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Miss Universe Canada Nf


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You know, there are some benefits to working in downtown Toronto! The office I work out of is a shared executive envirnoment (We rent an office space in a much larger office environment) and one of the other clients in our space is .... The Miss Universe Canada Pagent!

Well, our collective receptionist just informed me that they will begin the "interview" process at 3:00 today for contestants for the 2007 Miss Universe pagent. This has been going on here for the last 4 years I've been working here and the best is yet to come!!!

First, they interview them, create a short list then, they have the bathing suit competition in a couple of weeks... in the board room, two doors down from me!!!

I recall a couple of years ago, they had to teach one of the girls (eventually worn the Miss Universe Canada pagent) how to walk in heels! Oh... did I mention she was in a bikini walking the halls for a couple of hours... didn't get much work done that day!

Guess I'm gonna have a good start to the weekend! :thumbsup_anim:



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The "Warden" knows... just shakes her head! I'll see what I can do for yah when they do the bikini thing in a few weeks!


Office is located at Yonge and Dundas... I may have time to "interview" some folks here at the office this afternoon... for a minimal fee!


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Just walked past the "ladies room" and there's some serious scrubbing up goin on in there!

Sorry guys, didn't bring the camera today... but I will when the bathing suits arrive in a coupla weeks!


LOL Wayne!

***All the guys in the office are having sudden urges to stay hydrated today... the water cooler is just down the hall from the board/interview room... 1st five are being interviewed right now! God I'm thirsty!

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