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  1. Thanks for replies, guys. 👍
  2. nice! Good size walleye 👍
  3. Another question would be...how much mph would I gain if I change from a 15 hp 4stroke to a 25 hp 4 stroke?? Is it worthy? I have a 14 ft aluminum boat. Thanks!
  4. Good read, thanks 👍
  5. Thanks Dave, now the question is ...should I replaced my 2003 Yamaha 15 hp, 4 stroke with this 25 hp Merc? My boat is rated for 30 hp max. I might looking to get some more speed when loaded. Yamaha is just perfect, can't complain...just looking for some more speed. Thanks!
  6. Bring out the picture.👍
  7. Hey everyone, I am trying to see some opinions about a 2014 Mercury 25 hp 4 stroke outboard motor...the owner says it has around 400 hours of operation. But runs good...to me it sounds like high hours...what you guys think? Thanks!
  8. Great pics, great fish ...awesome trip. One day I will go there...😁
  9. Bill, I spoke at the launch(P Burwell) with several fishermen...2 of them went from Nanticoke last week and did very well. Looks like if u are in 40-50 ft of water you'll get them . Just go! Post some pics. 👍
  10. Thanks, Brian. Was great, indeed.
  11. You're right. Balance will be the key.
  12. Ohio Fisherman, Erie has potential when u think about the lake as being shallower then all the other big lakes..it's the forage that sustains the walleye population. I think walleye will adapt faster , shad would definitely be a bait that walleye will eat for sure. Perch population is still healthy, I caught 3 jumbos, all 3 of them over 13 inches while trolling for perch. Will see, time will tell...I saw over 100 boats in 2 days over a small are we've been, everyone got the limit, many walleye were released , bite was hot all day long.
  13. I found one perch in the 3.5 lbs walleye. A few shiners in the others, but not many. This walleyes were hungry, bite was aggressive
  14. Lol..it was noon when I checked the clock...😜😜. A lot of them got back to swim .
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