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Found 3 results

  1. Two weeks on 2 lakes. We whacked the smallmouth on topwaters but only had some random esox when I wasn’t trying. My brother's dock pike had a lamprey on it. Over 80 inches of esox caught on 5 and a half inches of lures while trolling for walleye.
  2. Hey y'all, I'm wondering if anyone has any juice on Horwood Lake (Timmins district). My brother and I won the early bird draw at Perchin' for MS this year - so were headin' to Horwood Outpost with Richard for 7 days at the end of June! I'm sure we'll have no trouble puttin' together shore lunch - I'm specifically interested in 411 on CPR fish - BIG 'eyes, Giant 'eyes...and goliath gators.... I'm also interested in trying to piece together a whitefish bite...and smallies! We've got 7 days, so we're gonna cover a lot of water. I'll be bringin' all the outfits - bottom bouncers, boards & counters, all the casting outfits, etc etc. Presentations, I've got covered... I'm wondering more about patterns. Thought I'd throw it out there and see if I get any great tidbits - cheers!!
  3. I'm heading to rib lake Ontario, the last week in june 2018 for a couple days of smallmouth fishing and relaxation. I'm looking for a bit of information on the area. what type of baitfish are in Rib lake or common to the temagami area. i looking to match the hatch and need to know what colors to throw. I plan on jigging with a bico and 3"-5" z-man trd trailer canadian crawl color and some walk the dog baits. any other hard or soft bait that have produced? Here in Maryland I only fish for smallies in rivers so i may have to adjust my techniques for lake fishing. I only ever throw black or white buzz baits and small brown crankbaits which almost always produce a good day of fishing on the rivers here. any thoughts, tips and information is much appreciated .
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