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  1. The top 2 look like Icelandic sheep wool: very kinky. I have never seen Icelandic sheep wool as straight as the bottom one. The sheep wool is great for long streamers. You can get away with very small amounts of it as it 'breathes' a lot in the water.
  2. Yes, the elusive Ontario cougar. Amazing how many get seen and how few get photographed.
  3. I can vouch for Steve. Totally legit guy. He is isn't the best online communicator, but he knows his stuff and delivers. He's obviously not going anywhere: has been writing for Outdoor Out of Doors for ages. If you want good intel on nymphing for Algonquin specks, you can't go wrong with him.
  4. No, they are not closing them because they consider them a business, they are closing them because of complaints to the Health Unit (Yes, my partner does work for the the Health Unit). Parking lots full of out-of-town vehicles could very easily generate the same level of complaints related to ice-fishing.
  5. Keep justifying travelling to ice-fish: https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/health-unit-closes-ofsc-snowmobile-trails-3271964
  6. Keep justifying travelling outside your region and we will be doing this for the next 2 years. Yes, exercise (fishing included) is essential. That doesn't mean that you can use that as an excuse to travel from region to region. The virus can't move without us moving it. Exercise close to home. This will stop when people stop moving around.
  7. Yep. The ice is "shifting" this year. Warm temps seem to mean that ice thickness can change over the course of a couple of days. A small lake not far from me was solid 4-5" 2 weeks ago, has spots that are down to 2" now.
  8. I have never seen this many folks out ice fishing. Must be an ideal way to get out during the lockdown.
  9. Little lake, big fish.
  10. IMHO, an inflatable is not a great choice for a kid: will they be calm enough to inflate the vest after falling into cold, fast moving water? Maybe Autoinflate works better than I think it does. A good lifefacket - not PFD - seems to be what you are looking for. Just make sure it fits and is rated for his weight.
  11. I sit in on weekly TIAO meetings: yes, the Northern outiftters/lodges/marinas and Indigienous tourism operations have taken a beating this year because upwards of 90% of their business is from south of the border. The structure of the early financial aid didn't work well for those businesses and they consequently had a tough time taking advantage of the boom in intra-provincial business that more southern cottage country experienced. Something will have to be done to help those folks out or we will lose 1000s of small, seasonal businesses.
  12. There isn't a limit on unknown species. If you can't ID, you shouldn't keep it.
  13. It's fine if you're on a bicycle: short walk.
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