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  1. Can't beat a day on the water! Even if its a short one! Looks like you went up just in time! This just happened to the road! Wonder how long of a hike it is?
  2. Yes, says it right in the post you quoted lol! It faded and frayed within a week, that's why it broke.
  3. I had this problem with power pro years ago, it seemed to only happen with that batch of line. Now the new stuff fades from the sun within a few outings and frays very badly. Had a 2 lb pike break 20 lb power pro line beside the boat. Luckily he spit my lucky lure up in the shallows and we saw! Got it back!
  4. How the hell would you know 1-3 people could possibly last the 100 days? What then, seems like it must be set up somehow. I have watched most of the bush shows, and this one I have not followed after the first season as it was pretty slow. You can only watch a camera zoomed in on some guys face going on about nothing for so long haha. As the other guy said, I had a good laugh when the girl trapped the rabbit and started crying. Day 1 ... Gave it a shot today and was very similar but a couple of things happen to keep you somewhat interested. Not a horrible show but maybe best with a couple of drinks.
  5. I have had pretty bad luck with crappy tire batteries. I bought one of the deep cycles a few years ago and it didnt last very long. Canadian tire is great for somethings but I won't buy a battery there again.
  6. I used to watch these fishing shows as a young kid and love em. For a long while now, on the fishing channels you'd have these bass boat guys racing around reeling in some bass with some action music with a timer or countdown haha! When they are catching much quality or numbers in fish in their $70,000 bass boat then I do in my 50 year old, ready for the grave canoe. Can I get a couple of sponsors?! 🤔
  7. They have screwed a lot of customers over out of very expensive products with refunds and warranties and so on. They got me a couple of times for high dollar items, sometimes you have to learn the hard way. It may be a Canadian company but I believe its based out of Quebec, which we generally have a hard time with anyways. Support the mom and pop and small businesses out there, they actually know about their products! Why are these companies allowed to use government handouts just to postpone the inevitable? The last company that did this, is now in Mexico! Sounds to me like they are ripping us off.
  8. If you would post these on the board I would read them for sure and I'm sure many more will. Not going to click on some random link nowadays when you can easily post it on here. Seems like a view or money grab to me. But I would for sure watch it on here either way! Goodluck and tight lines!
  9. They have to be used in the same body of water they were caught in.
  10. Everyone flocks to those big chain stores. I went to the bait shop down the road today, we should all be supporting the smaller stores that have been shut down this whole time. Never mind some billion dollar franchises that were making record online sales.
  11. Reliability is most important! I once had a buddy that would bail out often or just go home when the bite got slow. He once called his buddy as soon as I caught a rainbow and told him what lake it was on! Needless to say had enough of that!
  12. The hunting part will be interesting, with hunt camps and groups of people and so on. How is that going to work?
  13. I haven't been following, is everyone still out of toilet paper?
  14. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I have been following this one a bit, has a chart of all the countries that have it and numbers of recovered and deaths and such. But we only know what they tell us, so it could be worse or better than it seems to be.
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