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Found 5 results

  1. Hi gang, lots of un with my family and friends this passed spring and summer. Here's a video recap, I hope that you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6Ed8WyRs
  2. Hey guys, Haven't been on much lately, been really busy with work and whatnot. Amongst the bussy-ness, I have still been able to get out for some fishing! All start at the day after Bass Opener when I landed a PB bucketmouth. This is at a local lake, that is not named, and know one knows about it, yet it is on public property. Kinda weird how isolated it is from the nearby civilization, I haven't even seen signs of other people around the area (garbage etc) so its a nice getaway close to home. Caught this guy close to dusk, flinging a fly (egg sucking leech) and it was quite the fight on a little 5wt, with a 4lb test leader. Especially when it goes straight into the slop and you gotta pull it out LOL. Anyways here is the picture of this big fella. Didn't have a scale or tape measure on me, or even my OFC sign, Team 3 would've had a nice boost! Next up, was a little brookie trip on a cool day. Woke up late but still managed to be on the stream by 8 am, water temp 68, perfect, walk down stream a bit, and what do I see.. 20-30 cut up brookies, Bigger sizes to, quite a few 10 inchers. Disgusting that people would think this is okay on these small streams, considering the legal limit is 5 per person, I couldn't imagine 6 people fishing in this stream together at the same time.. Anywho, after seeing that I decided that the stream had seen enough pressure, and I moved on to another, less productive stream. This is my first year of targeting brookies and I enjoy every minute of it, From crawling through thick bush, to seeing them dash out from underneath the bank to smash the spinner, its all a thrill. I went 6 for 9 in 2 hours, and even found a spot with enough room to toss a fly. Had to keep one due to an extremely deep hooking, but all other were released unharmed. Here's a quick picture of the first one of the day.. Now, I recently have taken up fly tying. I just want to give a quick thanks to a local guy who gave me some great materials at insanely low prices. He has tons of extra material and he's always looking to sell some, so if your interested lemme know and I will give you his contact info. Anyway here are my first few ties, if people could chime in that would be greatly appreciated, need to know what mistakes I'm making or any suggestions. First Tie Cone Head Wooly Bugger #2 Clouser Minnows. (Been slaying Grand River Smallies with these) #3 Foam Ant? Didn't really follow any pattern just tied up mquickly before a panfish outting. Sunnies smashed it all night. #4 Little Minnow Imitation, Don't really know a name as i just tied off the top of my head. #5 Bass Popper (so far only sunfish been hitting it.) And that's all for now, in the mean time I will be on the water, and tying flies. If you have any tying recommendations for my flies, or even suggested patterns that I might wanna try I'd love to hear em, Thanks! PS I am changing my username from shasta, to Snaggy to match the other forums I am on to keep it consistent, just a heads up!
  3. My buds and I do an annual trek and portage deep into Algonquin every spring and this year we decided to step it up a bit and do a push deep into the center of the park via the Nippissing river. We decided to stay at Brent on the night before our departure just so we could get an early start without the 4 hr drive from Ottawa. Jake had a bunk house for us which suited the need perfectly. After a good meal and a couple pints we readied the gear for the morning and hit the sack anxious of the next morning. The paddle across Cedar was ok as the weather was good and we were now in the mouth of the Nippissing river. A quick look around and we saw a portage, the sigh was all messed up and we couldn't make out the name so like all seasoned backpackers we would refer to the map, right? Except the map is back on the table in the bunkhouse where we forgot it. OK, so this must be the right trail, after all it is in the mouth of the Nippissing. So, we head up the trail and arrive at a lake and were greeted by 2 fellow canoeists who informed us we had just done a 1500m portage in the wrong direction lol. Back we go!!!!!! After our 2.5 hr scenic tour we were back on the water heading further up the Nippissing to the right portage, a 915 m all uphill along the Nippissing river. The Nippissing was pretty high, current was pretty tough to paddle in the lower section but we made it through the rough stuff to the slightly less flowing section. Ahead of us was 5 more portages and a 1410 m uphill trek into our lake which would be our home for the next week. Time was a concern now because we did the 2.5 hr 3 km detour in the morning, now it looked like we would have to stay at the last site on the river before the 16.6km paddle. to be cont.....
  4. Hey folks. My buddy got me into ice fishing last year and I've been out a few times this year for lakers and perch but last summer I got hooked on speckle fishing rivers. The idea of catching some through the ice has been driving me crazy. I've been lurking the Fish ON-line site to locate stocked lakes up near bancroft and went up last week to one I had to snowshoe in to. Got skunked though. Just wondering if anyone had some tips out there, or if anyone has had any success this year for specks? Been doing a lot of reading but I like hearing what people have to say. Not expecting locations. Cheers
  5. Hey folks. I made a video of some of our spring fishing. The bite started slow and spring was late but we managed the best we could and as always put some fish in the canoe. https://vimeo.com/67742598
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