybe it wasn't a lake!!!!!! Maybe it was a river. Then just imagine the horror!!! I must leave now very worried of what those demon humans were really doing to destroy mother earth under the guise of being 'rescuers'.
  3. Haha! OK but say your son's bass comes back bigger than yours even though you know yours was a bigger fish. Keep a close eye on this one dad!😜
  4. If in an area with Whitetail Deer then a good chance it has Brain worm. Brain worm does cause moose to go in circles but if an eye is out then maybe it has an internal head infection which it may recover from. Seemed very disorientated bumping its nose into the boat and weakly reacting to the people. Otherwise looked a mid-age healthy bull with no thinning or bald tick areas. But IMHO way better to have it die in the woods rather than in the lake since scavengers would have easier access and less pollution of the lake would result. The fellows did a good thing IMO.
  5. Great points HH and others. Big picture..... airlines are advertising non-essential flights to the USA ("Go visit your loved ones!") since there is a loophole where travel restrictions only applies to cars. GREAT!! They haven't made enough $$ bringing the virus here in the first place. Also the Ont gov't just made a retroactive payment to unionized front line staff in hospitals. Each staffer got about $1300. extra take home after retro taxes were removed. This tells me the gov't and its bankster buddies are thinking 'second wave' but still planning on gettin' the economy going regardless of impact to non-elites like kids, parents, teachers. Parents are workers off due to babysitting. So their kids will be removed via public school schooling/herding. US schools are quickly closing after outbreaks happen and I expect same here only in way fewer places since thank heavens Canada in general and Ontario have a better virus control approach than our US neighbors. But hey on a weirder note I am reading on some firearm forums that the Canadian Federal gov't has stopped issuing PAL renewals and new PAL issuance for people passing the test and now awaiting police clearance to get their Possession and Acquisition Licence sent them to be able to legally possess guns and to even buy ammo.
  6. Also important to keep in mind is that replica molds are from actual fish and can be 'adjusted' to fit the dimensions of the actual catch. Advanced would probably have the most different size molds to select from. Obviously they would like to chose the next size up rather than down to make the buyer happy. I have seen some pics of a fish that to me anyhoo looked quite a bit smaller than the replica. Don't recall the artist though so I am not saying it was Advanced. But keep in mind the dimensions you provide should be size of the replica. Now there is no saying that the angler's measuring tape/ability may have been off a bit too......😇
  7. Advanced Taxidermy is well known.
  8. Wayne you're a good man to offer up the help. With summer student work available I suggest hiring a youngster to well.... "See that bunch of stuff that fell off the shelf and got kinda mixed up? Put it all back on the shelf sorted proper." For you a tax write off/business expense. For a kid some needed dough. AND you can turn your back on it like it never happened rather than cussing each time you think of it or walk past. What I'd do anyways.
  9. Since you're retired and pretty smart about vehicles why not get what I have. Old Skidoo Safari. 503 2 stroke with long and wide track. Circa 1984? Folks don't know about em but mine has pulled out stuck ATVs, big huts and didn't take much to replace all fuel lines and rubber intakes/exhaust 'manifolds'. Hey and when you park it nobody will want to steal it like the great equipment you got robbed of a while ago. You may even find some coins dropped onto the dash from pitying passer by's.
  10. BTW a great way acc to some boat build forums to provide flotation is to install a bunch of various-sized cleaned out and capped plastic motor oil jugs. Easy to install, cheap, light and effective.
  11. looking at the hull pics and hearing how you have been compensating like crazy it occurred to me that the hull has been bent/reshaped/twisted to push it up on one side thus changing the flotation and planing abilities on that side.
  12. News article says proposal is to only hunt cormorants the same time main season of waterfowl is allowed. Sept 15 to Dec 31. We have early Canada goose season so why not for cormorants as well? This 'hunt' is complete tokenism. I expect zero impact on their population. 'Bangers' at nesting sites when nesting to disrupt their natural process of reproduction is needed. No other way IMO. I waterfowl hunt and will not be looking for any cormorant decoys to purchase even if they come available. I seriously doubt anyone will buy them. Decoys will be needed to attract the birds to big water hunters or else pass shots are about all that can be done with a bit of success IMHO. Sure duck hunters could take passing shots at them but why would a hunter chance scaring away intended prey by shooting at cormorants which must then be 'not wasted'? YECK! They eat fish. Would you rather buy a chicken that ate fish or one that ate corn? Gov't via OMNR has lost touch with what is going on out there...except it knows it wants votes next election. Also northerners are not happy at southerners visiting and scared about the virus coming up with them. For sure as things open up there will be some tourist area virus incidents. This 'hunt' will help get some tourist area residents happier with gov't. I have also noticed a drastic decline in cormorant numbers. Nature has caused natural population control but what is it? Disease, parasites, food shortage?? OMNR should have an opinion but have heard nothing.
  13. After reading Lew's post that his relative had same issue from new with a similar boat you should do as stated above to see if it's a design thing. A livewell full is a couple hundred pounds. And your live well is on the high side. When full it simply has to make the boat more level.
  14. Great catch! You eat them?!?! I thought they were quite contaminated out in Lake Ontario.
  15. Get an outboard hydrofoil. Relatively inexpensive and it'll help get on plane faster.
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