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Found 6 results

  1. Quick trip to Nipissing for the Saturday of the long weekend with my brother and son. Started calm and still and we got into a few fish. A few bass were found in the afternoon. We got into more fish at 5pm when it was still calm and then the wind picked up and we had some faster action. We were able to get our 6 fish limit and had a nice feed. Sunday was wet and we had to head back south for other obligations but some more bass were caught off the dock.
  2. Our family just returned from our annual vacation spot on Lake Nipissing. The fishing was pretty much non existent. For the past several years, HUGE flocks of Cormorants have invaded the lake. Baitfish have disappeared in large numbers, and of course, now larger fish have become extremely scarce, in the shallow waters that makes up much of this lake. Northern Pike used to have Perch in their stomachs. The Camp operator where we go, has been checking himself and with others, and now its pretty much all crayfish, if anything at all. These fish vacuum cleaners are protected federally. What can be done? They are killing the fish population. What about them? We enjoy ourselves on the beach and around the campfire (if they're allowed), and so on, but renting a boat, and catching a few fish for a tasty lunch has always been part of why we come all these years. Camps are closing. After nearly 40 years of supporting the area with our vacation dollar, we think its finally reached the point where we give up, and may not be returning in 2019. Sad really. I think only an organized lobby effort, perhaps by a forum like this, plus Camp operators who still remain, need to push for a Cormorant cull on our inland lakes. Let them stay protected, if necessary, on their normal coastal habitats, but geez, we need to do something about the slaughter of our inland lake fisheries. Would love to hear what others have to say on this topic. Thanks for reading. Side note to Admin: I've been a member of this forum for something like 12+ years, I used to post quite a bit under 'JimC' handle but was unable to Sign-In and neither of my 2 email addys were recognized when I tried to do a password reset. So, I've Signed up as a newbie under JimCC
  3. Walleye Fines http://www.nugget.ca/2017/10/02/walleye-fishing-violations-net-8600
  4. http://www.nugget.ca/2015/05/25/walleye-population-remains-stressed-but-improving Walleye population remains stressed but improvingBy JENNIFER HAMILTON-MCCHARLES, The Nugget Monday, May 25, 2015 5:02:50 EDT PMThe walleye population in Lake Nipissing remains stressed, but recent legislative changes are helping the young fish mature and reproduce, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. According to statistics presented at a meeting held earlier this month between the MNRF and Lake Nipissing Fisheries Management Plan Advisory Committee there are fewer small walleye being harvested. Jolanta Kowalski, senior media relations officer for the MNRF said from the preliminary review of data collected indicates an increase in juvenile males at the spawn compared to the two previous years. “This will allow these young fish the ability to grow to maturity and reproduce.” It's good news considering the spring walleye assessments in 2014 were poor. The ministry conducts a walleye spawning assessment at Wasi Falls every spring and released statistics at an invite-only meeting held at the Clarion Resort Pinewood Park earlier this month. Representatives from a wide variety of groups, including local businesses, municipalities, First Nations, anglers, the Greater Nipissing Stewardship Council and representatives from the Fisheries Management Zone 11 Planning Advisory committee attended the meeting. The audience heard this year there were 2,303 males and 120 females, which is a large increase compared to 2014 numbers that saw 86 males and 48 females. Kowalski said fisheries surveys indicate that fewer small walleye are now being harvested by anglers under the new walleye regulation change. She said additional surveys and time is needed to allow the new regulation to work before a determination can be made regarding harvest trends and population recovery status. Kowalski said the annual Fall Walleye Index Netting assessment, which has been conducted for the past 17 years, gathers important biological information such as fish length, weight, age and abundance. She said the results of the 2014 assessment confirm the walleye population remains stressed. “Young walleye make up the bulk of the population and continue to require protection in order to reach maturity and have a chance to spawn.” Earlier this year the province approved a five-year management plan for Lake Nipissing's fisheries reinforcing a minimum size limit for walleye that was introduced in 2014. The new minimum size limit protects walleye up to 46 centimetres, while maintaining the current catch limits, as well as extending the bass season and increasing the catch limit for yellow perch. The regulation changes, according to the ministry, are intended to help restore the declining walleye population and to increase fishing opportunities among other species. The ministry has stated in previous interviews that the walleye fishery is in serious decline and is now only half of what it was in the 1980s. To comment on this story please follow this link to The Nugget's Facebook page. www.facebook.com/NBNugget [email protected]
  5. Made it out on Nipissing for one last kick at the can for some late season smallies. Was tough to find fish, but when you did, it was easy to catch a few out of the school. Weather was cold and windy so slow moving tubes and drop shot presentations were a must. Even tho no big bass were caught, we did however manage to catch a fish of a lifetime when my partner sets hook on a giant muskie using a spinnerbait. Gotta love fall fishing!
  6. Hey all, We have an ice fishing trip planned on Nipissing starting tomorrow. Anyone have any recent reports from South bay? How much damage did the rain and warm spell do?
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