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  1. These were found about 100ft away
  2. Hi all. I need some help with this one. I was at my trailer this weekend getting ready for Deer season. The owner of the property. Asked me a question if i saw a cat on any of my trail cameras. I pulled the cards on saturday morning and no cat on all 3. He told me the area the other neighbor believes he saw the Cougar. So I jump on my buddy's ATV and down the trail to the "pond" we go. Here is the picture of what we found. Look closely and you can see the middle paw pad print.
  3. I do not do a lot of running around the lake. Its usually 2 holes and I'm done. Unless its the once a year my buddy and his son-in-law join. Then its 5-6 holes one day of the year and done. That said, I do get out every weekend. Sometimes twice. I think i will run with the Dewalt I got for now. I will start putting my pennies away for the Milwaukee once this one bites the bullet. Also, I an see a 8in auger in the near future.
  4. Actually, thanks for reminding me. I have to take it back. I used it to start the generator because the rope and something else broke. The chuck or something inside broke or seized. ( no replacement parts for the generator due to its a China one. The shop i took it to confirmed that no parts are available.) Sooo drill start it is. Works just fine.
  5. I did pause because it said compact. Its easily returnable. I wasnt to sure on the compact part
  6. On sale at CT, reg 299.99 I bought it 129.99. If anyone else is interested. DEWALT DCD778C2 20V MAX Brushless Compact Cordless Hammer Drill Kit, 1/2-in (25) 4.7 out of 5 stars. 25 reviews #054-2235-2
  7. Hi guys and gals. Long time no see, and a happy new year to all. I do remember seeing a post like this before. However, I'm not going back to look for it. The title says it all. Right now I still have my trusty 6inch Normark. I do see a lot of yellow (I'm guessing Dewalt) on the ice. Time to get out of the stone ages I guess. And yes I have the adapter already, installed and ready to go. Just need a power source. This is always the best place to come for help.
  8. Big time spot name'er here. Connies hole. 40 run. Little Ti++ie island. Narrows. ( it has nothing to do with narrows) K bay. Its about 150km north of simcoe. Myself and 3 buddies have 100s of names for the spots we would go.
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