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  1. Hey guys, just got back today. Spent a nice week at Pleasant Cove Resort. Weather could not have been any better. Fishing was good - managed to have fish dinner every night - so thats all I really wanted. Caught lots of pike, and a few smallmouth bass - biggest fish was a 3.5lb smallmouth bass off the dock using a silver Cotton Cordel. Majority of fish were caught by Opee Chee island, the best fishing was the closer we stayed to the resort. Silver Cordel with rattle worked best. Lots of fish lost, with one pike about 10lbs (managed to weigh it before I lost it Suprisingly with 2 treble hooks that lots of fish managed to shake off the hooks. All in all, great week. Thanks for all the tips from everyone! TMl26
  2. T minus 26 hours until departure. Any last minute tips? Anyone been up to Georgian Bay in the last few weeks? Thanks board, you guys are great!
  3. watches and warnings ended for severe t-storms BOO!! Toronto/Mississauga seems to be protected and we never get crazy snow storms or crazy summer storms. BOO!! I guess its just a bit of rain at best Good Night
  4. Should roll in around 9pm est to Toronto area. Looking at the radar it looks like a doozy - lots of rain, thunder, winds, and tons of lightning.
  5. Well the warnings and watches have been issued. After all that heat, looks like were gonna have another big thunderstorm move in to Southern Ontario. Here is a link to the radar: http://weatheroffice.gc.ca/radar/index_e.html?id=WKR Should be a dandy. All fisherman and outdoor people love storms - dont they? Post any cool pics you get from tonights storm and any updates if you get some crazy weather. Stay safe. TMl26
  6. http://www.lightinthebox.com/wholesale-Fishing_c972
  7. WOW....sounds like a really nice spot up there for fishing, with lots of exploring to do... Cant wait to get up there. T minus 10 days and Ill be Keep the tips/info coming guys!!! im gonna print this entire thread and study it and take everyones advice and Im hoping to post some pics for the board. You guys rock, thanks!!!
  8. Hoping it isnt too HOT while were up there....Some cool nights to keep the fish active are always nice, but I guess you cant expect too cool as were not that far north. Oh well hoping for the best.
  9. Hey guys thanks for the input. Im staying at Pleasant Cove Resort, first time up there in that area and fishing Georgian Bay in over 15 years, looking forward to it. As for musky, I will not specifically target it, if it comes by great, if not, then oh well. Thats usually when the biggest musky get caught - when you least expect it. I just want some decent fishing action, and as long as I can make a nice fish dinner every night, I will be happy. No need to pig out on the fish - I think thats been already done in most of the lower half of Ontario unfortunately. Thanks again Gladly will listen to more tips if anyone has 'em. TMl26
  10. WOW just wondering, with so many BIG fish, what the heck do these pike eat??? i mean to get that big you have to have a good diet of suckers or small fish and with so many of these monsters, the competition underwater must be fierce - we all know how aggressive pike are, and throw in some pickerel - Im amazed how many monsters there are. i guess it helps that nobody fishes up there, but still need to have bait fish in the water..... Great job!
  11. So I decided to book a cottage on Georgian Bay, in Pointe au Baril area. Has anyone fished this part of the bay? I know its huge, and there are alot of options. What is the "general" or "common" theme of fishing Georgian Bay, any set of rules or suggestions? im thinking live bait is the way to go especially with the variety of different fish (musky, pike, bass, pickerel, perch, etc.) Would Love to hear some tips or suggestions. Thanks TMl26
  12. Hey guys and gals, Im looking at going to West Nipissing Resort later this month for a week, has anyone ever been to this resort? The website looks nice, the cottages look nicem, the pictures look nice, and its located on Nipissing which has a tremendous variety of fishing available - I know the fishing will be great, but how about the resort? Would love to hear if you've been and what you have to say about it. Looking to relax, fish, swim, and enjoy northern Ontario. Ive read 3 or 4 reviews about this place just now and they all say STAY AWAY! - Im kind of upset about that, as I had my heart set on it, can anyone confirm this? Or any recommendations for the Nipissing area at a reasonable rate for a week? Thanks P.S. Its very close to Lakair, and since lots of your go to Lakair each year, maybe some of you have stayed at West Nipissing Resort? If so, please let me know, looking to book ASAP. Thanks and tight lines everyone!
  13. Just got back from a great week at ARgyle Lake Lodge. Fishing started off great then cooled off a bit as the sunny and hot weather came in. Caught Pike, Pickerel and Smallies. Caught a PB smallie at 4 lbs. All in all a great relaxing week. If you're looking for a place to fish, swim, relax, this is it and its quite affordable too! Peace
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