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  1. Sell it and get some really good tackle or hunting accessories. Seriously, GoPros are an epidemic.....we aren't that interesting 😂
  2. Yep. Water bomber for a campfire.
  3. Then there is the downside of owning a Yeti: having to lock it up. My favorite new ridiculous cooler is the 6 pack sized Pelican soft-side that costs $350 and is......wait for it.......black. Rocket scientists.
  4. Original PPro all the way for me. Why 50 lb test? Good question. For bass, I have never felt that anything heavier than 20 was necessary.
  5. Thanks. I had no idea they were so common. I have an Ontario flyfishing film that has an entire section dedicated to catching big gar on flys. They seemed to be fighting quite hard in that film.
  6. Last June, I was paddling in the Beausoliel area, and saw quite a large gar just hanging out in relatively open water. Surprise to me. Has anyone fished for them in the bay? It's on my list of species not yet caught.
  7. Both Jack and John were great. They knew the fishery, knew where to send a noob that just wanted to feel a tug on their line, and knew when to reward a valued customer with some "inside" information. Once Jack knew I was a C&R fisherman that didn't post hot spots he turned me on to some of the best fishing in the county. I returned the favor by sharing information with him in terms of what presentations were working and buying from him even when it was more expensive than big box or online.
  8. They aren't holding back info....they don't have it. I have overheard some of the discussions they have had with customers while trying to be helpful and it's quite entertaining. I once listened to the husband tell someone that lake X, which is probably the best multi-species lake in the area, "probably doesn't have any fish in it, except where the river comes in." Running any kind of retail shop is about serving customers and creating new customers. If all you have to offer is a tankful of minnows and the same lures/tackle as the CTire around the corner, you better have some other way to turn people on to fishing. Local knowledge is one of those things.
  9. Yep. Folks I know started catching through the ice with regularity about 4 years ago. I caught them downstream of there all fall, in spots where I have never seen pickerel before.
  10. The folks at Ogopogo resort are a great resource for ice conditions. They keep several huts all season, and keep a good eye on the ice. The folks at Minden Bait and tackle don't know the difference between a pike and a whitefish.
  11. Really depends on where you are. 10-15 cms, with a crusty base in lots of places. Get very far north and it is deeper.
  12. Have seen folks out on several lakes this week. Talked to one group: 5" of good ice on smaller lakes with no current.
  13. This is usually one of my favorite times of year to fish, especially for big smallies and hungry splake. All ended yesterday when most of the smaller lakes froze bank to bank. Time to wax the skis.
  14. I didn't see that this was a question about the St Lawrence. You can probably discount everything I said, which is about shield lakes, except the part about watching the birds
  15. I usually fish bass right to the end of November. Yes, finding them is where your time is usually spent. The good thing is, once you find them, you will usually catch a bunch of quality fish. A couple of things that I have found over the years: 1. If they are holding somewhere, as opposed to actively feeding, it's a "spot on the spot" scenario. They will be super concentrated on some small, subtle feature. If you can hit them on the nose, they will likely bite. I have had 5-6 large bass off one small weed patch in 18 FOW. But, miss the weed patch by 2' and I won't get bit. 2. Watch the birds! If there are diving ducks/gulls in the shallows feeding don't be afraid to go right into 2-3 FOW and fish fairly aggressively. The bite usually doesn't last long, but can be as hot and heavy as any warm water bite. I usually go after them with flukes or preacher jigs fished fairly fast. 3. Depth matters! If they are in deeper water, IMHO, they won't move up or down much to bite. Read some of the In Fisherman articles on fishing "in space". If they are hugging bottom, it's easy. If they are 10' down, over 30' of water, that's tough. But, if you want easy, fish walleye
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