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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks! After a trip to Ohio two weeks ago, I have fallen in love with fishing! On land, I caught a bunch of bluegill in a quarry and one snapping turtle (accidentally). I live in Mississauga. My family and I have taken up the hobby and we're having some serious trouble catching anything! We have an Intex Excursion 5 dinghy with a solid floor and trolling motor. The majority of our fishing is from the dinghy. We've tried the Credit River in Port Credit, Erindale Park on land, the cove at Lakefront Promenade park and Mountsberg Conservation area. In all those spots, the only fish caught was a young Pike as a miraculous "one last cast" with a red devil at Mountsberg in Campbellville. I know that the Credit is well known for its great fishing. We also camp yearly at Balsam Lake Provincial Park. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions for an enthusiastic but slightly frustrated beginner angler and her family? When I caught bluegill, all I needed was a hook and a worm and swarms of little fish would come. I'd catch fish in less than a minute. I can't manage to find any panfish in my spots. I don't even see ANY fish. I fish near structure in search of rock bass or other smaller fish and I haven't come across anything. I'm using artificial baits with an appropriate hook. I also recently bought jig heads and grubs. I know that all fish are different and different baits and hooks and methods will attract different fish. I'm primarily interested in bass, panfish, perch, and rainbow trout. My brother is more interested in walleye, musky, pike. Any and all bait/hook/tackle suggestions are graciously wanted and any spots or methods would be greatly appreciated. I really want to learn and I really want to catch fish!! Thanks in advance.
  2. We spent the weekend at my hunting partners cottage this past weekend. Up on 6-mile lake. It's always nice when you see the weather reports all week, and they are predicting rain, thunder and lightening, and winds all weekend. So you plan for the worst, bring movies, games, rain gear, back up plans in case your stuck in a small cottage with 3 kids!! BUT.... when it came down to it, there was very little rain, and LOTS of sunshine and fun!!! We spent hours jumping off the dock, swimming, boat rides, and 4 wheeler rides. Saturday night we sat in a gazebo on the water, with the full moon rising behind scattered clouds, and listened to Gord sing his heart out with the radio cranked. I have to admit, I was holding back tears several times through the show. Saturday morning, we let Mom sleep in, and I took the 3 kids out for an early morning fish and boat ride. I know a few good spots on 6-mile for pan fish. So we went there (after trying trolling for a while unsuccessfully). We plowed through a dozen worms in about 30 minutes. All the kids where catching seeds and gills steady, fish after fish. I was scrambling to keep worms on their hooks! Payton was using a Barbie rod, and Alex was using a Lightening Mcqueen rod. Poor Tia (she's 9) got a bad tangle in her rod, and I had no time to fix it, so she ended up helping her little sister land fish after fish. It was a hoot. The poor cottagers in the area had a rude awakening by our screams of joy!! Near the end of our fishing, Alex starts screaming at me!! I look over to see his little rod doubled over, and the tension is flying out.. I was worried he was going to drop the rod, so I took it from him and helped him land a nice little large mouth bass. The kids wanted to eat it for breakfast, so we did! And they loved it!! A true 6-Mile breakfast of eggs, bacon, English muffins, and fresh fried fish (and a Caesar for mom!!) I'll stop typing now, and let the smiles in these pictures show you how happy they where to boat some fish!! Payton didn't want to hold a fish for a picture. But she was totally OK with kissing it!! Crazy kid!
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