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  1. Everyone flocks to those big chain stores. I went to the bait shop down the road today, we should all be supporting the smaller stores that have been shut down this whole time. Never mind some billion dollar franchises that were making record online sales.
  2. Reliability is most important! I once had a buddy that would bail out often or just go home when the bite got slow. He once called his buddy as soon as I caught a rainbow and told him what lake it was on! Needless to say had enough of that!
  3. The hunting part will be interesting, with hunt camps and groups of people and so on. How is that going to work?
  4. I haven't been following, is everyone still out of toilet paper?
  5. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I have been following this one a bit, has a chart of all the countries that have it and numbers of recovered and deaths and such. But we only know what they tell us, so it could be worse or better than it seems to be.
  6. I have never heard of this, but I'm guessing it's something new you didn't have to pay $500 for. I'd say the main reason would be that my brand new gas auger was $299 3 years ago at sail. Your drill alone likely costs more then that nevermind the expensive "e-drill". So $300 vs $800-$1000 and I can drill more holes. The drill has it's pros for sure, but the price can be huge for saving about 10 lbs of weight.
  7. If you plan on taking a cheap old vehicle in the bush, be ready to break down. You will need tools in your vehicle and battery pack/compressor and so on. I have a rubicon, shes a pig on fuel but it goes anywhere I need it to that it will fit. Bought the wife a subaru for 20k with almost no kms on it. Very close to my jeep with diff lock. If you look up some reviews, a lot of the older subies can go 400-800k kms if not more. I would look into both of those options.
  8. I have been following that website for a couple of years, mnrwatch gets a small amount of info. I am sure 90% of MNR info goes under the radar. As far as the coyotes, they have been a huge issue recently everywhere. Seems like the person tried to dispose of them somewhat, but not properly.
  9. When I was young kid we were driving on the Don Valley in our old ford bronco, when suddenly the rear axle snapped, we all made it out in one piece. Ford escape, pontiac grand am, kia spectra's gas tank dropped while driving out a few months after the tranny went.. Bearings were replaced also on the kia as well as the alternator.
  10. How could you not know how to use it ? lol! I've taken 2 apart that didn't work. They haven't been very reliable, in the cold.
  11. I often wonder what kind of a fish you are catching in Ontario that you would need a 10 inch hole for ?
  12. Good to keep the kids entertained on a clear lake through the ice, on some dark lakes or deeper water you can't see anything.
  13. Stay away from buddy heaters, I've had a couple over the years and nothing but problems with them. I've had several days that they won't work in the cold around -25 even after keeping them in the house with the tank before leaving to the lake. The one I have now is possessed and the flame some times bursts up and looks like its about to explode. Never again!!!
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