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  1. I really like Auchentoshan as a scotch that costs less then $60/bottle but still has some character to it.
  2. Never experienced that. It's a double-shame that it happened with Lagavulin 16: one of my faves as well. I would take it back as well. BTW, have you tried the Laphroaig Select? It's another really nice Islay that I just discovered.
  3. They are super photogenic: love to perch on the tops of spruces, and very tolerant of people. Hopefully the doughheads don't start baiting it to get better shots.
  4. Nice shot. It's a strange year for bird movement; finches are not moving at all, and several rarities have shown up. We have 2 Varied Thrushes in Hali County right now, and a Rose Breasted Grosbeak: first record in over 50 years of Xmas bird counts.
  5. Have been out several days the past 2 weeks: still good green vegetation on deep weedlines. Lots of great smallie and musky fishing left, fall trout season is just starting to get good.
  6. Happens all the time. I could point out at least 6 lakes in this area that used to be real gems for several different species: smallies, specks and musky particularly. They have all been ruined by dough heads bringing in other species - smallies into the speck lakes, pike into the others.
  7. Nice fish! I am sore from throwing big glide baits the other day. I get sucked into the big bait thing, even though most of my musky have been caught on 4" smallmouth tubes 😲 Glad to hear someone else has good luck on smaller lures.
  8. Lots of smallies still shallow here. I was on one of my favourite lakes on Saturday: 110' deep, lots of rock, points, humps. Smallies are often suspended over featureless water in the fall, but on Saturday they were anywhere there were softball to basketball sized rocks in 3-10 FOW. I love days like you describe BillM, although my arms get tired chasing them around.
  9. Hmmmm. The records for bear attacks don't support that theory. Roughly double the number of fatal grizzly attacks over the past 10 years.
  10. Looking for Sebile Magic Swimmers: you know you have some in your box that you never use. I have all kinds of stuff I don't use that I will trade for them: jerkbaits, topwaters, lots of great quality football jigs.....
  11. Keep an eye out for these please Stolen Kayaks please report if found: Last Seen on the Whitewater section of the Ottawa River - 3x Jackson Kayak Big Rig Fishing Kayaks 1 Teal & Black, 2 dark green and black PM me if you have any info. Thanks
  12. The flimsy aluminum ladder on the stern look perfectly intact. I don't think the boat was hit from behind.
  13. Nice Pics! Not a European skipper; they don't have the 3 small spots on the forewing. Looks a bit like a Tawny edge, but impossible to tell from that pic.
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