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  1. Beauty! Some place off Manitoulin?
  2. The Federal election was called for the same reason when Joe Clark went up against Pierre Trudeau. The old Liberal party members remember what happened way back then.....1978 or so. Anyone remember the 18 cent election? Back then ole Joe said gas prices were about to be hiked by 18 cents. Pierre attacked but didn't say what he was going to do. Pierre won and then gas went up like Joe said and we all went metric to cover/fool us into not seeing the hike. Now, right after the election gas prices jumped over 20 cents/litre which is about 80 cents a gallon. IMHO the petroleum industry told Joe as it just did Justin that prices were about to soar. If Justin told us this then the other parties would do to him what his dad did to Joe.....attack but not say what they'd do. Just to win the election. The Liberals weren't going to allow this so...election time! Only reason for it IMHO.
  3. Ron you have always been a gem to me! Recall when you taught me about jumbo Simcoe perch years ago. IMO you should closely examine all homes nearby to see who has security cameras. Perhaps this will result in some leads. Best of luck and IMHO you shouldn't be too worried since you could outfish most of us with an alder twig with cotton line using just a hook with some red fabric on it.
  4. Some very upset people out there now. IMHO the manager should also be held accountable since he/she should know that some crazies will come through the door. No way a kid should be taking the heat. The job has now become one of security vs polite seating. The manger should be at the door or someone able to at least appear able to deal with such monsters. That poor girl is doing the dirty work of gov't and the Manager and serving as bait for crazies to vent at.
  5. Nice rig. Not the best for when them flying carp are doing their thing. Man overboard!!!
  6. My pal who started the marine repair biz has said that dealers won't even work on anything past a certain age. Waiting lists are extremely long also due to the sudden 'freedom' to be able to go boating. All things seem to have added up in his favor. Oh and he is about the best mechanic/repair guy I ever knew. All learned from experience and no schooling. Some have this gift. Others have the gift to swindle customers while doing shoddy work. Dan seems a 'straight up guy' and it would be nice to see his equipment stay available to him as he selects jobs he wants to do that make people happy while still being equipped to build contraptions that boggle the mind. LOL!
  7. Sad and glad for you. Glad re the retirement but sad the business isn't still profitable enough to keep running. With the looming economic issues such as growing inflation and such I would have thought that folks would hang onto their vehicles longer rather than buying new...... meaning more work for car repair fellows. Any idea why it seems opposite? A good friend started boat repair and is swamped. He also says people are happier compared to people needing car repairs. Maybe since boats/toys are not essential vs cars vitally needed. Perhaps another option for you Dan?
  8. Me, I'd contact the manufacturer and try and order a new keel to replace the one that has been ....torn, stretched, twisted and generally no longer able to do its job. If riveted back it will simply twist the hull creating many stress points. To remove it and to try straightening it would be allot of work and even afterwards, the holes to re-attach won't line up IMO. Haven't checked but perhaps aftermarket replacement keels are available online.
  9. Fished it for years years ago. Hard to gain access now due to signage and citiots moving out there and upset farmers dealing with litter bugs/vandals/etc.. Use small hooks and worm piece to catch minnows/chubs in and below rapids or in nearby streams where roads cross small bridges. Into the minnow pail and go walk along the Nith to find deeper slow water. Best for us was large pools at bends. Then use bobber with minnow/chub on to cast into slow deep parts. Be patient. May take some time before bobber goes down. Wait till it stops and then starts moving again since this is the time the pike turns the bait to injest. When it moves again it has it squared away and hook is ready to be set. Thats's single hook set up. Quick strike way allows immediate set for planned release. Pike there cruise around and like to hide along shore under banks and fallen trees/stumps. Do not be afraid to use huge minnows/chub/suckers. Some biggees in there. Seen em up to 42 inches long. Was told some are a musky cross also and seems they did kinda resemble this.
  10. Great buy! Congrats! OK you got one without testing her out first. Not sure how old it is so check to see the deck wood is solid as well as the transom. Get the 'ear muffs' and hook the garden hose up to run it to make sure water is pumping out or impeller needs replaced. Want to ensure she's ready to go when you're ready to go!
  11. Pregnant coyote seems looking for a den site to have her pups. Tail bone is black with no hair so perhaps frost bite is causing infection and sadly the animal may die. No hair in extremely cold weather ... why possums die of tail infection after frost bite so don't do so well here. IMHO maybe try to chase it off since her having a litter near you will surely mean hungry moma and mouths to feed. They usually pair up so maybe dad got run over/shot. Weight on em is deceiving and like Shag said the winter coat is coming off. I've weighed quite a few and 35lbs is about all they are. Never had one heavier. Her hair/being preggo makes her seem larger. As for being a wolf they have long legs almost like stilts compared to coyote. Sure could be a 'coydog' we used to call them, but apparently all coyotes have dog in them.
  12. I'd like to read the material you are referring too. If you read the comments on TSNs as I suggested you'd read many comments re how both the human and the vet versions are working for them. Many have have claimed to be using the vet version saying it is working for them too. You pick and choose, fine, but at least give references to try and support your opinion. Oh and I don't care about horse healthcare costs going up if it means people can be saved. Neither should you.
  13. Trial site news on Utube a few vids ago addresses this. Also google iv and you'll see it came from a soil sample close to Tokyo. Only place in the world this bacteria/micro organism is found. Hope this means Merck's new 'discovery' that they are trialing for covid which sounds exactly like Iv fails to gain patent. Merck gave up the patent years ago so many manufacturers now make Iv. Seems Merck may be just trying to rebrand to get a $patent$. Many have asked Merck to show proof that Iv doesn't work and no reason has been offered by them. Ironic that Merck also says it has bad side effects yet when it was selling Iv for other ailments years ago they weren't saying any of that. Millions have taken it with next to zero bad effects. Many find all this interesting. Me, I don't care what it's called or whether a patent controls price so long as it helps to save lives and allows us to get back to a normal existence.
  14. A petition re ivermectin is on Twitter acc to a hospital worker i know.
  15. Thank you for your highly clinical and scientific and medical analysis. Hahaha! For the record I and others are pressuring agencies to review Ivermectin. I am here since many may feel there is no hope. I know some members here and like them. So I want to give members hope that a cheap and easy cure may be present regardless of the naysayers with no credible reasoning behind their attacks. For the record here I am stating that Ivermectin will become the 'standard of care' for treating covid. Me, I have had both vaccine shots due to the work I do. I am not an anti-vaxer. Vitamin D3, C, and zinc are taken daily. Our gov't isn't even advising on ways to boost our immune systems. I have also read Finland has achieved proper vitamin D levels since 2014 by adding it to milk products. Finland has by far the lowest virus cases and mortality rates and has stopped shut down methods from what I have read. Why hasn't our gov't advised on at least vitamin D? Maybe I missed it. IMHO incompetence or some other reasoning......
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