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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for trout, bass, perch? We have them all. Visit http://ontario-fishing-ponds.com . Great family fun. Open all weekend. Cash Only. Bring your equipment. No season, no limit, no fishing licence required.
  2. I had originally booked a hut with Floyd Hales thinking id get one last chance at some jumbos even tho i was already skeptical about the weather holding up, i get the call that it has been cancelled so i figured i might as well put together a plan b i looked up my favourite trib in the regulations to see what areas were open i decided go down to the mouth and bottom bounce some roe bags i get there and it seems like everyone had the same idea i did, the fish were on fire! while setting up i seen 3 hook ups and a double header! i finally get my line in the water but after a few hours nothing was happening for me even tho ppl next to me were still getting them an hour before im ready to leave i hook in to this beauty! turned out to be a great day after all the sun was out the weather was mild and seeing the fish this active was exciting!
  3. Custom built fiberglass rod. Built on a Japanese made E-Glass blank, 7'5" 4/5 weight. Burl reel seat, Ritz grip, Snake Brand guides. Blank colour is a light olive, similar to the Orvis Golden Eagle colour. Very nice casting rod, enjoyable softer feel than graphite. Can handle a 4WT line for lighter presentations, but will also handle a 5WT line for small streamers. Shorter length is a bit nicer for tighter streams, would make a great brook trout rod. Would like to get $350, but feel free to make an offer. Includes a rod sock to keep it pretty.
  4. Good morning everybody on OFC! This spring was really good to me. I got down to the creek 4 or 5 times this spring catching fish every time on my spinners and hardware. I wanted to go down more once June arrived but some Walleye trips got in the way. We did get out for some bass fishing once this year too. I got out for the rainbow's the week after the season opened up and was still surprised with the numbers of people on the creek. I'm not one to fish beside guys so I always find me own spots and pools. I'm not a bobber watcher, I know float fishing is a productive technique for trout on the creek but I hate the presentation just never liked watching a bobber for a strike regardless of the species. This is where a short rod, light line and small spinners come into play for me. This year I didn't seem to catch fish on the little crank baits so the small Panther Martin, Blue Fox, and Mepps spinners did the trick. 1/16oz-1/8oz is the size range, my setup was a Clarus 6'6" Light Power Fast Action with a Symetre FL 1000. 8lb Mainline and a 4-5lb Fluorocarbon leader. Here are some pictures from my outings this spring. We catch a half dozen or so of these each trip it seems. Fun little fight's just without the drag screaming off. First day and first Rainbow for 2015 Next trip and another rainbow. I'll leave after I catch 1 fish no sense beating the fish up they are doing the spawn so 1 per outing is fine...I did get into 2 on each one of the next 2 trips literally cast after cast. This might of been June these next few photo's, or last week of May. Small trout lot's of fun! My new PB Rainbow on the creek, never got a measurement/weight but I would put it between 6 and 8lbs at the most. This tested out the gear but all worked together great. Next trip and another pair of fish. It was a blast this Spring on the creek, as I always say it's a "warm up for the real fishing to start". Perfect rainbow, small but not a baby. Wicked fight and jumps so much power in these fish. After the rainbow's on the creek I got out with a good friend again from the shop for some Walleye fishing on Rice Lake. Brought home so nice fish on the first 2 outings, here were my "pair" for the day! Round 1 Round 2 So after the great Pre-Season I finally got to fish for some bass. Another good friend of mine brought me up to Stoney for the day and we did pretty good. My only complaint was that I was the only one who found a few bass with any size to them. We fished jerk baits pretty hard for the day as the bite was hot but all we came up with were those 1-1.5lb smallies. Fun bight but no big fish. I convinced my friend to bring me into a back bay, threw my trusty Bleddin' Frog by Snag Proof. It sat in the sun all day with HogTonic garlic scent soaking into it...It stunk but this got me the fish I believe. Once in the bay I paid attention, walked the frog back to the boat, fished the left side, then the right, then the middle. On my 10th or so cast I starred off at some bird or something when I heard the splash. Turned my head, set the hook and had the fish up on the surface coming for the boat. That scent helps regardless of what you like, let the acid soak into the rubber and those bass won't let go for those few extra seconds that are sometimes crucial. Getting myself ready and prepared for my big camping trips this summer CANT WAIT!! And my better Smallie for the day. Thanks for reading guys and girls. We have the first 2 weeks of August booked off for my camping & fishing trip. Going to fish a little harder for those largemouth this year, do some more heavy punching in the matts rather than pitch the edge frog the top and drive away. My plan is to fish areas slowly and to seek out new spots and water. The Smallmouth I keyed onto pretty good last August but now I got to find those 4lb+ size ones, I had a pair go over 4 last year with a good 2-3lb average. Chasing bigger bites as always, once August is done we will be working at the shop for 6 weeks then well be renting a cottage for the last week of September. Stay tuned, 2 more reports still to come! Tightlines Everybody! MTBF
  5. this never gets old no matter how many times i see it
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