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  1. Where are you located? You can order through the Niagara on the Lake store and have it delivered to the store and pick up in person. No shipping feesπŸ‘ I ordered 2 hummingbird unit's for a buddy in Cambridge a month ago.
  2. Misfish thanks for the reply unfortunately that is not an option.
  3. I've been painting my townhouse slowly over the winter and have a question for any painting pro's. Everything is finished except for the baseboards coming down from upstairs. My question is how do I go about painting the baseboards and not get any paint on the carpeted stairs? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. I went for a drive a week ago for a look and it was still closed. I don't think anything has changed I'm local and I haven't heard anything about it opening up. I'm pretty sure that the upper launch ramps are still open but don't quote me on this one. I didn't drive up there for a look.
  5. Thanks for the replies guy's. Drifter that sounds like a great deal for a paint job.πŸ‘ I don't have the patience to do the carpet myself as I know it will be a pain in the ... LOL. It's worth it for me too pay someone else to have it professional done. Porkpie that's what I'm hearing that a paint job could be as much as 3x the cost of wrapping.😲 I've got Auto Trim and Signs or Auto FX Graphics in St Catharines. Erin is a little far for me to go. Wkrp thanks I'm on afternoon's this week coming up and I'm planning on making some phone calls to some local auto body shops. Thanks gentlemen.
  6. Bigcreekdad I've got one quote for new carpet for $2500. I'm ok with that. I'm thinking about spending $8000-$10000 hopefully if it's a little more I'm ok with that it's still cheaper than buying a new boat. I've got no transom worries at all except for a week up north every year my boat is in my garage every night. πŸ‘ Terry I've heard that a wrap will last for 5-7 year's not bad for under $2000. My issue is that I can't find anyone that will paint it so I don't know how much a paint job would cost? Has anyone had there boat painted? I'm clueless as to what a paint job would cost would like to hear from anyone that has had a boat painted. Just want to compare prices and make a decision. Thanks gentlemen
  7. Planning on giving my almost 20 year old Alumacraft a major make over. I've got a 2001 Magnum 165cs still a solid boat it's just looking like a 20 year old boat. I'm planning on getting the carpet replaced , ordering new factory seats. Also planning on either a new paint job or a vinyl wrap. I've been able to find a couple of places locally to do a wrap. Have a quote for $1800 for a wrap replicating the factory graphics brand name and model name. I'm not sure what a paint job would cost? What I'm trying to find is someone in the Niagara region that paint's aluminum boats. Trying to figure out if I'll have it wrapped or painted? Has anyone had there aluminium boat wrapped? Any pros and cons with a wrap over a paint job. Any information is greatly appreciated thanks gentlemen.
  8. Really eh that's interesting I never knew that. 🀯. I've been in a lot of boats in my life but I've never been in one that has 6' of separation between the drivers seat and passenger seat.
  9. You're just a dumbass. My point is that you can not social distance while traveling in a boat. Good ahead and be stupid if you want.
  10. How do you and your buddy plan drive your boat? Even in my buddies 20' Ranger I can still reach out with my arm and touch him while we are traveling from spot to spot. You must have a very wide boat. Play it safe and fish alone.
  11. Absolutely amazing track. I really hope that the play that on the upcoming tour.
  12. Just wanted to let you know that the upper Niagara river is closed until the 3rd Saturday in June for muskies. Check the exceptions page 91 of the regulations.
  13. Thanks for the replies I'll be sure to check out a few of these shops.
  14. Found out today that my oldest son is springing for Penguins game 2 playoff tickets.?. Awesome kid. We're planning on driving up Friday and staying overnight. Just wondering if there are any tackle shops worth stopping at in Pittsburgh or on the way down. We'll be crossing the border in Buffalo and traveling on the I-90W and I-79S into Pittsburgh. Thanks in advance Rob.
  15. Dax check out Peninsula Press on Bunting ave. They used to have a large selection.
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