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  1. No you are right. They caught 75 fish but they had enough keepers for mom to eat walleye every day. Yes slot limits are tough. Has there been much evidence that it’s working on nip? Dads been doin ok since surgery. Hopefully he will recover sooner then expected. It really is a shame. You can probably find these “market fish” at one of our local supermarkets. $18.99/lb!!! Thanks OI It was pretty close to the end of the trip anyway. Maybe 2 days early. There is no doubt you have to be careful! I’m 46 and I find things getting hurt and sore much easier then it used to. Im really not sure why they’ve been going back there every year for the last 10 years or so. You think they could find something better within 12 hours of here where the fishing is better. But I really think it’s the camp owner and how hospitable they are. They love the cabins etc..... I don’t know. Oh and they have the insurance with Medicare here and it covered them when they were there but it didn’t make anything quick or easy. I can’t believe he had to video conference the doctor in Toronto?!?!
  2. Thanks Lew. Hate to say it, but it was. When he fell, his left leg slipped forward and his right foot stayed below him. He tore his quadricep muscles from below his knee. He had surgery and is recovering. Dad is 76 years old and doctors are saying his recovery will be at least 10 months. Ugh! He may not be back next year. Thanks jimmer. Last year was incredible for keepers. I believe he said they caught over 75 walleyes in the keeper range. Mom literally ate walleyes every day and didn’t get sick of it.
  3. Good luck lew. The bugs are atrocious!! Bring the deet!! My dads estimation is the water is over a foot higher then normal. Same goes for my parents. They had caught over 100 walleyes last year at this time. Thanks for the replys fellas. TRIP UPDATE.......... Dad called this morning and said he had fallen on his way down to the boat. Messed his knee up quite badly. Why he doesn’t drive his truck down to the dock when there is a road to it is beyond me. So he goes to a clinic to have it checked. Considering we are Americans, we have no idea what to expect. Well long story short, he can’t get an X-ray till tomorrow and won’t be seen by a doctor. So with the help of the camp owner they will pack up tonight and head home in the morning. My mom will drive (be patient dad!!) two days early two week trip total walleye keepers..... 1 thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks Weeds, I appreciate your reply and I will pass the info on to them. They will be up there till Thursday I believe. I hear the weather on Nip really stinks...... ugh by far this has been there worst trip. May be their last. I hope not. thanks again Weeds
  5. Hey OFC! My severe busy life and rapidly expanding family has made it difficult to post here like I used to. I think The last time I posted here it was 2016! I’m Sorry. I miss this forum and I’m gonna put more time in it in the future. It’s been way too long! I need some help. Rather, my mom and dad need some help. They are staying at Tom Rae lodge in the South Bay of Nipissing RIGHT NOW. In fact, they’ve been there since Saturday the 1st. They have fished hard and have only come up with 15 walleyes. Only 1 was a keeper! This is really disappointing to them. I know there are tons of different fish that they could target, but walleyes are all they care about. They are in there 70’s so I can’t expect them to put too many miles on their boat to get on fish. They like trolling worm harness’ but I think they need to try something different. If you can think of something that may help them get on good quality keeper walleyes and it’s within the confines of South Bay, we would be eternally grateful for your help! And if your assistances help, I’ll be more then happy to post pics of their success. Thanks everyone and tightest of lines!!
  6. Anyone got any suggestions for walleye fishing in South Bay of lake Nipissing?

  7. Oh Cliff.... you are in my thoughts. My condolences to you and your family.
  8. LOL!! "Anyone for a game of basketball in the sauna?"
  9. Same here. I did some snooping and PBS also caries the show here in the US. But not here I NE Ohio...... fudge So I'll await the YouTube posting as well. When anyone sees it, could they let us know? Great pics as always Bunk! Bet it's colder than a well diggers posterior up there!
  10. Fantastic! The kids loved it! As did I. Merry Christmas!
  11. Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to all!
  12. ....and can I be your token American? Great report by the way. Thanks!
  13. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned over the air antenna. I just bought an amplified digital antenna with a supposed "150 mile" range for $69us. Hooked it up and I'm getting 69 channels. F R E E !!! You are fired cable company...... Not sure if it's available up there but I also use the streaming service "sling". For $25/mon I can watch Cleveland Indians and cavaliers games live and my wife can watch those vomit worthy real housewives garbage programs http://antennadeals.com/HD2605.html
  14. Congratulations Bunk! I knew it wouldn't be long before you'd have a dedicated site for, what I think, are some of the greatest outdoor stories that one might read. We are proud of you!
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