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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I'm trying to plan a family vacation to Canada and looking for a family friendly fishing lodge/resort. Im coming from Chicago up through MN and the International Falls. I'm an avid fisherman, but bringing the family, grandson and elderly mother. Although we are looking to visit the great scenery of Canada, I'd like to do some fishing. I was working when the All-Canada fishing show was in town, so Any advice on where to look would really be appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I posted a fishing report. Thought I would share a great family paddling trip I had this weekend. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to bring a rod on this trip. It’s our first time going on a family paddle this year, and when I rolled out of town, I didn’t even know what river we were going to hit. We decided to try a new river that I have never paddled before. There was a strong current and head wind, which made paddling my canoe with my 2 kids very hard, and slow. But we made it to a nice little spot to stop for a picnic, and well needed break. It looked like a fishy spot, so I took a cast. I caught 7 fish in my first 10 casts. My son Alex was my net man! And we had a blast. My wife saw the action, and came over for a few casts, and she tied in to a nice pike! When my daughter saw how much fun we were having, she decided to give a cast as well. She only took one cast…. 12lb pike! The smiles say it all! At the same time we were landing the pike, my son grabbed a rod and casted and caught a nice bass. His first time doing the entire process and catching a fish all by himself! All in, we caught about 15 fish in the hour we were there. And we brought 2 pike home to turn in to fish tacos!! The paddle back was full of smiles and fish stories, with the wind at our tail, and the current pushing us home. It could not have been a better day!! Really really good memories had by all!
  3. Hi all, getting to grips with the back log of videos I have from last year, here is a video of a late summer trip to Lac seul wit da fam. Net man Jack was on good form. Can't wait for summer again!
  4. Well the plan was to try Couchinching today in the hopes that some spots might produce some fish that would keep the adults happy while also holding some panfish that would keep Ryan interested. Small issue luanching. The Orillia triathlon was on so the area was much busier then normal but the launh itself was fine and we were quickly on our way. First spot produced a nice fish to start. crankbait bass And as hoped, lots of fish for Ryan. We didn't take too many pan fish photos. The rest of the bass we did find were small but ounce we had them hooked Ryan was on the reel. Ryan is getting better handling fish but they sometimes still end up on the bottom of the boat before they get back in the water. And with a predictable conclusion on the ride home.
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