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  1. It's starting to look like may 5 could be possible
  2. Hopefully all this rain and wind we are getting will help a lot
  3. With the crazy April weather this year what date would you guys expect ice out for Algonquin park.My guess would be May 5
  4. kill the salmon i mean sorry for the typo
  5. we poundem charters .We kill every trip with Ryan
  6. Thank,s for all the advice guys i,ll be posting pics on my return .Helmets for all in our party on standbye thank,s again wee scot
  7. Hi guys we are heading up to lake temagami to stay in one of john hardings bungalows mid february,was wondering if anyone had stayed there before and had any info they could share .Or in the roundabout vicinity even thanks in advance can,t wait to go wee scot
  8. I would be in tj my cousin and I are filming a fishing segment on lake nosbonsing in February and could use your lures in it if we fit your criteria for pron stars lol
  9. Troutguy also runs two up sleds so no walking necessary in some areas
  10. Troutguy is light years ahead for simcoe lakers and whities
  11. Nice fish jaques were they all stocked fish ?.Solo paddler i,m guessing was joking about the live minnows (i hope)looks like u guys do well enough without them ,well played
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