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  1. Keepers. With @Rod Caster and compliments to @gino for supplying some of the ice tools 😁
  2. Not at all. They're very thin strips and moose was young so, very tender jerky...
  3. I'll trade you some moose jerky for some of your fish 😏
  4. Surprisingly nowadays you can talk to MNR on their Facebook page so, I messaged them about this and also about how the forest logging roads are viewed in relation to the road firearm discharge regulations. Here are the answers I got: 1. Yes, if a person is hunting moose during a season that allows them to carry and use a rifle they may also carry and use a shotgun to hunt grouse. 2. The purpose of the road (i.e., β€œforest logging road”) is not a factor in where this regulation applies. If the road is accessible by the public for vehicular traffic, and it is being maintained for this use, then the regulation applies. Because this is a public safety rule, hunters are strongly encouraged to take a cautious approach to applying the rule – if in doubt treat the road (and right of way) as if the rule applies. Hope is helps other hunters and hope everybody has a good and safe season.
  5. It's now mine too πŸ˜€ I'm ready to argue with the COs about it πŸ€“
  6. So, after reading the regs for moose and small game I actually concluded that it doesn't say anywhere in the regs that you're not allowed to carry a rifle for moose and a shotgun for grouse and hunt both in the same time if both seasons are open. Anybody has a different understanding than me?
  7. The regs are pretty clear on that being illegal if only bow season for deer is open. Firearms for deer Big game, including deer, may only be hunted with a firearm (this includes bows). When hunting deer, you may use or carry a firearm of the type permitted for hunting deer at that time in that Wildlife Management Unit (WMU). For example, when hunting deer during a bows-only season, you may use or carry only bow hunting equipment; you may not carry a rifle or shotgun for hunting other species. Firearms for bear Big game, including black bears, may only be hunted with a firearm (this includes bows). If you are hunting deer or moose at the same time you are hunting black bears, you may only use or carry (on your person, in a vehicle or boat) a firearm of the type permitted for deer or moose, as the case may be, at that time in that Wildlife Management Unit (WMU).
  8. Yes, I mean carring them both in the same time while having a moose license and a small game license, being able to shoot a moose if you see it and shoot grouse if you seen some...
  9. Hi, This is a question that seems to be in the gray area. From my understanding of the regs on the matter, I believe it would be lawful to carry a rifle for hunting moose and a shotgun for hunting grouse during the rifle moose season in Ontario but I'm curious what other people think or if anybody had this question answered by the ministry. The regs state that only during the bow season it's illegal to carry a rifle or a shotgun. Thanks!
  10. Looked like a nuclear explosion from Wasaga Beach area. (Note: that's not the sun, it's exactly opposite from the setting sun). Never seen anything like it.
  11. Keep digging, the rods and reels are around there too πŸ€“
  12. Funniest joke about this show is at the beginning when it says "TRAINED SURVIVAL EXPERTS" And then one of the "EXPERTS" quits cause he was able to find zero food for 7 days in Mongolia 🀣🀣🀣
  13. hmmm, why not try casting it to the boy first? 🀣
  14. I'm thinking about selling my useless downriggers and grease you in a pontoon at 4:30am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
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