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One more fish fry before Xmas.


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Hi all,


headed back down the road to Eagle lake for a short late afternoon session which did not disappoint. The bite was good ten days ago and even better this time around. Got enough for a fish fry each. all the action from 15' to 13' FOW. Jigs and minnows with 6 inches of ice.


Happy Xmas to you all, thanks to Roy and all the admins for the unenviable task of keeping this place together and avoiding world war III on a regular basis.



Tight lines and may Santa be kind :santa:








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Thanks again for sharing Simon. While I'm envious of your easy access to ice fishing and fresh walleye, as a senior, I'm not a fan of cold weather any more. Weather forecast for Ottawa area tomorrow is +16. :clapping: I might wash my truck in the lane way tomorrow just to set a new date record.

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