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  1. Really eh that's interesting I never knew that. 🤯. I've been in a lot of boats in my life but I've never been in one that has 6' of separation between the drivers seat and passenger seat.
  2. You're just a dumbass. My point is that you can not social distance while traveling in a boat. Good ahead and be stupid if you want.
  3. How do you and your buddy plan drive your boat? Even in my buddies 20' Ranger I can still reach out with my arm and touch him while we are traveling from spot to spot. You must have a very wide boat. Play it safe and fish alone.
  4. Absolutely amazing track. I really hope that the play that on the upcoming tour.
  5. Just wanted to let you know that the upper Niagara river is closed until the 3rd Saturday in June for muskies. Check the exceptions page 91 of the regulations.
  6. Thanks for the replies I'll be sure to check out a few of these shops.
  7. Found out today that my oldest son is springing for Penguins game 2 playoff tickets.?. Awesome kid. We're planning on driving up Friday and staying overnight. Just wondering if there are any tackle shops worth stopping at in Pittsburgh or on the way down. We'll be crossing the border in Buffalo and traveling on the I-90W and I-79S into Pittsburgh. Thanks in advance Rob.
  8. Dax check out Peninsula Press on Bunting ave. They used to have a large selection.
  9. You'll need to find out what safety equipment your required to have for whatever state you'll be fishing in .
  10. Easier for Americans to cross into Canada but now I've been told that the Americans are going to make us Canadians check in now Bull. We relax our laws for Americans and they tighten up the law on us figures typical American crap . I've been told that the new US law will not be enforced until 2018 .
  11. I use the 2 bank 4 amp Noco mini charger and .after fishing the strong currents of the upper Niagara river for 7-8hrs my batteries r fully charged in less than 7hrs.
  12. Zeeter I fish the US side at least 2 days a week for the early season smallies , 2 years ago I was in the Buffalo harbour area and seen a US coast gaurd boat floating around so I pulled up to ask them that very question. The answer I got was that if your launching from the Canadian side and returning the same day then all you need is what is required by the Canadian coast gaurd . If however your are towing your boat across the border and launching from the US side you will require the US safety equipment. If you are travelling for an extended stay and launched from the Canadian you will need the US safety equipment. Also I always bring my passport just incase of a unforeseen problem that forces me to land on US soil or if I'm forced to anchor. I also have the US border patrol phone # loaded on my phone to make the call in an emergency situation. I hope this helps just remember this is 2 year old info so take it for what its worth. I follow these guidelines and have never had a problem. Rob
  13. James nice fish. I've lost lots of jerkbaits on the upper Niagara too those toothy beasts . Rob
  14. Dax what were you expecting the Crystal beach launch to be empty on the long weekend.
  15. You could try Brobiel Marine or West Marine they are both just across the border in Buffalo .
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