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  1. Haha to funny yes we are Simon I always think of Dryden as part of Manitoba , I guess I am just another Brit lost in Canada .P.s always enjoy your posts .
  2. I am extremely jealous ,I think I emigrated to the wrong province
  3. That looks like an awesome way to spend a day outdoors Chris .
  4. Bring on the ice , snow machines are ready to roll
  5. My wife and I both use the MEC bug shirt they are awesome ,I do not find them to be to restricting as they stay away from your face quite a bit due to the hat design built in .During high bug season it is a lot nicer than covering yourself in deet .
  6. The back country remains closed until May 14 if we are lucky, could this be the year they break the record ice out date.
  7. May 10 again this year hopefully
  8. Looks like may 5 still could happen
  9. It's starting to look like may 5 could be possible
  10. Hopefully all this rain and wind we are getting will help a lot
  11. With the crazy April weather this year what date would you guys expect ice out for Algonquin park.My guess would be May 5
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