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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I am up at my cottage right near Tobermory for the next week and am looking for a good spot to go pike or bass fishing nearby. I would preferably fish from shore but I do also have a fishing kayak so that could be an option. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks.
  2. Some friends and I got out to my favorite Kawartha Lake this weekend for some shore fishing. It's been a bit of a slow spring so far compared to last year at the same spot. On the plus side, I haven't seen many anglers either, so we haven't had to share our spot with others as much this year. We did get some nice fish, but with long droughts in between them. We ended up with a half dozen walleye, a couple of hefty OOS smallies (promptly released, no pics), and quite possibly the biggest crappie I have ever seen in person (16.5", 1.9#). We also saw a 36"-40" musky cruise right by the shoreline, it was quite the sight! All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend fishing with friends and family. We didn't take too many pics, they are tough at night sometimes, but it's not a report without the porn (sorry for the crops but trying not to advertise my spot ):
  3. Hey all, thanks for reading. I'm going up to a friend's place in Thornbury the weekend after Victoria day, and am looking to wet a line. I've never done any salmon or trout fishing, and am not really interested in going out and spending on special gear for that. (I'm only 17 and going to school next year!) I've read that in the Georgian Bay/Beaver River area there may be some pike fishing opportunities, anyone able to confirm this? I believe bass are still out of season unfortunately so I won't be worried about those. I don't believe I have access to a boat so shore fishing opportunities are mainly what I'm after. If anyone has any spots to check out or even tips on the right kind of bait this time of year (I've got a host of spinners, spoons and minnow lures) I would really appreciate it. PMs are always welcome. Thanks a ton everyone! Warren
  4. Anyone have suggestions of shore fishing spots in Kingston (or within a 20 min drive radius)? I've gone to: Brewers Locks (just above Sunbury road) and fish off the little bridge or near the locks on both sides. Normally this is a great spot for tons of panfish like sunfishes and bluegills, but this year there hasnt been much luck. There's tons and tons of minnows there, so they are well fed and not biting. A year ago I caught a 12 pound bowfin, and some okay sized largemouth and crappie, but I havent seen any this year, at all. Dog lake, next to the beach/point, right down to the end of Wellington Street in Battersea. Again great spot for pan fish and a few small large mouth, but nothing was biting this year. I tried to find other spots on Dog Lake but none are friendly for shore fishing (private property, no access, too much fast-full power boats zooming by, etc). Kingston Mills, near the locks, and that section in the back where the little water fall is. Last year I caught some pan fish. This year the only thing I caught was those annoying invasive species (the Goby's). Can anyone recommend any good spots to fish from shore? I'd like to catch a wide variety of fish, so I'm not really too picky.
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