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Found 4 results

  1. I am not sure which make for better stories - the fish that you caught or the fish that got away Anyone who has spent time on the water has lost more than a few - sometimes its heartbreaking and sometimes its entertaining and almost always its good camp fire conversation New post is up https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-great-escape Cheers Andrew
  2. We have a google hub at home. Cant say I fully understand it but one of the things I love is the picture collage. I often find myself grabbing a coffee and getting sucked in to watching history roll by The picture attached reminded me of fishing w my daughter and her friend many years ago in Haliburton. I know the picture is a largemouth lol but its fro. The trip. I wrote up the story of the smallmouth that caught itself here along w a few other pictures https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-kids-are-alright Cheers Andrew d16346_59ad3b46b0c64d9987b84ebbc29d1a72_mv2.webp
  3. Looking for a place to fish with grandson for 3-4 days. Definately need to have high success rate dont want Grandson to get bored. Need to get this guy hooked on fishing. Looking for suggestions at resort on a really good lake with LOTS and LOTS of fish. willing to drive to make sure this time is a success. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Probably going next Spring!
  4. Well the bass opener was a bit like Christmas in summer for my 2 kids. They didn't sleep too well the night before and woke up early the day of. Grey skies and light rain were not a surprise but the number of boats were. The bass opener has not really been a thing for me so I haven't fished it. I'm not sure if we fished any spots that hadn't been pounded already that morning but we did just fine. My daughter spent much of her time fishing a drop shot for panfish but did get in on the topwater action the rest of us were enjoying. My son has been on me for a while to use a bait caster and I finally got him one of his own (both my brother and I reel right, my son left). My hope was he'd use it for a bit and not get too frustrated right away and slowly pick it up with practice this summer. Instead, he used it the whole day and only switched to his spinning rod to give his hands a break, and had 1 backlash the whole day (I had 2). Apart from the constant action the other key to a great day out was enough food in the cooler to keep the 2 kids happy. I swear they're part racoon. No surprise the panfisher with the first fish, also the most fish and the most species, six. (and she chirped the rest of the boat the whole day) First fish on his baitcaster. All of our fish were on topwaters except for the kids panfish. I tied up double drop shot for her just for this photo opportunity. The back of the boat ok as well. He experienced hand cramps near the end of the day. Taking a break from the panfish to nail bass on a topwater like the big boys. Good day. Good day 2.0. We got enough fish to lose count and even had a couple of pike on top as well.
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