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  1. Had to chime in on this one. Great to see these old friends again. Glad you are doing well Steve, hope you get into em on your trip to the Kawarthas. BillM, Gerritt, Misfish, Rizzo, Rattletrap, fishdawg! Wow!
  2. Almost maxxed out the net there, Brian. Very nice!
  3. Whoops! The Youtube channel is 'Canada Fishing Guide'. More importantly, all of Mike's trip reports can be found at his website http://www.canadafishingguide.net
  4. Solopaddler drops in from time to time. You can check out his videos on Youtube under 'canadianfishingguide'.
  5. Fantastic, Drew. Stunning photography of some beautiful locations. And a few fish.
  6. Thanks, BillM. You know there will be a report. Solopaddler has offered to set me up with some flyfishing gear and casting tutorial on the Grand as well before we leave. Now THERE's an offer I can't refuse! We agree it would simply be a crime to fish river-run brookies without a fly rod. Mike is a standup guy, I don't care what anyone says LOL. Appreciate the comment, Sterling. Pa worked up there in the late 70s and early 80s, commissioning the hydro stations, so this will be a chance to return to his old stomping grounds and do some serious fishing. It will be a first for the rest of us to visit the subarctic. Thanks, BigCliff, for the drinking water tip. I bought a katadyn filter system a few years ago for my algonquin and fly in trips, and it has served me well. It will definitely make the trip. Cheers!
  7. Thanks, Brian. It could be the last trip I make with Pa who will be 85 this summer. His days of sleeping four to a tent on LaVieille, Hogan or LaMuir in Algonquin are behind him. Even if the weather turns crap we will all be comfortable. There will be a report of course.
  8. OK! It's done! Four of us are booked into Lac Roz for the second week in June. Lac Roz is about 100 km north of the Transtaiga road that runs E/W across the James Bay region, serving Hydro Quebec and the La Grande river system of generating stations. We will fly from Montreal to LG-4 airport in a PC-12 Pilatus, about 1000 km, and then take a float plane from there, about 150 km, to the lake. The camp has hot and cold running water, shower, propane stove and fridge. Food is provided for us, along with 21 ft Vercheres river boats and new 20 hp four strokes. The targets are lake and speckled trout, and there are pike as well. Just 80 more sleeps! I think BigCreekDad has been up that way with MIrage Outfitters almost 10 years ago, and maybe Fishnsled? Has anyone else fished Roz? Thanks again, joeytier, for your great advice. Perseverance paid off!
  9. Gaspumper, did you fly in to Berte from Baie Comeau?
  10. Thanks, Joeytier. That's some good info. No, we won't be dragging boats on this trip, so the size of the lake would be limited by the boats provided by the lodge or outfitter. Large open water is a challenge for most lodge-provided boats. I am looking into Beauchene and Cabonga now, and grateful for your help.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Chris. I hear what you are saying about the frustrating web presence. I am hoping that this will mean less traffic and better fishing, as long as I can find what I am looking for. I will keep you posted and throw up a trip report on my return. Yep, Brian! I took a page out of Meely's book about the gweeches, and I still take em fishing with me when I go. Hope all is well with you.
  12. I haven't been around much for a while, but I am still kicking. Good to see so many ol timers are still active on the board. Yes, I know - rest easy, joey. You will be deeply missed. I am planning one more fly in with my Dad and his buddies, and want to look at Quebec this time. Something kinda cushy is the request as the old folks are in their late 80s now,with good fish and facilities a must, American plan, with a float base within say 8 hrs of Ottawa. Lakers or specs. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  13. Happy Birthday, mon vieux.
  14. Some very very nice chrome bullets, Emil. Good to see you still slayin' em.
  15. I'm late to the party, but still see the need to bump this one up another time.
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