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  1. Hmmmm. The records for bear attacks don't support that theory. Roughly double the number of fatal grizzly attacks over the past 10 years.
  2. Looking for Sebile Magic Swimmers: you know you have some in your box that you never use. I have all kinds of stuff I don't use that I will trade for them: jerkbaits, topwaters, lots of great quality football jigs.....
  3. Keep an eye out for these please Stolen Kayaks please report if found: Last Seen on the Whitewater section of the Ottawa River - 3x Jackson Kayak Big Rig Fishing Kayaks 1 Teal & Black, 2 dark green and black PM me if you have any info. Thanks
  4. The flimsy aluminum ladder on the stern look perfectly intact. I don't think the boat was hit from behind.
  5. Nice Pics! Not a European skipper; they don't have the 3 small spots on the forewing. Looks a bit like a Tawny edge, but impossible to tell from that pic.
  6. I have been throwing unweighted plastics - senkos and flukes - with an older Shimano Compre 7' M for years and love it. IMHO, you want something with plenty of backbone, but a fairly flexible tip for good casting: more of a F tip than XF. I like to cast using the flex of the rod, so the slightly slower tip loads easier with lighter lures.
  7. Repairing inflatable is dead easy, with the right materials. Just a matter of being careful when applying the glue and patch.
  8. It's easy to reduce the cost of senkos 10x if you fish them wacky: shrink wrap tubing.
  9. Yep, topwater frogs are exhilirating/frustrating to fish: lots of blow-ups, few hook-ups. I usually avoid the whole "follow up" thing and throw the senko first
  10. I have fished musky with ultra-realistic lures and they just don't produce like traditional lures. I have some absolutely beautiful glide baits and jointed swim baits that just don't get follows. I have a couple of custom painted lures that look like they are breathing. A bumblebee or strawberry (2 of the weirdest paint jobs in the world) believer will outfish them everytime on my waters.
  11. Fair number of average sized smallies. Lots of cottages on that lake, so fair amount of pressure. Lot of better lakes nearby.
  12. Some of the most prolific bass fisheries in North America are open year-round. Bedding bass are not near as easy to catch as folks think they are.
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