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  1. I would assume the Yamaha would have the rpm button that will allow you to troll down to 600 rpm.
  2. don't forget you can use it in reverse when you want to get your speed under 1.5mph and your main engine isn't loving trolling down that low (especially when it is very cold).
  3. sure do. Most of my fishing these days is spring brown trout fishing (then the subsequent salmon fishing) until bass in June. Bass is what I fish the rest of the season.
  4. That was me. Was in 2009. Good memory. Still have the Lund. Still fishes strong. And nope, not cheap. But compared to boat prices these days, it almost seems affordable now.
  5. Grew up fishing Aylen Lake from '86 to '97. Lived on the lake year round for four of those years. Not sure what it is like now, but it's not far from Barry's Bay, and was (at the time) most affordable. Fishing was "ok" at best. Some lakers, lots of whities, and not many, but some real big smallies. Corner of the lake was actually inside the park boundaries. Quiet area of the province.
  6. Lordy, (part of why society is getting dumber by the minute, folks consider stuff like the above an "interesting viewpoint". Ugh) Reasoning: Extreme Right, Conspiracies, Misleading/Unproven Information, Lack of Transparency Country: USA World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180 History Launched in March 2019, Summit News is a far-right conspiracy website. Like most questionable sources this website does not have an about page nor disclosure of ownership. The primary writer appears to be Paul Joseph Watson, who is a former editor for the conspiracy website Infowars. Although not disclosed, Paul Joseph Watson appears to be the owner and editor of this website. Further, Summit News has been banned on Facebook.
  7. Woo made multiple times more profit than the fine. He's a shyster, scam artist, and is known for being a scourge in the fishing industry. But some (read some) tournie anglers care more about profits than the resources. So many will defend him. Carefully note those who do - and remember it.
  8. Looking to replace my Minn Kota 24v transom trolling motor. 70-80lbs preferred. Msg me or respond here. Will pay cash and can likely pick up (within reason). Cheers, Steve
  9. Hey Dave! Don't spend much time online anymore, but still get out ... probably the most all year in the spring. Be out there breaking ice until the kings leave the shallows...then I leave them alone. Still fishing with the old man though. Treasuring these times, for sure. My December Quinte trips are well in the rear view mirror OP, PM me if you need some advice on how to get this settled.
  10. $10,000 dollar claim for a 6 tray tackle box? Your best bet is to go to a tackle shop, explain what you think your father may have had in the tackle box, and have them provide you a formal written declaration of cost. I can only imagine the claims adjuster face when they read you think your dads tackle box cost $10,000. Even if it did (it didn't), but even if it did, your father would been advised to schedule anything with value in the thousands (ie, jewellery, etc). I think you may find if you take a zero off the number, you might get better luck. When I had a tackle box stolen 10 years or so ago at Jordan Harbour I was able to get $1,200 from the insurance company. I had no receipts either. I had all new spring salmon lures which are $10 /each. Good luck. (if a broker was used for the purchase of insurance try getting their help...but I don't think they'll be able to hold a straight face to the $10K claim for a 6 tray, 60 year old tackle box)
  11. worldwide insurance industry has seen record losses 3 years in a row. world wide we have seen record weather related losses 3 years in a row. 3 consecutive years where insurance companies have paid out more per dollar than every dollar brought in. In some cases, 50% more, paying out $1.30 to $1.50 for every dollar in. every line of insurance is going up...way up. finally, for the first time in 15 years, commercial insurance is going WAY UP! (and unless weather changes for the better, which it is not going to, these increases are only going to continue to go up). Lloyds of London lost almost $1.85 for every dollar brought in. They pulled back so much capacity some Insureds cannot obtain insurance - for ANY amount of money. Be prepared for insurance cost increases....without any sympathy from anyone (government, etc) as the dollars are black and white. Insurance companies globally have lost money 3 years in a row....and not a "little bit" either. Wayne, we are increasing our premiums (RSA) by minimum 20% to as much as 100%. Be prepared for an increase on your premiums. (sorry about that)
  12. Geico is a US insurance company owned by Birkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet). They do not operate in Canada. However, Canada has many low cost, low coverage options if you are looking for similar.
  13. That is a bad one Irish. The FCC put a 5 mile distance ban, so TC followed with a 9 km distance ban (5 miles = 9 km). Our customers must have an operator who is Special Flight Operations Certified....as they are using the drone for commercial activities. But it is still a free for all with personal use.... For those curious, here's the rules for personal use of drones: Don't fly in clouds or fog. Don't fly closer than nine km (five nm) from any aerodrome (i.e., any airport, heliport, helipad, or seaplane base). Don't fly higher than 90 m (300 feet) above the ground. Don't fly closer than 150 m (500 feet) from people, animals, buildings, structures, or vehicles. Don't fly in populated areas or near large groups of people, including at sporting events, concerts, festivals, or firework shows. Don't fly near moving vehicles, highways, bridges, busy streets, or anywhere you could endanger or distract drivers. Don't fly within restricted and controlled airspace, including near or over military bases, prisons, or forest fires. Don't fly anywhere you may interfere with first responders.
  14. TC just follows FAA's rules. FAA makes changes, TC follows. (with respect to drones). We have followed the evolution of drone use over the last few years and have noticed TC has just followed the FAA decisions. Many of our customers are using drones these days. Interesting how they are Insured.
  15. Agree with Cliff. Definitely theft. However, I don't believe the pilot of the drone broke any rules (although there may be state specific regulations in Minnesota that differ from Ontario). If that was in Ontario, the drone would not have broken any current FAA rules.
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