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  1. I do not do a lot of running around the lake. Its usually 2 holes and I'm done. Unless its the once a year my buddy and his son-in-law join. Then its 5-6 holes one day of the year and done. That said, I do get out every weekend. Sometimes twice. I think i will run with the Dewalt I got for now. I will start putting my pennies away for the Milwaukee once this one bites the bullet. Also, I an see a 8in auger in the near future.
  2. Actually, thanks for reminding me. I have to take it back. I used it to start the generator because the rope and something else broke. The chuck or something inside broke or seized. ( no replacement parts for the generator due to its a China one. The shop i took it to confirmed that no parts are available.) Sooo drill start it is. Works just fine.
  3. I did pause because it said compact. Its easily returnable. I wasnt to sure on the compact part
  4. On sale at CT, reg 299.99 I bought it 129.99. If anyone else is interested. DEWALT DCD778C2 20V MAX Brushless Compact Cordless Hammer Drill Kit, 1/2-in (25) 4.7 out of 5 stars. 25 reviews #054-2235-2
  5. Hi guys and gals. Long time no see, and a happy new year to all. I do remember seeing a post like this before. However, I'm not going back to look for it. The title says it all. Right now I still have my trusty 6inch Normark. I do see a lot of yellow (I'm guessing Dewalt) on the ice. Time to get out of the stone ages I guess. And yes I have the adapter already, installed and ready to go. Just need a power source. This is always the best place to come for help.
  6. Big time spot name'er here. Connies hole. 40 run. Little Ti++ie island. Narrows. ( it has nothing to do with narrows) K bay. Its about 150km north of simcoe. Myself and 3 buddies have 100s of names for the spots we would go.
  7. I try to when possible also. I have also noticed that we only have one go around on this planet. I keep a pocket fishing rod in the truck at all times.
  8. Thanks so much

     bud. I been busy here and haven't been on line in a while. And I do really appreciate the heads up.



  9. View Advert 18 ft or under camper Looking for a cheep fixer upper. In or around the couple hundred dollar range. Really not looking at a tent trailer. Preferably hard sides. Advertiser tender52 Date 05/14/2019 Price Category Miscellaneous Classifieds  
  10. We are 10 min south of you. Miller lake is ok, but go explore your area of the big lakes If you have a boat. lots of shoals and dropoffs hold the bass if thats what your into.
  11. I usually put in just below the dam then float down stopping at the deeper holes. Usually get out by hwy 24 and myers rd.
  12. Good job Bryan. I have a off set smoker for a good 10+ yrs now. And I still struggle with getting the smaller pieces correct. From my experience do it in 2 steps. If you can get a rack of ( back strap ) or the likes of thicker pieces, do them first. Then do the thinner tail prices on a colder smoke. I may have to steal that mustard rub on you. But I also smoke mine with sugar maple. Try a sugar maple plank with salmon. The wife and kids love it.
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