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  1. Thanx for the encouragement guys. It has been a rough road since I was fist diagnosed back in February. I've had 9 chemo treatments & 2 radiation treatments since then. For a while I had a hard time writing & typing due to the cancer affecting my left shoulder. A radiation treatment 3 weeks ago has greatly improve my typing skills. My neighbors & family members have been awesome - performing my yard maintenance chores. My wife is the best care giver a guy in my health conditions can ask for. She does absolutely everything for me. Now I just gottat show her some fishing knots! The staff at the Walker Cancer clinic in St. Catharines have been the best! They are very kind, compassionate & professional in every task they perform. At this point I am able to walk short distances with my cane & now we have the nicer weather I'm able to walk up & down my driveway to slowly regain my strength. Hopefully I'll be able to dispose of my cane soon & concentrate on improving the mobility in the rest of my body. I wish you fellow fisherman the best & you get tight lines as time passes. You wouldn't believe how anxious I was as walleye opener was fast approaching. Well I say there will be more openers in my future.
  2. Than for all of your replies! They are much appreciated! It took me a while to get back on the ofc board due mainly to weakness, also a 3 day stay a the the Cancer clinic did slow me down a bit. I finished my first 3 doses of chemo last Thursday after I was admitted due to getting a CADD pain medicine pump. The pump has been very valuable in controlling pain, as you probably already know priority #1 is getting out of pain & feeling comfortable. An MRI last week revealed The cancer is not in my spine. That was a major relief! My procedure is 3 days of chemo, then off 3 weeks until the next round is due. Then repeat this cycle. So right now I'm home resting. I have a health care nurse who visits once per day, to monitor my medication, a physio therapist is also assisting me at home, along with a health care company who has arranged a hospital bed in my home, shower seat, grab rails in the bathroom & numerous phone numbers of which health care provider to contact if I should run into difficulties. My team of professionals have been absolutely amazing! My wife looks after me as well as the household. The technicians, nurses, psws, home care workers & doctors are the best I've ever encountered. Their work is absolutely amazing!! My family members & friends have all been here for a visit. Their kind words & prayers are always welcome. I know you guys are also a big help in assisting me in getting over this speed bump in life. Good luck to very one as we will slowly be moving into the soft water season & tucking away the ice cleats & ice augers.
  3. I had the radiation prep done today, ready for my first treatment on Friday. At this time I want to thank the technicians, support workers, nurses , doctors right down to the volunteers who are all very valuable to our health care. I have had excellent care from all of the people mentioned above. The whole group is always on time with a reasonable wait time, are truly caring professional people. Our OFC group is a truly remarkable great bunch of folks. Your comments & replies have really helped me get through all of this. I have taken the time to read each response with care & compassion. I believe I have the last of many medical tests tomorrow. According to my schedule from the hospital it's radiation tomorrow, install the PICC line on Monday, then start the chemo on Tuesday. It will be chemo infusion 3 days per week for the next 3 weeks. After that treatment I don't really know what is next on the agenda. I'll keep you informed as I move forward. Once again thanx for all your input. Even if you just viewed my post & didn't post a reply I know you're at least thinking of me. Thanx Brian
  4. Thanx once again for the encouragement! I had 2 more appointments to & 1 was with the radiologist. What a wonderful woman! The cancer name is Neuroendocrine. It is not bone cancer, but rather a cancer that started elsewhere & spread to my bones. They have yet to determine it's origin but don't forget there are still test results coming in, & also a brain & chest scan to be completed on Thursday. Tomorrow the radiologist is going to do a scan to prepare for for my first radiation treatment on Friday which will be followed by a consultation with my oncologist. By the way my radiologist is also an oncologist. Yes I do remember Sly & Slyville. What a wonderful man! His legacy will live forever on Simcoe. At this time I am very tired after a full day at the hospital, but before I leave - it's chin up,positive attitude, welcome all the advice I am able to! Also I do like F Cancer has a nice ring to it! F Cancer
  5. Thanx Wayne this news is awesome! Question - How do I start St. Catharines treatment such as Chemo & radiation, then up & leave to attend treatment at another facility. I'm not saying this is going to occur, just analysing options at this point.
  6. Thanx guys for all the encouragement & advice. PMs to assist me in the use of weed is definitely an area where I need help - never smoke a joint in my life till last Tuesday. 3 puffs, then I waited about 6 minutes & I felt better. Fish Farmer - Sorry I didn't call you before posting, but thanx for the kind words Fishburn - I'm definitely gonna check out the Rick Simpson video thanx Limey - I know your area a little bit, had a wonderful time on the English River. I'm already planning a trip up your way perhaps for the month of June. I'm planning ahead, but guess what? It's gonna happen!! Float n fly - Awesome story about your wife's boss beating this dreaded disease! Wooden boater - Guess what? I will be part of the campfire stories next June! Big Guy - I WILL BEAT THIS BUMP IN LIFE! 4 in 10 million, incredible odds. Losing your sense of smell & taste are minor detail as you are still on the right side of the sod!! Ironmaker - Yup I know I have to get the right strain for the right name of cancer. I'm sure I'll be getting the proper name in the next day or so. By the way that was a 30", 9 lber! I hooked it, reeled it in - You were the witness! LOL! Thanx for reaching out to our community to get advice on the use of weed. I never smoked but have recently toked a couple. 3 Puffs then put it out. I'm fortunate that I have a neighbor who has helped me out!! Awesome! Please tell me more about the treatment at Mt. Sinai There has been a tremendous response here which is great! I'm definitely going to follow up on them. PMs about the use of weed is more than welcome. Thanx Guys Right now I'm just waiting for an invite to Wabagoon via Limey's guide service! LOL! F Cancer
  7. Wow! I'm amazed at the support from our community in such a short time of my original post. Yes guys my plan is to stay focused, stay as healthy as I can be!! Wayne, they may already know the name of the cancer but I failed to ask that question. I'm sure you understand as I have a million other things going through my mind at this time. I want too stay healthy to watch my grand children grow up. Our grand daughter is 6 & grandson is 2. I have lots to live for yet!
  8. Thanx for the support Manitou. Thanx Wayne also for your thoughts. I knew you would get involved because of what you recently went through with your daughter. I don't know the name of it at this point. I have a scheduled MRI this Thursday on my brain (I warned them it might take a while to find it though)!! & shoulders. Tuesday I meet with the radiologist who will be performing the radiology treatment. Friday I meet once again with the oncologist & I'll be asking questions about the type of cancer. I'll keep you informed.
  9. Well guys, sad as it is I regrettably have to inform you I have been diagnosed with cancer last Thursday. I have had numerous tests performed by the wonderful staff at the Walker Cancer clinic in St. Catharines including blood work several times, Ultra sound on various parts of my body, 3 different CT Scans, Bone scan, & MRI. All of this info has been collected & submitted to my Oncologist. She delivered the results last Thursday in the presence of my myself, wife, daughter & niece. This week I'll be attending classes at the clinic to orient me on the procedure I'll be facing as I prepare to undergo kemo therapy & radiation. Right now the team of doctors have me on medication to relieve pain, deal with constipation & also steroids to help ease the pain of bone cancer. Until such time I play things day by day. Last August I weighed 216 lbs, 7 months later I now weigh 172. Lost 42 lbs, but I'm not overly concerned as this can also be contributed to a complete change of diet, more exercise, no desserts, no pop, no fried or deep fried foods & no alcohol consumption. Early December I was walking 1 km every morning & up to 2 km every afternoon. It was right near Christmas I was experiencing pain in my back, shoulders & kidney area. It was December 15 I had extremely sharp pain in my back & the appointments began. I'll be starting kemo Tuesday February 28 & I'm going to fight this dreaded disease - I'M NOT GIVING UP!! At this time I would ask our community if they have info that may assist me. PM if you wish. I have recently heard of a case where a patient with bone cancer was treated at a clinic in Vancouver whereby they use medication to rebuild bones. If you wish to share a similar story, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanx Brian
  10. That is one hell of a nice walleye! I love those dark colors & it's a nice chunky one. Good for ya on the PB.
  11. Very sad to read this story! Lottsa mild weather coming our way. No way am I going on the ice! My condolences to the families involved.
  12. Nice video! Thanx. They look like a walleye except they have a round mouth.
  13. I would suggest you take a look at batterystuff.com Lottsa info on batteries & chargers. I have 2 Nautilus batteries that I charge with the battery minder from batterystuff. My batteries are 4 years old & still working very well. The bonus with the battery minder charger is after a full charge is achieved leave the charger running & it will automatically go into a desulpphation mode is now clearing the electrolytes off the lead plates which ensures your batteries will last longer. Cost for the charger was $150.00 3 years ago. Check there site - it's very informative!
  14. Wow! Awesome piece of machinery there! I especially like how you can run it up to the beach then the "grabbers" cant pull you in a little closer. Awesome!
  15. Very sad news. My condolences to you & your family. I never met her but always enjoyed reading her posts & viewing her photos. 1 post really sticks out in my mind was last year's G2G when she posted numerous pics of the wildlife she shot with her camera. Amazing!
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