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  1. I have been fishing 20 lb PPro on spinning reels for 10 yrs with no issues.
  2. Pike and 'eyes have been spreading through that whole chain of lakes for the past 10 years. Some monster 'eyes are being caught through the ice on lakes that were long considered trout lakes in the winter.
  3. Haliburton. Some years opener calls for small, some years they are hitting the big stuff. My issue was lots of hits, not a lot hookups.
  4. Curious how folks did. We had 3 yaks on the water for a couple of days. Moved lots of fish, caught 5 or 6. Nothing over 40". Weed growth here is very slow, so fish seemed to be cruising off the edges. All the fish were caught on smaller lures, couldn't get much interest on larger presentations.
  5. Looking for a decent quality spinning rod, L or ML action. Needs to pack fairly small, so probably a 4 piece or telescoping. Lots of tackle to trade: high quality bass cranks and topwaters, musky inlines and glide baits, walleye cranks....
  6. It was definitely a quieter long weekend here in the Haliburton Highlands. Folks came up to their cottages, but nowhere near the amount of traffic as usual, especially given how nice the weather was. I am always amazed at how little fishing traffic there is up here on the opening day of 'eye season. Several very good 'eye lakes didn't have a boat on them.
  7. I would say that it's not as busy as a typical May long weekend. The village is certainly not as busy as usual for this time of year.
  8. Tournament fishing doesn't drive anything but more tournament fishing. It has absolutely nothing to do with why, or how I fish.
  9. Gimmicks. Direct pressure to stop bleeding, and proper wound management afterwards is what you need.
  10. I can tell you, from being out in all kinds of water conditons, that you have to be incredibly inattentive or just seriously lacking in skills to flip a modern fishing yak: especially one with a pedal drive like he was using. But, GoPros have a tendency to do that to people.
  11. Only thing worse than being a dough-head, is being a dough-head and putting it on Youtube: no cold water gear, no rod leashes, gear not secured to the boat. Doh!
  12. "Next big thing"? 😆 Kayak fishing has been going strong for more than 10 years. Every imaginable species in pretty much every imaginable water has been caught from a yak. The only time I don't fish from a yak is when I fish from a SUP. Yes, you can lay out $2K for a yak, but you can also find a fishable boat for less than 1/2 that. Any stable SOT can be a good fishing yak. Specialized fishing yaks have evolved in design so that you can easily stand and fish easily. Closed boat ramps, meh. Expensive gas, meh. Lakes with no boat ramps, meh. Water too shallow for a motor.......
  13. I really like Auchentoshan as a scotch that costs less then $60/bottle but still has some character to it.
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