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  1. blaque

    Scream baby scream

    Looks like a blast, i finally subscribed to ur channel Dont worry, im over 3 hours south..........I wont play bumper boats with you My biggest concern for you is kicking all the way out there and u spill ur timmies
  2. Wow, what a trip......those bad weather days are hard to stomach when all ya wanna do is get out there. Hope your camp was on a leeward side and ur boat didnt get too beat up on the beach.
  3. Awesome fish, had to be a blast
  4. blaque

    Giant Golden Shiner? I sure hope so

    Oh they're crappy alright
  5. Great vid..........good day on the water. Probably most impressed by the fact that you didnt go down in the slop once when jumping down to land ur fish haha. I surely would have taken a spill in that muck
  6. blaque


    Haha, i tried the same thing saturday morning.......tried being the key word
  7. blaque

    White Sandy Beaches

    Camera shy i suppose
  8. blaque

    Lake of the Woods jan 20/2018

    Great outing, had a little bit of everything
  9. That fish just laying on the bottom cracked me up lol.........what a couch potato
  10. blaque

    World Junior games

    Welp, no gold for my group this year Good luck to your boys in red white and black
  11. blaque

    Nice way to end 2017

    Its like you have your very own bird zoo up there , the species never end
  12. blaque

    what desktop background photo

    Duely noted, next trip will be on the ice
  13. blaque

    what desktop background photo

    Agreed, i like it so much............its now my background for a while haha (hope you dont mind, ill pass along any compliments from any co-workers as royalties hehe)
  14. blaque

    what desktop background photo

    Its night time, long exposure with the camera Im no black fly expert, so i didnt even know they shouldnt be out this time of day lol This was on the french river, first week of june this past summer. The lodge guys said it was the worst theyve seen them in years? And apparently they didnt have a curfew that night? I dont think it was real long after sundown but cant remember exactly what time it was