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  1. Well we have pretty much decided that we are going to try Moose Lake. this is one area of the province I have never fished so its pretty much a hail mary as to where we go. Looking at it though seems like it should be worth a put around. Anyone been?
  2. Welcome to summer all!!! (well sort-of) Heading up with a buddy and his young lad to the Espanola area for a few days mid July. Have a few lakes I am looking at but having a devil of a time finding any real reports of the fishing (which I suppose is good). Our plan is to target Wally's and possibly trek in for a brookie or 2 if the logistics of the lakes work out. My buddies kid is just old enough to come with us so this isn't going to be hard core adventure. But we do intend to camp out the lake somewhere. Anyways if anyone is local and would like to trade some info let me know and I will give ya my shortlist and see what your thoughts are. Cheers
  3. I was up Haliburton way last weekend camping. Still 3.5 ft of ice on the lakes we were fishing.
  4. 100% squaretail in this guys mind!! We got 5 more and they all had very light markings...but a very square tail with no laker head. Got it on a worm with single splitshot. Funny part is it happened within 1 min of tapping the hole after we had spent the previous 3 hours trying to break trail into a lake that has now stumped us for 2 years. last year we got turned around by a beaver dam, this year we got punished by the amount of snow. the Tundra wouldn't make it and after digging it out 3 times we turned around. This was camp on a delightful -26 degree Sunday morning.
  5. Made it up to a buddies last weekend. Managed to pull this girl through...didn't measure or weigh but guessing between 6-7lbs.
  6. Was it a fairly good turn around for delivery? Any issues with additional charges at customs? I can make it through this season with the patches I have sewn in but would like to get the Thermal cover anyways...and according to their site the thermal is only $80 more.
  7. Hey Simon...as always well done. Wish I was still in that neck of the woods this time of year!
  8. 10-4 OF. I did check their site...nothing when you search. They are also closed at the moment.. I will call in the AM for sure. Appreciate the effort for the info though...
  9. Hello all, Long time, no post but that's life getting in the way. Trying to find out where to get a Clam Nanook replacement tent. Recently purchased one used and instead of patching the holes was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase in Canada? Went to Clam website and I can get one here from the states but they are currently closed (as all Canadian orders have to be processed over the phone) and I expect it might take bit. Any ideas? Willing to drive to get one or of course delivered to the door would be awesome. ….and just to make this a fishing thread I was on Simcoe (inner KB) yesterday and marked a bunch in 45' but no takers. Nothing marked deeper, nothing shallower Thanks all and swing hard!
  10. Hey guys. Thinking about booking a moose hunt with Jason this year at Balson. Anyone have any first hand experience at this camp?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOyqfQDKX7Awhite White Buffalo, Wish it was true.
  12. https://www.bing.com/search?q=parting+glass+whaling+jennys&form=EDNTHT&mkt=en-ca&httpsmsn=1&refig=9eee67698f1f461ce2e581a637daee6a&sp=-1&ghc=1&pq=parting+glass+whaling+jennys&sc=1-28&qs=n&sk=&cvid=9eee67698f1f461ce2e581a637daee6a long time since I've posted folks but this tune is awesome.
  13. I will chime in on this one... I lived at a place that bred both Lab/Golden Doodles. Strictly bred with a papered stud (Standard Poodle) to the papered girl (won't use the proper word here). The dogs I were around were awesome...and I hung out with them in the backyard every day. However I had no experience with any late life Doodles as only one was kept as a pet. The place I was at was a very reputable breeder and looked after all health concerns and would simply not breed any dog to another if there was an outstanding health issue. I think the biggest problem, as was stated, is these dogs became a commercialized trendy dog that everyone wanted to have for there non-allergenic traits, smarts and the classic family bonding of a Lab or Golden. This was back in 2004-07 when the demand was high and relatively new. Nowadays there are too many people looking for financial gain and possibly overlooking the true benefits that these dogs provide. Would I buy one? No. That being said I would take one from where I lived in heartbeat. Just not going to pay for one. Reason being I like my Goldens as they are. (I'm not a big Lab guy). If I had to choose between the Lab/Golden/Poodle cross it would be the fury one unquestionably. Bottom line do your research. Ensure your breeder has been in the game for a long time and CARES about the dogs. ...also as mentioned the pounds have lots of companions waiting for a new home. One of the best dogs I have ever had came home that way one day and I do not regret it one bit.
  14. We are specifically heading north to get away from the crowds. The fact that a non-resident license costs just shy of $500 we want to be able to hunt freely and not impose on anyone else. No knowing if it will work out but as long as we find a decent camp location and there is good sign we should at the least have a good time. hopefully a belly full of walter's as well!
  15. Nice Simon...I see your still making it look easy!
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