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  1. If you keep to lighter wire jig heads for your swimbaits, you could probably get away with something 6'8 to 7' - you don't want too fast an action - you want a bit of softness at the tip - look for rods marketed for Jerkbait and that should do you for spinners and smaller swimbaits - Alpha Angler makes a slasher which looks pretty sweet - if I could justify another rod, it would be one I'd get. Shimano Convergence 6'10" spinnerbait rod is an excellent general purpose rod that could probably handle what you want, too (although I'd probably choose a spinning outfit for spinners and smaller swimbaits, if I'm honest). I haven't been able to find one for a while, but you should find something akin in crucial or cumara lines (I don't think compre had the "spinnerbait" rod). ....nothin' like a new combo!!
  2. I've never had a fish break 10lb braid. I've had it cut/break on cover (docks n rocks). Keep your eye on it - if it starts to look fuzzy (think frayed rope on a smaller scale) - cut that section out, retie, carry on. You won't need more than 15# test braid on a spinning outfit, and I'd never load a spinning reel with anything more than 20lb (I'm assuming you're talking about a spinning outfit), but I wouldn't throw out the 10 until it was done.
  3. What presentations do you intend it for?
  4. You just need to start a "track" - the gps makes a breadcrumb trail for you. On a fresh pair of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, my handheld runs allllllll day. New alkaline batteries would last even longer - but I hate buying batteries (for so many reasons - ps - if you get rechargeables look at "Eneloop"), You can also make waypoints (so your launch point is a good one), but the "track" shows everywhere you go - as long as you have it "on" or "started". On the map page of the gps - you can hit the arrows, and send the cursor back to the starting point of your track (or anywhere) and tell the GPS to take you there (even if there's no waypoint) - be warned though - the GPS will navigate "as the crow flies" - in a straight line. So if you don't have a map, it will take you over land and water. If you're not prepared to traverse both, you'll be in trouble without a map. It's really not very hard - get it well before your trip and play with it.
  5. There are LOTS of walleye there - all the time. You can hit them in many places, with a variety of presentations! Out of Hay Bay, you can fish the outer 3rd of it, into Long Reach and Down into Picton Bay. You def. stick right in Hay - you can drift and drag and catch a lot of fish!
  6. I don't know... I typically run with a tablet, my phone and my handheld - I find the handheld gps picks up signal faster, is more accurate, and updates quicker than the other two (at least once a second if not faster). I don't trust my phone or tablet near as much as my handheld.
  7. Two things I'd recommend: 1) If you don't already have navionics on your phone, get that (and download maps for the times you won't have cell service). AND 2) Get a Garmin. I've had a Garmin GPSMap 76CSx for YEARS now - the thing is bullet proof and has lots of bells and whistles you'd like - but is quite simple to operate. You can set up that pages that you'd like visible when you scroll with page/quit buttons, incl one for map, and one to start a track. I run a track everywhere I go, and then save that track to my laptop (they have good supporting software that's free). I'd recommend hard buttons over touch-screen for practical reasons (I use mine year-round). You really can't go wrong with Garmin. The Monterra looks like a sweet unit - but I imagine anything you get will be great. If you're going to get a map chip for it, I'd recommend get a CDROM, and then burn a chip, instead of just a chip ("microSD") - make sure the lakes you want are included - if you do a lot of "out-of-the-way"back lakes, they might not be hydrographically charted - in which case a topo chip is what you want - it will give you some idea of what's going on under the water based on topography, will incl. "rock, awash" hazards and no access areas and will have an accurate map, that will at least prevent you from getting lost.
  8. Hey y'all, I'm wondering if anyone has any juice on Horwood Lake (Timmins district). My brother and I won the early bird draw at Perchin' for MS this year - so were headin' to Horwood Outpost with Richard for 7 days at the end of June! I'm sure we'll have no trouble puttin' together shore lunch - I'm specifically interested in 411 on CPR fish - BIG 'eyes, Giant 'eyes...and goliath gators.... I'm also interested in trying to piece together a whitefish bite...and smallies! We've got 7 days, so we're gonna cover a lot of water. I'll be bringin' all the outfits - bottom bouncers, boards & counters, all the casting outfits, etc etc. Presentations, I've got covered... I'm wondering more about patterns. Thought I'd throw it out there and see if I get any great tidbits - cheers!!
  9. Larry - what's up with mudpups? Are they important in the food chain? Why are they so common on Nip - and don't seem to show up many other places?
  10. Also - stayin hydrated helps too. Like, with actual water. lol
  11. I work outside and also icefish. I used to have the same problem really bad - for years and years. Clapham's salad bowl sealer is what worked for me. It's a combination of beeswax and food-grade mineral oil. Every day before I go outside, I'll apply it by smearing it across my finger nails then quickly spinning each finger (& thumb) tip in the finger tips on my other hand - then I wipe my finger pads & palm on the back of the opposite hand and just leave it like spackle in the crevices underneath and around my finger nails. Absorvbs after a while and seals your hands pretty well. I tried all kinds of creams (not the O'keefe's, tho) and even used to super-glue the cracks closed. Clapham's is what did it. And it's all-natural and edible. Doesn't seem to bother the fish either - as far as scent. GL
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