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  1. If your net is still available, i will take it. I can pick up tomorrow morning. Let me know when and where. Thanks
  2. Cod liver oil if you can find them. 500ml bottle. Last a long time. Won't freeze. Put some in a small bottle with a dropper and you are good to go. I even put it on my roe bags to recharge them on the river. Know a few old timers that swears by it. Trouble is finding it. I think I got my last bottle at Walmart under the equate brand. Under $10.
  3. Never found a need to marinate senko style baits. Most brand names are impregnated with salt. Bass seem to hold on to them forever. That is why you hear of people finding sick looking bass with stomach clogged with soft plastic baits. Marinating senkos can get very messy. The high salt content of the Yamamoto senko is also why they break so easily.
  4. You can still fish at the mouth and the piers. The night fishing ban is from Robertson bridge to Molson st. Bridge in town.
  5. Sad day. Been shopping there far a very long time. One less store to hang around in on those non fishing days. The clear out started yesterday. Only found out about it from a tackle rep. There wasn't a big crowd because no one knew. 20% off everything in store, 50% on selected clothing and footwear. Still lots of tackle left but some of the more popular colour selections are gone. Cleos and Moonshine spoons down to a few. There will be continual markdown until everything is gone but selections will be limited. Feel bad for the staff. They were caught off guard like everyone else.
  6. If you can find one, Raven 11ft specialist is a nice pier rod. 8lb to 15lb line. 1/4 to 1oz lures. Has enough flex in the top1/3 to handle the shock and lots of backbone to put the boot to a 25lb king. Been using one for many years.
  7. Thanks for responding. I called Outcast and they have no service center in Ontario. The power drifter is also discontinued. Sending it back for repair would cost more in postage than to fix it here. Iam taking it down to Melo Craft in Burlington and see what they can do for me. I let you know how it goes.
  8. I saw it's a 10th warranty but their nearest service center in somewhere in Alberta. With the weight of the boat it will cost more to ship it than to pay a shop to fix it here at home. Also, I am trying to get it fixed before the bass opener.
  9. I Googled inflatable boat repair Toronto. Melo craft and CO2 inflatable came up. Anybody have any experience with these shops?
  10. It is an Outcast power drifter inflatable boat. It tore at the seam.
  11. Ripped my inflatable this weekend. Can someone suggest a good repair shop in the GTA area. Hope to get it fixed before bass opener. Thanks
  12. Take it up to Pacific Mall. There are lots of stores that will do it. Compare prices before deciding on one. Good luck.
  13. I still have one of the Wrinkles spoon in the original package. It's made in Canada by Lure King Inc. P.O. box 890, Streetsville, Ontario. L5M 2C4. It's definitely an old school small company product. No web contact info.
  14. The hammered copper and orange spoons are called Wrinkles by a company called Lure King. They come in 3 sizes and also in the classic red and white pattern. They are not exactly cheap either, something like $3.99 or $4.99 depending on the size. Bought a bunch of them from a CT up in Barrie a few years ago. You can still find them in some older CT stores. Great spoon for salmon and bows up on G-bay.
  15. Alot of the smaller tackle shops down in TO carries the fin-s minnow with the fork tail. The swim fish is harder to find. Bass City up on Highway 7 and Kennedy has some and Truecanadianoutdoors in Vaughan had some over the summer. Peter's in St. Cat. also carries it if you are down that way. Great bait for perch and smallies on Simcoe. Goodluck.
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