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  1. gino

    Outboard service

    thanks Rokin-steelhead. Will talk.
  2. gino

    Outboard service

    Thank you!
  3. gino

    Outboard service

    Thanks a lot! Let me know if your buddy is available...message me on private if it's more convenient for you. Thanks again! Gino
  4. gino

    Outboard service

    I have a beauty 12 ft Lund aluminum fitted with a Johnson 9.9 hp 4 stroke. Boat is in a great shape, outboard is awesome, sips gas and runs all day. Love the set up. It might need a carb cleaned , that's all. I know, some people don't take care of they're rigs and expect miracles from a shop. That's the way it goes. I'll find someone that is close to KW. Thanks
  5. gino

    Outboard service

    Mr.Old ironmaker...I understand your rant...and your frustration. However, I'm not even remotely close to Dunnville...or wherever you live/work... Thanks for reply. Cheers!
  6. gino

    Outboard service

    Bahahahaha! Not up there where you live ..in the boonies...😂😂😂
  7. gino

    Outboard service

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a good outboard mechanic, or a shop that he would recommend in Kitchener Waterloo area. "Good" meaning someone that won't charge you and arm and a leg...and knows what he's doing... I have a 9.9 hp 4 stroke that i need looked at before the season starts, Motor ran good last year, but i think it needs a little attention. Thanks! Gino
  8. Yep...do what bowslayer says and you'll be just fine
  9. gino

    Walleye opener Kawarthas

    went to Rice yesterday an we did really good. Boated 12 walleye, 7 were keepers the rest went back, too small. Caught one oos largemouth bass...went back in the water...not a bad day at all, cloudy all day, bit of drizzle...not bad wind . Water was so high...all the wooden docks were useless...under water...
  10. gino

    Fall recap

    great trout Joey, good to see chad Chad too
  11. gino

    A Win at Wynn Lake (kinda)

    oh yeah, Wacky Wings...i will always remember that...
  12. gino

    An ode to brook trout

    those are great trout Joey...no Chad in any pictures?
  13. gino

    Some fish pics

  14. gino

    Checked out some new waters

    nice spot for large mouth, good job