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  1. I bought a 1994 lund pike DLX from a guy. To transfer the boat I had to take pictures of the boat itself 2 images,hull number copy of bill of sale signed, send it to service Canada. Also had to send in sellers complete contact info,phone number, town and street address. im assuming there cracking down on price paid vs price shown to them. not sure,but I assure you someday the gov will come knocking. Ive been thru a business audit...they don't miss very much lol.
  2. The tundra is still available in a 154" long track. buddy of mine has one with 600 four stroke. great trail breaking machine
  3. our cottage is on the montreal river system,35km west of New Liskeard close to Lady Evelyn provincial park... approx. 10 kms from fire number 72 a 28000 hectare in size fire that is not under control. im constantly watching for updates. the fire doesn't seem to be coming our way,more south and north west.there is a travel ban put in place so we cant (I wont) go in till we have the all clear. from what I read it was started by lightening
  4. Is this trip with Eddie North ?
  5. Ha that's funny. Wanna make sure you don't pee on the lawn
  6. probably only a 2ac field. Lol. Would you be able to show where you received that info on ppm ?
  7. I knew... Just bugs me when people think they've done research only to find out it's not science based.the Internet is full of misinformation. Like the sugar comment,it's science based.
  8. There is no round up ready veggies so your good bud. I watched the vid..... Smh
  9. Ok, so on a "normal"field of corn,what is used for weed control?
  10. there isn't gmo wheat. When a field of wheat dies off and there is no more plant uptake a farmer may choose to do a "pre harvest". Which is to spray the crop with round up to clean up the weeds in the field to aid in better thrashing. Combines don't run wet material thru them very well. It's not a very common practice,as it's another pass thru the field spending money.
  11. Did you happen to watch the vid I put up? Thoughts?
  12. Sugars derived from gmo plants cannot be distinguished from non-gmo plants....even in a lab
  13. Canola,corn,soybean and sugarbeet are the only gm crops grown in Canada
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