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  1. Hi all, thanks for all the info did Charlotte a couple years ago, looks like booking caesars north camp bob lake, 3 small lakes to fish, any info would be appreciated, thanks again
  2. Thanks Kipawa looks but but thinking of taking them to Caesar’s north camp either Gouin reservoir or bobs lake, anyone ever been?
  3. Hi all, taking my two boys 19 14 and nephew 17. Loooking for great fishing, drive to boat in. Anywhere Hearst east including Quebec. Just trying to find trip they will remember any suggestions much appreciated. Going mid July thanks
  4. Thanks again for info, have been down that parent road a couple of times and swore I would rather drive 15 hrs of paved. Went with air tamarac good trip had to replace a newer tunnel cover for truck lol.
  5. Thanks all for the great rwplies
  6. Ok looks like twin lakes outfitter just trying to pick a lake any info greatly appreciated. Targeting big pike
  7. So far looking at saga with twin lakes and lap with 7 lakes wildwrness
  8. Lol fish may stop biting at 50 but the rum still tastes great. Are the walleye generally bigger on average in Nakina then northeast, Cochrane Hearst. Been with both but if walleye a pound heavier on average is worth the extra 6 hours. And again thanks for all info. Still would consider a drive in one but would like an outpost. I know that’s asking a lot thanks jnic
  9. Wow thanks for the info, looking at 1000 max and would definitely consider a drive too thanks
  10. Hi all, looking for help. 6 guys turning 50 looking for a fishing trip mid July. Thinking cheaper flyin or drive too, so far looking at Cochrane air, camp anjigami, twin lakes flyin or 7 lakes camp out of Nakina. We are from near Ottawa so Quebec could also be an option . Any drive to suggestions or flyin info greatly appreciated thanks
  11. Good ole hammy would love to fish with him some day
  12. You could try the going reservoir in Quebec, fairly cheap and lots of options, pontoon boats etc
  13. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Saw tripadvisor and great reviews just no one talked about the fishin much. Thanks
  14. Hi all, looking to book a flyin at anjigami camp, thinking Roderic Lake. Any input on outfitter, fishing etc thanks jeff
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