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  1. The warlock with the hemi is a solid truck and probably the best price being a classic model.
  2. I had a 2012 Jeep Wrangler with the 3.6 and I wasn’t that impressed with the motor. Had some electrical issues with it. Might have been a jeep thing! I have had my 2017 ram with the 5.7 for the last 3 years and I love it. I’ve towed my 26’ camper trailer with zero issues and what you tow would be nothing for it. And I’m impressed at the fuel mileage I get with a full size with a v8.
  3. No no I don’t want to go broke haha. I’d like to keep it under 20k
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys. Great read moose bunk. Seems like tiller is definitely where it’s at. Now what boat would ppl recommend? I want around a 16’ what are ppls thoughts on the 15’ g3?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I fish all inland lakes. The past couple years I’ve mostly been trolling and jigging for walleye. I want to get back into more casting for pike and bass. I don’t troll with downriggers or go for salmon.
  6. I want to buy a new boat for next spring and I’m unsure with what I want. I’ve fished out of a tinner bench seats my whole life and want to upgrade. I’m looking at boats like the prince craft resorter, Lund fury, and mirrocraft outfitter or laker. I want a boat that I can have all my gear in launch and go. But is a steering wheel really needed? It would be sweet to giver to another spot driving with one but that’s typically only a few min drive. I fish all in land lakes. And do I upgrade to a bow mount trolling motor or keep using a transom mount electric?
  7. If you look and see what motor fishing lodges and charters use you'll see most use Yamaha and there's a good reason why.
  8. I live in the sault. If your looking to target certain fish or areas message me I can lead you in the right direction
  9. https://bluefoxcamp.com If rainbow what your truely after then this is the place you want to go. They have rainbow Brook and lake trout. I personally haven't been there but fish n' Canada did a show a few years ago there and would love to go.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. My uncle is a mechanic and he told me as long as it golden your fine. Check your diff fluids and grease everything well and you got nothing to worry about.
  11. So I booked with "fishing with Pedro" a guy with one boat. His Facebook page looks good with great reviews. I was reading that the main ones have multiple boats and hire guys that know nothing about fishing. If I were to stay on the main land and for someone also interested search Roberto narravo guiding. He tournament fishes down there and guides. And the wife knows we are spending more then enough on the trip and charter etc. I've been to Mexico a few times now and I feel perfectly safe there especially Cozumel. Jamaica on the other hand was the complete opposite I'd never go back there
  12. Hi guys, I booked a Cozumel resort for this December for my wife and I anniversary. We want to book a fishing charter for our anniversary even though it's suppose to be a bit of the off season there for fishing. I was looking at between chichi and Cozumel charters. Does any one been there and can recommend a company? Any experience? Anyone other advice?
  13. I've been looking at doing blue fox I need to think more seriously about going now
  14. I had this idea for up at my camp around wawa cause I can't boot it down the highway on an UTV. A guy in the sault has one and uses it with tracks to get to his camp in the winter with tracks. He says being right hand drive it's impossible to insure now days and sits at his camp. Have you got insure on yours?
  15. Chrisb sorry but your way late. Here in the sault the run is like over.so it's long over for weeks down south.
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