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  1. Hello everybody, I was thinking to try downrigging on Georgian Bay off Collingwood marina and I'm wondering if anybody is willing to share some helpful information. PM me Much appreciated
  2. Except when we went we didn't catch anything 😂
  3. I went to Country Meat Cuts but they don't do summer sausages. They let me try their pepperetes so I dropped off 28lb to be turned into that. I used to make sausage at home in the past so, I bought casings from them and made 2 batches from the rest of the meat. I have yet to try making salami, maybe next season.
  4. Hi, Does anybody know a place that makes summer sausage (salami) from venison in Collingwood/Barrie area? Thanks!
  5. This 2006 Yamaha Apex is doing exactly what you're looking for. You can have it for a good price ?
  6. Don't listen to this guy, he's very jealous on my Skidoo 4 stroke ? I have a Yamaha Apex for sale, btw ?
  7. Indeed...I always said we're all vegan ??
  8. so you mean goat + plant based lunch ?
  9. Please don't start taking about religion ?
  10. There's a lot more to cholesterol than that. HDL = good cholesterol LDL = bad cholesterol A simple Google search can clarify for you what they mean, do and how they can affect your health. Once you know the science behind it, you don't need videos to tell you what you should eat or not ? You should though check your cholesterol levels once a year, especially cause it seems to get worse with age ?
  11. Yup - makes trolling much better ?
  12. My friend in the first picture never caught a walleye before so, the first one he ever catches is a 30" monster. Crazy eh? ? Awesome day on the lake yesterday
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