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A Fresh Fall Finish On A Big Year Ender.

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A report nearly prepared while away in Nunavut last month this is a collection of plenty pics from this past year plus some new photos from the fall season. As well, there are links to any and all of the reports posted and a write-up on how one busy but quite memorable 2015 came to be.

Approaching work the past five years there had never come a moment of feeling fully settled in. Change became necessary, and leading into 2015 many new pieces had begun to fall into place. This didn’t all come easy and I took quite a time with it. In fact, trying several different options at home first, before long it would only lead to discontent and my looking elsewhere. By the end here I was mostly just disengaged, often restless, and would certainly not want to continue any efforts in making a full-time living of nursing in the valley. Despite working alongside great people and regularly enjoying the type of healthcare only interesting and real emergencies can provide, it is the lesser work perks such as the odd scheduling, silly obligations and pressures to provide unpaid availabilities, my being on a leash for nothing, accepting all cutbacks, a lost seniority, and an overall lack of autonomy in the profession, which has all weighed heaviest and wore on me thru time. So on Canada Day 2014 I gave most of that up Drove out to Nipigon, spent a week alone figuring out a plan before coming home. By November I had four employers and since then picked up a fifth with a sixth now possibly on the way, all for casual or contractual jobs. For the first time in my professional life I have basically taken over an entire control of my work and time. 2015 would be the first full year to test these decisions...


January through March could be broken down into two parts, work and play. Having had been hired back with an old employer in James Bay, the opportunity to take on casual / locum employment in northern Ontario meant leaving family behind at times in order to fully condense a workload... The first few weeks into the New Year saw good ice come quick. Walleye with some splake and lakers were the order of business before departing north. Mike nailed a real beauty best eye for himself but one surprise catch for me was way more smoking hot, and a tank laker caught wasn’t bad either... Once settled in Attawapiskat the next five weeks combined work with outdoor wonder. To keep fit a personal challenge called the Taiga Trek was taken on, planning to hike 100 kilometers over river, ice road and through snowy bush during the duration of my stay. The distance got crushed, along the way shedding some pounds while finding some great photo opportunities too. A snowy owl over a couple days kept me busy sweating for miles to snap the perfect pictures, a prize equal to some of the best fish catches passed... Once returning home there was a need to make up for some lost time with family and friends. Taking the girls skiing their first time was a fun day we all enjoyed, while a weekend up in the Bogie with Bren and some fishing friends was a great getaway... Jonzing for lake trout, March provided local opportunities to jig up some lunkers on different lakes, until finally friend Len and I headed to N.W. Ontario for some R&R, fishing and snowmobiling with our buddy Rob. The perfect finish to cap off winter.























Fishin’ It Up Like The Pros.

Attawapiskat Taiga Trekkin’

Icing Nasty Greasy Greasers. (with videos)

Breathing Life Back Into The Old Cheepas. (reports revisited)


April to June was mostly planned time at home. The spring started in Florida with the girls. Rollercoasters and shows at Universal and Disney with plenty swimming and shopping, they loved it. During what remained of April all was quiet with local work, so plenty on the honey-do list got finished, including tying some bucks and flies. Friends Len and Luke end of the month came to me offering up a floating seat for some overnights camping while adrift down the Saugeen, and that was a pretty cool experience... Once the home lakes opened it was crappie and gar with a little lakers into May and June. The girls joined me often and so did new and old friends as well. It was another banner spring for many great fish. The sun now shining, plenty people wanted time off from the local E.R.’s too, and the phone rang daily for work offers early May into July. Setting off mid June to Onamans for a week of eyes, pike and lakers there, Stevie Z rode co-pilot with me three days for half the trip. Despite engine troubles hours in, he nailed his first over 20-pound laker, a forty something inch pike and the biggest walleye of the week before leaving with a smile on his face. I caught good ones as well, including an eagle, moose, bear cub and some rare pelicans. Fishing solo while camping at the resort, Rob, Loki and I enjoyed hanging out after that, during the long evenings... Finally once school was out, and knowing I’d be leaving come July for work, there was only one day for bass fishing to be had as most days were spent lazing at home or running places with the kids.





























The Seal Anglers Of Bushy. (days revisited)

Float Steelin’ Down The Saugeen.

It’s Simple You + Beer = Gar

Some Spring Slabbin’

The BIG Gnarly GAR Annual.

A Solo Roady North II. “Fishin’ Impossible.”


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Through the summer months of July, August and September days would again become a mix of work and play, except that all of the work would involve new twists. For the first time in twenty years I would find the opportunity to temporarily choose a different line of work, giving up nursing to instead try a month of guiding anglers through Plummer’s Lodge on Great Slave Lake. The experience was immense and unforgettable. The people met and days on the water something to look back on forever. The Viking’s uniquely enormous 47-pound slob of a lake trout caught was a fish of dreams we may never see again. That life will be calling me back... Returning home long enough to cut the lawn and pack a suitcase, my oldest daughter and I were a week behind Bren and our little one, so we headed north to Attawapiskat to work together several weeks as a family. Summer volunteered a little of her time in the hospital alongside Brenda and I, while Leah played daily with her cousins... Kids back in school, rather exhausted my friend Mike and I tripped out to Nipigon for a fast week of fishing specks and pike. That place was as it always is, beautiful! Once coming home a long weekend was spent with the kids prior to taking flight to Attawapiskat a second time that season in order to hammer through 140 hours of work on a quick ten day round trip. By the time all three months had passed I was beat nearly dead, with still the busiest season yet to come.

























A Slave Guide’s Story.

A Speckled Nip Rippin’.


October to the New Year were three more busy months. Several weeks at home were taken as downtime to chill with family and sneak out during the school days to fish on local waters. Early fall is usually about muskies and smallies, and sticking with that a couple days were found for both. Brenda out for an afternoon caught her first muskie. Later, during one magical muskie evening, I boated two in 45 minutes off the same spot, with the longest fish almost hitting 54-inches. Sadly, it was probably the one of the skinniest muskies ever seen too. Had that long fish had the shorter fishes girth it would have been something else... Late October all the normal fishing came to a short halt as Brenda with our friends Steve and Amelie, had long planned to head for sturgeon out in B.C. We all loved it at Fraser River Lodge, having the time of our lives, with everyone catching their first and personal best sturgeon and salmon... Once back home again, a couple more muskie outings didn’t work out. In the final minutes of the fishing season I had one good fish come flying from the water like a tarpon, twist, turn and spit the jig. A consolation prize ahead of this, two different days out with friends Christine and then later Len and Paul, were spent reeling in warm weather eyes... Fishing all wrapped up early though, and no more walleye and even late steelhead fishing would come. Early November and a first for our area, along with the parents and girls we attended a Guy Fawkes night and thoroughly enjoyed an incredible forty foot bonfire and fireworks display... A final work tour (through a new agency I signed on with) at last I nabbed a first placement in Nunavut. Mid November I landed in Cambridge Bay, a town of about 1500 people and considered a top world destination for arctic char. Unfortunately, there would be no chance to ice fish during this very cold, dark, stormy and busy season in the hospital, but enough locals met assured me if returning anytime May to October there would be plenty chance for char fishing... Very quickly there I learned that a vitamin D supplement is essential for mood but that the job and atmosphere in this part of Canada is exceptional. In all the years, everywhere I have chosen to work, never has there been so many thankful and polite people. This first visit living within an Inuit community, the Inuk impressed me to no end. Courteous and friendly nearly every last one of them. A great beginning to what I hope is a decade ahead of employment opportunities and travels throughout that entire Territory.
































B.C. Behemoths Fishing The Great White Sturgeon.

So 2015 was a big transition. The past 18-months boarding 70 flights, visiting five Provinces and two Territories the travel has been much. The best part of it is now completely owning my time, the right times at home, with the girls, and never having to wonder if vacations or holidays will be granted again. This door opened has created new opportunities such as guiding too, although more importantly, it has enabled me to step back into the type of work I feel best at and have always enjoyed most. And as for fishing, well about 40 personal days this year were lost but it certainly didn’t seem like anything was given up at all. In the future there should only be more time for trips, greater attention to favorite fish and specific seasons, possibly more guiding, and maybe too some new char experiences while working across the arctic.

Looking forward to 2016 and best to all of you as well.

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WOW>>>>>>> :worthy:

You Mr Bunk are a wizard


W...Wonderful human being and contributer to this board of which we are blessed


I..... Interesting, intriguing, and most informative


Z.....Zany in the form of comical, and one of having great humour


A.....Ambitious in your goals and passions, which instills inspiration


R.....Revitalise everyone after reading your magnificent stories


D.....Dedicated father, husband and ambassador of this great country we live in


Blizz and Mrs


Thanks for your energies u expend on this board for all to enjoy, all the best to u and your family


Happy New Year



I am a little partial to the mermaid ice fishing pic, pm me as to where that lake is lol :tease:

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You are a special guy Bunk. Thanks for sharing not just the fishing exploits but your most interesting life. Of all the pics I have to say my favorite is of the staff and yourself at the hospital. It says "this is Canada" in so many ways.


Happy New Year to you and yours.

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Happy new year Bunk - glad to hear that you have been able to take control of your time. I made a big career change just over two years ago, reclaiming my weekends and overall quality of life back and it was the best thing I have ever done. As for the fishing pics... you just make it look so easy. I bet if you went after a yellow perch on a whim you would end up with a 4 pounder.




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Great report Bunk,good for you taking a chance and doing WHAT YOU want.Looks as though things are working out well.And as for you getting more fishing in 2016,if I could get in just a quarter of fishing in you did in 2015 I would be ecstatic Good luck in 2016,and thanks for putting this together for our enjoyment. :good::clapping: ..

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It truly boggles the mind to think you accomplished all that in a year. Even in two years, that would be a feat! I couldn't do all that in a decade!!!

Mr. Blizzard's clever reply says it all precisely. Your contributions to this board are incredible! Congratulations on a stellar year, and all the best to you and your family in the coming year!


Thank you!

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Wow !!! You are a busy man drew !!!! Amazing reports & pics and real life stories !!!!! Some amazing fishing adventures too !!! Thanks for sharing & keep em coming when I don't see a report from you for a while I always wonder "where is he now & what is he fishing for " !!!!!! Cheers & happy new year all the best in 2016

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You Mr Bunk are a wizard

p.s. I am a little partial to the mermaid ice fishing pic, pm me as to where that lake is lol :tease:


What's weird John is that I've been called a wizard several times before by other anglers and friends. Gonna have to buy a Merlin hat for future reports. Thanks again bud and, no I can't tell you where those mermaids swim. :P


I made a big career change just over two years ago, reclaiming my weekends and overall quality of life back and it was the best thing I have ever done.



It's worked for you Pete cause the last few years the muskie reports just keep coming and coming, and I bet that weekend play time makes work go a little easier mon to fri.


Of all the pics I have to say my favorite is of the staff and yourself at the hospital. It says "this is Canada" in so many ways.


It kinda of does you know! Any workforce I've been a part of through 20 years in healthcare has always been a collection of unique peoples with many different backgrounds that, always come together and do the best they know how in order make a difference and help others. That is Canada today.


when I don't see a report from you for a while I always wonder "where is he now & what is he fishing for


I think the same with Mikey some days... :whistling: There will be times now with work that'll force me offline for periods of weeks. During then it should give plenty chance to get caught up on any fishing reports. I also need to ask this spring if someone web savvy can help me get a site up and going. There has to be a hundred stories saved now and I'd like to archive that somewhere. That will cut into some time too.


Gezz Bunk, you should start your own Fishing Show. We don't see such a show on TV.



That'd be fun in many ways... but on video I seem like such a dork. Probably cause I am.




I agree 100% with Roy when he said it best in his New Years post...


A great 2016 to all of your families and friends. There will be bumps in the road for some this year as there is every year but I'm confident that our community will pull together and try to smooth those bumps. That's the great part of this community that I'm a proud member of. The important thing to remember is that we must try to stay healthy and happy....anything else you may want will fall into place. Thanks everyone for letting me be a small part of it. Be well, all of you.


ps. Don't forget, fishing is still our raison d'être.


... and emphasize again that one must stay healthy and happy as, everything else will fall into place. This Community actually helps many people with that in many different ways. From the common bond of fishing, through to supporting someone during difficult times, to just giving a member a pat on the back for a coffee table well built out of pallets, we are more fortunate to have this place than to not have it. And, it's a cool thing to be a part of, and best done so in a positive way. So like Roy, I'm proud to be here for that, and thank any and all the good people who share, support, participate and even just belong to OFC with good and honest intentions.


Gotta get a morning coffee now. Laterski doods!

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