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Found 3 results

  1. Voltage Lures

    I didn't realize this was even possible. apparently you can get voltage tuned lures to attract more fish. or add things to existing lures. I might grab some of these to check out but definitely would be cool to see if they work as good as they say. Not sure how they fit into the rules though lol. Fishing for the rest of us Lure Charge - Voltage Tuned Lures
  2. Fish Slayer Baits Review

    Check out this review for some Fish Slayer Baits by Fishing For The Rest Of Us.. Reviewing a couple of plastics they offer. Fish Slayer Baits Review
  3. Z Man Lures

    Hey yall, I just tried some Z man 2.75" worms and they are dynamite! I think they will become my new go to plastic, move over Gulp.... Only trouble is where to find them in Canada? Toronto to be more specific. Anybody have and suggestions? online they want as much for shipping as they do the lures. I hope its not my only option.... BPS apparently has Z man but Im not sure about in Canada. Thanks in advance for your help...