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  1. She looks like a keeper.
  2. Just got off the ice at Gilford. Truck was on it earlier this week. I found >15" black ice. Slick on top as the melt of last couple of days had refrozen last night. Under the ice (sight fishing 12 FOW) I saw perch - they were biting today, except the jumbo one, bass, CARP - gigantic ones roaming around, pike - he took a big gulp of my lure and spat it. Sunfish - big spots on the sides. (Maybe some walters)
  3. Twig Fishing Contest: JoeyTier style. (See his video). For this ice season until ice out 2018. Video as proof of "twig rig". I will put up a 6-pack as a prize for the biggest fish. If we have to deliver the prizes Uncut Angling style even better. The winner shall be declared by vote in this forum in case of dispute. Date of vote to be determined at the end of ice out. Post your video on this thread to enter the contest.
  4. Thanks James for the report. I really enjoyed it. I liked it even better than a Borger report. Yes Borger always gets into monsters. It's like watching the Patriots win and win and win and win. Pike, Monster Pike, More Monster Pike, Even More Monster Pike.... Your story was more "down to earth". It would be like how my future trip will play out. I have hopes for that monster, but it's not guaranteed. Looking forward to the next trip and report. Thanks.
  5. Now why do we spend hundreds on gear when it can be done with just sticks ?! Nice fishies.
  6. Ling are a blast. Wish you would share some of those ugly pics.
  7. Henry's is on my bucket list. This development screams: Do it now. Tomorrow might never come.
  8. Right on man. (No pictures, then it's just like the sign outside Basspro.)
  9. I agree. The first jumbo snuck up on me. Nothing on the sonar before he hooked himself. I hate staring at an empty screen (just my jig up and down), and then a tug. But they do come in schools. I walked around, drilled a few holes. On the way back, retracing my steps and trying the holes a second time, I got lucky and found one, and then the bunch.
  10. Toronto weather finally hit positive degrees. Found my PB perch in the afternoon in 10fow, Cooks Bay. Felt like a walleye. They liked Berkeley minnows on a 1/8oz jig. Didn't want perch bellies, guts or perch eyes.
  11. Got a chance to fish the polar vortex. We went out on the days that was -14C and -16C. The lakes around town was easy to access. Lickmyarmpit was a great host. Him and his missus and I slaughtered the fish on day 1 out on a little mud flat in 12FOW. We were after pike/walleye/perch, and we pulled up all 3 species. I had my PB walley. Temperature was -15C by the time it turned dark. Wasn't too windy so it was comfortable just being outside. Lickmyarmpit brought up this beautiful pike. The next day was -16C but with a wicked wind. We forgot the scoop for the minnows and paid for it with burning hands. Different lake - man made by a mining company, to relocate the lake from across the road so they can mine the lake bottom. It was -36C with windchill. BRRRR. We caught only 1 pike. There were some light strikes that didn't stick. We called it after the icicles had formed all over everything. Timmins was cold. -32C without the windchill on some days. Those days, I stayed indoors. Beautiful scenery and 500 lakes in the neighbourhood. Gotta come back and fish it some more. Many thanks to Lickmyarmpit and company. The people are so friendly up here.
  12. Nice start. I heard that the lake in town had no fish. I guess they lied. Looks like that pike was feedn on the wallies pretty good.
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