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  1. Great to hear that the camps from muskoka to temagami are booking up and it sounds like your after good accomadations with easily accessible water. I would look at the lodges between sudbury and the sault like waterfalls, birch or laurentian. This stretch is usually more dominated by American guests so openings shouldn't be a issue.
  2. Four cancellations today alone, the news of the border closing was tipping point where the gravity of the situation set in. Today the US government stated it's looking at a 18 month fight.... hope it doesn't take that long, china seems to be winning their battle 80 days in. I hope every other country suffering can duplicate those results. Ultimately let's all do what needs to be done to stay healthy, let's not trade a 2020 trip for many more trips in the future over next multiple years. Wishing everyone a healthy 2020
  3. Like bunk said it's just advertisements, it's the top 5 walleye lakes fishin canada has done a promo on this season. Theres so many great walleye destinations I'd hate to pick 5 and defend it.
  4. Lady Evelyn or ramsey lake north of sudbury would be my choices.
  5. Depends which body of water your on, some nakina lakes produce better numbers then size and some produce big fish. I find the lakes with major inflows have bigger eyes. The Albany river produces big walleye, it has a lot of camps to choose from. Theres no shortage of 24plus fish in percy or stone either. Hope Chris Brock chimes back in hes been to a ton of awesome spots from Cochrane to red lake
  6. Great write up, I remember when miminiska was practically a unknown with a couple decapitated camps on it. The secret got out and now look at that operation!
  7. Try a.m.s or nakina north out of nakina, stone lake or percy. For a thousand a head those are great bangs for the buck and luenbergers also have some in that price range.
  8. Advantages I hear are they are clean, slightly quieter and better economy if not run full bore often. I'm surprised merc hasn't brought this to the table earlier considering tohatsu builds all their motors under 10hp and tohatsu has had them on the market for about 3 years now. I might try one of these for next year, I think it would work great for portaging being light and a small propane bottle would make things easier. Lehr makes nothing but propane outboards from 2- 9.9hp but mixed reviews.
  9. My apologies if somehow my last post undermined the work of civil rights greats that was not my intentions. I was poking at the political correct Twitter mob who I picture as white millennial hipster types on a keyboard that are more offended by these topics then minorities themselves. In this case and others they have used the "R" word as a first punch in the debate, it may be perverse but I think Cherry was making a observation of the lack of poppies being worn by "those people". Is making an observation "r" if it's true? We don't know because the debate is whether Cherry is "r" even though he never singled out any particular demographic. Is it "r" that we automatically painted a picture in our minds of the people he was referring to without knowing exactly whom he was referring too? Did are minds go there because we have also made the same observation? Two candidates in the last election were called out as being"r" for wanting immigration reform, once again that label was used before it was even debated or hearing the pros and cons on their immigration policies yet the leftist champion can get a free pass on blackface. I was only speaking to the hypocrisy of the pc crowd, I'm not alone even Barack Obama has been calling for a more toned down debate.
  10. Guilty I am, sorry fellas I got off track with the charter talk. I'm was never a huge cherry fan but firing a colour commentator for colour in the comments speaks to the sick political climate these days. The pc crowd is going to far and screeming racist to end a debate is destructive and cowardly.
  11. He didn't have to challenge it the government settled, which is what I suggested cherry to do with sportsnet not the government. As far as the wrongs committed against Khadr I'm sure some of the veterans that fought for this country (not against) Cherry was defending went through far worse without a 10 million dollar payday. I wonder if Omar bought a poppy?
  12. I understand the freedom of expression portion of the charter doesn't protect his job but in court one could make the argument that his section 7 charter right of life was ignored by his dismissal for his comments. Long stretch I know but it may lead to a substantial settlement ...... worked for Omar Khadr.
  13. I would check out rays fish camp on Ramsey lake near Sudbury, I see he has daily rates plus I've heard good things about Ramsey. My experience in your range is very limited, I hope Chris Brock or Adam Dempsey chimes in they would definitely be a huge help. Check out Adams directory https://fishingoutposts.com or post the same question on Mike Borger' s site canadafishingguide.net
  14. I would look around the gowganda or blind river area if rainbows are on the want list, some stocked lakes around gowganda and stocked bows in the river close to laurentian lodge which also has small mouth pike and Lakers in the lake. If you take rainbow off the list it will open up more options for sure. 8 hours can put you as far west as the Sault or as north as Cochrane with lots of great spots in that catchment area.
  15. I'm not surprised by his firing we all knew who he was singling out with his comments and how the pc Twitter warriors would react. The problem Is the hypocrisy on the left, when Prime ministers gets caught in blackface they acknowledge it was wrong but all is forgiven with conversation and apologies... after all he's one of us he's a champion of diversity but if your clearly conservative the punishment has to be immediate exile. Our pm was also accused of groping women but never suffered a consequence like Patrick Brown did, this double standard is very dangerous. If your a moderate or even slightly to the right there's a real danger of this happening to you. Extremely dangerous road we are on if my charter rights are judged by the Twitter mob.
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