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  1. Im heading out to Emily provincial park in a few days and am going to try out some fishing while I’m there. If anyone has had any experience with musky or walleye. I do have a canoe so I’m not going to be strictly fishing from shore. Thanks.
  2. Alright that’s awesome thanks for the tips
  3. What is dead water? I’ve heard that term before but not sure what it means.
  4. Alright thanks! I wasn’t planning on trout fishing so that shouldn’t be a problem anyway.
  5. Heading to Killbear in a few days for my birthday but from everything I’ve read the fishing there isn’t great but that’s all from years ago. Anyone been there recently and had any luck? Thanks.
  6. Hey, I am up at my cottage right near Tobermory for the next week and am looking for a good spot to go pike or bass fishing nearby. I would preferably fish from shore but I do also have a fishing kayak so that could be an option. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks.
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