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Found 11 results

  1. Please send advice I’ve fished both lakes and nothing so I’m in need of advice for regular and ice fishing
  2. Been fishing various spots along the downtown shoreline, targeting Pike. No luck at all. Not even a Bass, Sunfish, Kitty etc. I have only seen one other couple fishing and they said that they had no luck. Is anyone else working the shore? Tips? -Pierre
  3. Hey there, I am new to fishing and new to Ontario and I will be up in the Midland area this weekend. I am hoping that someone could give me some suggestions as to where would be some good spots to fish and what I should be fishing for at this time of the year. Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  4. Hey guys, ive been taking fishing seriously for a few years now and over this time I have forever been on the quest for the most simple reliable knots. The driver behind my quest is two fold. One I have self diagnosed Raynauds syndrome in my hands (someone may say theres no such thing as a minor case of it?) But basically any time im fishing in weather colder than 15 degrees celcius my hands get cold regardless of how warm I am. they turn white and sure enough i lose feeling in my fingers and if its approaching 0 I quite literally lose all dexterity in my fingers as they pretty much go into paralysis. What this means is that I have a hell of a time tying fishing knots. Quite literally, many times while ice fishing I have to get friends to tie knots for me, or I will literally stop fishing for 10 minutes and stick my hands under my armpits so that they can get warm enough for me to get enough movement and feeling in them to tie knots. If im ice fishing, even with gloves on, my hands pretty much go stiff to the point that i can hardly hold on to my rod anymore. The second driver, and i think many of us here can relate to this one, is my aging father. The man that taught me how to tie the standard improved cinch knot can no longer tie one himself. I am sure there is even a few of us on the board here that as we get older are beginning to struggle with the fine motor skills required to tie complex fishing knots. Most trips out fishing my dad relies on me to quickly retie as tying himself requires significant effort and a lot of time. It can be easier to just have me quickly throw a knot together rather than have him attempt to retie. There are even times now when my father goes fishing by himself that when he comes back he tells me "I was catching on one particular set up, but then i snagged and broke my line so I had to use a different set up due to my inability to retie what I had on" Over the course of the past 4 years I have done my absolute best to cover all bases. Unfortunately I cant find a simpler replacement for the canadian jam knot.. Each of these knots have indeed been tested in the field and the only one that has failed occasionally but still very rarely if you are careful enough is the Loop knot seen below. Please note that yes, i understand that your nail knot or perfection knot may be better...you may even have some knots that you have been tying so friggin long that they are "easy" for you to tie, or seem simple. I have attempted to take it further than that. I have taken these knots and shown them to my father and others and they have basically been able to tie them first try every single time. Heres my knots For tying line together, the lefty kreh knot For loop knots for fly fishing or cranbaits, quick strike rigs or wherever else you need a loop knot The Weibe Knot (i named this one lol) For tying braid to your hook when fishing slop/pads/wherever you want to tie braid directly to your hook, weight whatever (I never tie this knot to flurocarbon or mono unless its very heavy aka 30lbs+ because its known to burn your line and break. The Palomar Finally Last but of course not least...Tying Fluro or Mono to anything I literally learned this knot 2 weeks ago and have never looked back. prior to learning this knot I was using the uni knot but even it is more complicated than The Eugene Knot As an added bonus to those of us that like fishing drop shots...lots of people have a hard time figuring out how to make their hook stand up. My buddy realized the most simple solution aside from using "drop shot specific" hooks with swivels or standouts. Once you have tied you standard fishing knot to the hook, take your long excess tag and loop it back around and down through the eyelet again so that the tag end runs through the hook an extra time...attach your weight and voila, your hook will stand up perfectly as the weight tourques back on the hook sticking it out. Try it out! I hope someone here can find this useful...heck maybe everyone will think I am an idiot! I am simply trying to speak from a guy with useless hand's perspective that spends 300+ hours a year on the water. Thanks for reading guys! Please feel free to provide further input if you know of something and are willing to share with the rest of us! Remember, no matter what ALWAYS SPIT ON YOUR KNOTS!
  5. Lately I have to sign in every time I visit OFC. In the past I was always signed in. Has the site policy changed or is it my lap top has a mind of it's own??
  6. Hey guys. I'm new to this car repair thing. Today I had a chance to change my wifes tires and put on her all seasons. Got three tires off and had lots of trouble with the fourth. I used penetrating oil and left on for 2 hours. Came back with a sledgehammer and went to town. Got it finally off and realized that I accidently hit one of the five bolts back into the wheel hub. Its the bolt that the lug nut attaches to. I needed to take everything apart to try and fix. Anyways I had trouble disconnecting the caliper. I think theres a screw to loosen the brake line up so it can come off easily, but not sure. My plan was to take the rotor off and grab the loose bolt, but couldn't because of the caliper wasn't coming off cause of the brake line (already took the two screws out for that). Heading to garage tomorrow and hoping the price wont be too high. If so I'm going to attempt to repair myself. Anyone with experience with my issues please respond. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys I'm new to Canada and also new to this cool community,learned a lot in fishing and other areas.. OK here is the story. 4 months ago i was trying to apply for a trademark. So i find an local agent office on internet ,made a call for an appointment. when i got into the office i was not informed that it was charged since i was in. the appointment took about 20 minutes,I asked some questions(mainly for their price) , filled a form and went back home. Then i received an email ,asked me to sign a retainer agreement. i did not reply because i thought their price is too high,if compared with applying by myself on internet. so i thought all was gone,till i received a 300+ bill. so i just want to ask is it normal here? i was not told i will be charged all the way( maybe its not necessary?)... I was from china,not familiar with things like this here,but in china they would not charge you for a consulting before you signed .. Really appreciate any suggestions or advice here,Thanks guys!
  8. My name is James Smith. I am a store manager for The Orvis Co. in Asheville, NC. My grandparents have a cottage on 12 Mile Lake near Minden, ON. I will be arriving late on August 5th and leaving early August 9th. I have done some small mouth fishing on the lake in the past but was looking to see what else was available in the area. I am open to do pretty much anything that can be done wade fishing or out of a sit on top kayak. I will have a 4, 5, 6, and 8wt with me so will be able to target just about anything, I just need some advice on where to go. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to get up to the cottage in almost 4 years so I would love to make good use of my time. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. i have a question. i had my fishing and hunting license for over 20 year continuously. Every three years they send me a letter that states i need to renew my licence. last year i didn't receive a letter reminding me of my renewal. the very first time i went ice fishing this year, i got checked by an environmental officer, i found out my licence isn't valid. i forgot to check my license and i got a fine of $155. im wondering is there anything i could do or just pay my fine. if i go to court will they lower the fine? can you give me some advise on what i can do at this point.
  10. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out when the steelhead will be comming into any of the rivers. I am looking to fish the credit, saugeen, beaver, and bighead river as well as possibly the grand river. I really want to catch some and also just see the runs of fish to learn more. Any help on timing and possibly locations would be great. I cant wait to giver a go. Thanks so much
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