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  1. So I bought the boat package with the 25hp that’s for the help guys!
  2. Yeah my camp is in the same area as white lake. For tilt/trim on a 25hp Yamaha dealer said it’s a special order and I’d be lucky to get one by summer 2023
  3. Just priced the 25hp it’s in my price range power tilt is special order and they said I’d be lucky to even get one in 2023. Looks like I’ll be getting the 25hp with just e-start
  4. Very good choice. Did you order it with the 900ace?
  5. North shore has 3 of them I’ll be going in this week to price the 20 and 25. gil that’s an awesome set up I may have to steal a couple of your ideas.
  6. Oh trust me I know about the slush! I got buried back in feb up at camp real bad for a few hours. Slush is everywhere this year!
  7. Hey Gil, beauty boat! Do you have more pics? I was wondering about a bow mount trolling motor and what canvas top is that? Does it get in the way when it’s down?
  8. A lot of the time there will be 3 ppl in the boat. The 25hp does have the variable trolling switch to dial it right down. And the 25hp is very close in weight. I only priced the 15hp I think I’ll be going back to the dealer to see the price difference. Yamaha site says the 15 is $3600-4000 and the 25 is $4600-5800 not a huge difference
  9. Crazy the amount of snow up there this year. Like driving in a tunnel on the highway. Where’s your camp up around Wawa? I’m 40km north of Wawa on kabenung
  10. Hey guys, I’m looking at purchasing this boat https://www.kijiji.ca/v-powerboat-motorboat/oshawa-durham-region/2022-mirrocraft-3696s-utility-fishing-boat/1606800821 it’s rated for a max of 25hp. The lake that My camp is on is a large inland lake but with tons of islands rock piles and shoals. It’s a dangerous lake if you don’t know where your going. I was originally thinking of getting the 15hp. The dealer is trying up sell me and get the 25hp. What should I get? Go in between and get the 20hp? I do all walleye fishing with a lot of trolling. I do not need a speed demon but don’t want to be pushing water either. Im going with a Yamaha outboard.
  11. The warlock with the hemi is a solid truck and probably the best price being a classic model.
  12. I had a 2012 Jeep Wrangler with the 3.6 and I wasn’t that impressed with the motor. Had some electrical issues with it. Might have been a jeep thing! I have had my 2017 ram with the 5.7 for the last 3 years and I love it. I’ve towed my 26’ camper trailer with zero issues and what you tow would be nothing for it. And I’m impressed at the fuel mileage I get with a full size with a v8.
  13. No no I don’t want to go broke haha. I’d like to keep it under 20k
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. Great read moose bunk. Seems like tiller is definitely where it’s at. Now what boat would ppl recommend? I want around a 16’ what are ppls thoughts on the 15’ g3?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. I fish all inland lakes. The past couple years I’ve mostly been trolling and jigging for walleye. I want to get back into more casting for pike and bass. I don’t troll with downriggers or go for salmon.
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