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  1. Can anyone share their experience vertically jigging lake trout with Shimano Butterfly jigs. I will be fishing shield lakes in mid Aug. Recommended jig colours would be a bonus. Thanks in advance.
  2. Congrats on your cabin progress. I was wondering how long it takes for your cabin to get to a comfortable temperature with your pellet furnace.
  3. When I fished the western basin of Lake Erie out of Colchester harbour with my Dad back in the mid 40s, he said we were fishing for pickerel. So for years, I called them pickerel too. After listening to so many Americans referring to the same fish as walleye, like aplumma, I did some research. And I too learned that the correct name for my favourite eating fish, Sander vitreus , was actually walleye. Consequently, I haven't been pickerel fishing for a long time. Au contraire, I've been and continue to go walleye fishing. Even so, it doesn't bother me much that so many Ontario fishermen refer to this fish as a pickerel. Old habits are difficult to overturn.
  4. Great video Simon. Thanks for sharing. Envious of your access to your fishery.
  5. The Scotty 1050 Depthmaster has a counter - see http://scotty.com/product/no-1050-depthmaster-23/
  6. I was completely satisfied with my Scotty 1050 Depthmaster portable downrigger for years.
  7. I purchased a Mustang auto inflatable PFD model 3153 in 2006. I've since purchased rearm kits (CO2 cartridges are good for 5 years if not used) in 2011 and again in 2016. Before I replaced the CO2 cartridge, I manually pulled the rip cord to ascertain whether the PFD would inflate. On both occasions it did. I then let the inflated PFD sit on the floor for 12 hours to ascertain whether the bladder would leak - they did not. After I manually deflated the bladder, I tried to inflate the bladder orally. It took less than 4 breaths to fully inflate the bladder. I'm more than satisfied with the comfort level my Mustang auto inflatable PFD provides while I have it on. I haven't left the dock very often without my auto inflatable PFD on and as soon as I realize I don't have it on, I return to the dock to get it. Rearm kits run about $85. Purchasing a backup CO2 cylinder is not cost effective in my opinion because the backup CO2 cylinder requires replacement at 5 year intervals as well.
  8. Is it legal for a guy to have so much fun while working? Thanks for sharing Simon.
  9. Fabulous wild brook trout action. Just outstanding to be able to hear the drag singing. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I've been using a transducer mount (Standard/Regular model) that I purchased at Cabela's years ago - works like a charm. See Cabela's item IK-010095
  11. Thanks for sharing Dave. It's always a treat to read/view your posts. Colour me envious.
  12. Thanks for sharing Simon. Appeared to be a great morning to catch your crappie limit.
  13. Outstanding!! Thanks for sharing Simon.
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