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  1. Vlog of our Channel Catfish Day! https://youtu.be/cLM3WAWP638
  2. Here’s a little vid from last week on lake Simcoe with two awesome you g buck anglers! Video link below ? https://youtu.be/AM0r1YU3Vrc
  3. It seems like a lot of pike are getting into the Kawarthas now... not sure if it’s a good thing tho? Here’s the vid of our fishing catching day ? https://youtu.be/kVUu4xlVqv0
  4. https://youtu.be/DssYsx9UZMA
  5. Hey guys here’s little vlog report on some Perch on lake Simcoe ! ? https://youtu.be/2_RtaFdCZ0U
  6. The weather has a played a role for sure. There should be a big bite once the weather stabilizes more.
  7. Here’s a vid link of our day on Rice Lake from two days ago! It’s been up and down fishing with the yo-yo weather https://youtu.be/EScAJ3TUPxk
  8. Here’s a vid of how we made out on Quinte Dec 17, we had pretty good success up to dec 24 (open water).... has anyone been out since? How’s the launch conditions in Bath?... wouldn’t mind giving another ho from the boat if possible https://youtu.be/DzEzlxluugs
  9. Thanks guys for "big ups" lol! Its nice when I get lucky, with fish that is, lol!
  10. I wrote a little piece on my experience at the Canadian Ice Fishing Championships, if you're interesed in reading my article check it out at www.fishcitytv.com
  11. How do I remove a post, I can't delete the other one from the announcement page??
  12. I have just written a little piece on spring pike fishing in downtown Toronto, check it out if you have a minute at www.fishcitytv.com
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