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  1. There isn't much online on those lakes. I've been eyeing them up the last couple years. I was going to try and get in by 4wheeler. The frater road looks like it gets very close. If you go post a report!
  2. Go on these islands put some c4 on it. Wait for the birds to return then kaboom! All the pieces of bird go into the water feeding the fish.
  3. I believe a guy from the sault area "invented" it. Everything is legal. Its identical to the automatic fishermen but now with some batteries to jig it. Now I'm interested.
  4. I bought a champion 2 years ago used it once or twice and it sat there. I blew the dust off it this spring and it fired right up even with old gas. I ran it all summer at camp putting a couple hundred hours on it problem free. For a cheaper stand by generator the champion is great. Next year I think I'm going to buy a Yamaha knowing I'm going to put hundreds to thousands of hours on it.
  5. If you sleep in the vehicle I highly recommend making some kind of screen to fit in the window cause it will get hot and stuffy and you don't want to let the skeletons in
  6. I bought one of those SUV tent a few years ago thinking it was a great idea. I never ended up using it. It's a dust collector. I bought a tent trailer directly after. Sold it for a before one. Then yoloed leased property bought a 26' camper and I'm building a cabin. I suggest just skip tent and camper stage and go straight to a cabin haha
  7. I seen that episode and it was my thought to. They are catching grayling and another type of trout that we don't have in canada
  8. Www.ituksum.com check them out! Off the chapleau highway. He has a little campground and Bush cabins. Endless amount of atv trails. Lots of grouse and rabbits. Lots of small lakes loaded with walleye, pike, bass,etc. Mostly all accessible by atv and small boat and motor.
  9. My 17 ram with the 3.92 rear gets 12.5 litres per 100km. I do all kinds of truck stuff. For a v8 hemi I'm quite happy with the fuel mileage. I was looking at the 3litre diesel and a quick Google search scratched that engine off my list and I wasn't that impressed with the 3.6 in my wrangler so i got the good old reliable hemi is what I got. Word of advice get rid of the crappy P rated tires right away blew 3 within 10 days and 2 of them within 12hrs back in the Bush. Had to do a Bush patch to get home.
  10. It has front and rear locker when it's in 4low like a jeep Rubicon????
  11. Lots of lakes behind Bruce mines with decent walleye pike bass lakes. Good walleye fishing between wawa and white river. When you headed this direction?
  12. I trust my handheld over a phone any day of the week. Dog lake is a big lake and I'd feel alot better with a handheld in my pocket but that's just me.
  13. Ya definitely no cell service at dog lake. Get yourself a garmin
  14. Another great little area is www.ituksum.net off the chapleau highway. Tons of small lakes loaded with fish and most atv accessible only. You can camp there or rent a cabin. Tim the owner is awesome and will send you in the right direction. Again no real beach lol
  15. If you are feeling adventurous you could head into wenebegon up by chapleau. It's atv accessible only. Great walleye and long off the beaten path. No real beach though. If you have the cash and want comfort contact five mile lodge they have a very nice outpost on an island.
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