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  1. I've caught them with bead head wooley buggers or leach patterns while fishing for trout. Always in August while fishing trout deep with sinking leader or split shot, pike were hitting them too. Awesome feeling catching the trifecta in on pool.
  2. Totally forgot about this place, I do remember it being in the radar more ten years ago then recently. I'm curious to hear reports as well, having said that the lodging looks nice and equipment looks good too at a decent rate.
  3. I'm sure first nations people had there struggles but we are all guilty of looking at them in the pre colonial era as primitive or the term " savages" . In reality there survival was based on a very intricate and tight woven community. Them being nomadic always knew where and when to relocate, the structures they used were crude at first glance but genius in reality. Society based on respect for the old and their knowledge and a communal nurturing of youth. The only difference I see from them and Europeans of the same era was the Europeans manipulated and changed their surroundings to suit them and first nations people were a part of their ecosystem.
  4. I would suggest finding a Goodman dealer, considerably less then Lennox and been working fine for me. They are not offshore crap either built in Texas I believe. My duct work and gas line were in place when I replaced mine, the 2 ton a/c cost $3800 and the 110000 btu medium efficiency cost 3700 installed. Both within the last 3 years
  5. Walleye central is a good archive if you use the search engine on lakes your considering, as far as asking the question in the general forum everyone will steer you towards the kenora area. Politics in that forum are evident, recently pasha lake cabins had a post removed for their ice fishing opportunities, Chris brock plugged my camp it to was removed but there's a ton of self promotion going on from some of the most frequent posters who also have camps and lodges in the lotw lac seul areas. They call it the Canada forum. I call it the lake of the woods forum.
  6. Amen brother! You hit it on the head, same here. The government gave these holes huge grants to give us rural folk reasonable service for telecom, internet and tv.... bell gives us the worst cell service of any of them, the data plans they have are a joke! My kids eat through that data in a day, then they have a data overage alert " click to continue" .... I had one bill for $1800 in one month! And now it seems like every time I turn on express view I have less channels then before and I only notice because they only take the channels I watched not the 300 channels of s##t
  7. Not much online at all, I did notice a slew of reviews on tripadvisor tho. All reviews were good for the base camp and fly ins, mostly great reviews on the operation, accommodations and experience with decent fishing. Looks like a good trip, not sure how they compare price wise to air Dale or white river air, American funds and no tax in the listed price would suggest a 7 day trip would be minimum $1200pp so it's not cheap
  8. I think the bear was startled by his sudden draw of the bow so knocking him over was a display of dominance, I think if he had of fired a bad shot and only hurt the bear he may have gotten more aggressive. Hard to say what the bear was thinking, I've had a few bad experiences with bears but nothing like that !
  9. Pasha lake had a spike camp on the jackfish river on the north shore not sure if they still operate it. Another drive to worth looking at is st Joesph, old post lodge is on the east side of the lake and there's a camp on pashkogan as well. St Joe is a great fishery with a lot less traffic then lac seul and its far better. Don't think you will have a hard time finding some big pike there.
  10. GIANT PIKE | Onaman Resort Lake Nipigon, that's the show. I couldn't copy a link but If you Google the new fly fisher then hit episodes it comes up as the first one from last year's season
  11. It should be on you tube Lou, it was a great show! Sight fishing for monster pike in back bays on the east side. I believe they camped on a island on the main lake but launched on the Onaman river. It's a long haul but I've heard the jackfish river where it dumps in the nipigon is as good as anywhere for walleye.
  12. You should also consider lake Nipigon I'm sure bunk will have some great insight for you. From what I've heard it could be the best drive to lake in Canada. Check out the new fly Fisher episode with bunk, the pike were massive plus world class trout fishing
  13. You shouldn't be burning out pumps that quick, if I were you I would be checking the outlet pipe. Does your pump come on quickly after a rain ? Does it run steady during a rain or in the wet months? Is your basement lower then your neighbours ? Are you in sand or clay? Maybe your in the water table? Your pump should keep up regardless unless your outlet is bad and your just recycling water or There is to much of a load on your outlet pipe with added trough water on the same pipe. It's not attractive but it works, have your sump outlet above grade then drain it straight down to the storm sewer pipe, if there's any resistance the pit water will still boil out from the top if the load is to great down lower. Sounds like a storm sewer pipe issue to me.
  14. Guess it boils down to consumer power, I choose to shop local but I could do better, I refuse to use self checkouts and fast food kiosks because I think entry level jobs and jobs that subsidizes crappy pensions are important.... Toyota is Canada's largest producer for auto so I'm thinking tundra next time.
  15. After the 08 crash and GM restructured after bankruptcy they outsourced tons of work to countries like India and China to bring down the cost or increase the margins. At that time the average GM vehicle was costing 8-14k to produce, I'm sure it's increased since then but I would bet it hasn't inflated at the same rate as there sticker prices. So it begs the question, where is the profit going? Certainly not back into the communities that build and support these manufacturers.
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