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  1. We had all three over the years (never had induction though). Gas is the best by far. One problem with glass that makes a major difference for me is not being able to use cast iron pans for searing any more. 1. they are not flat bottom so they don't sit right, 2. they scratch the surface 3. not hot enough. Our "old" appliances move from home to the cottage. Gas at home now, electric up north. But we have NG at the cottage (near Penetang) so once I retire, its a new gas stove at home and the one at home goes up north.
  2. Maybe same sent, but not the same stuff. Wax does not belong on a glass top. The other cleaners are generally acid based (like citric acid) with a mild abrasive.
  3. https://youtu.be/mhFgEpSIC4I
  4. Split the invoice up. Pay for the boat without the outboard, the equipment that is not attached and anything else that goes with it. The outboard is worth a lot of money (hint hint). Oh, and by the way, the tax authorities WILL find you so you might as well just go in and pay them once you buy the boat.
  5. Call your insurance agent. They are not the insurance company. They work for you. They will tell you everything you need to know about the claim. They will need a list of contents and estimated age of each thing. So start making the list. They will want prove of ownership for as much as you can support but will cover other stuff too My advise is to avoid the temptation of saying you have something you didn’t. Your claim will go sideways fast if they show you misrepresented anything.
  6. Goodman is pretty low end. Mark up on HVAC equipment is insanely high so you may be able to negotiate down on a better brand.
  7. That Tesla video is widely considered to be a faked video that was done in order to generate a lot of views on YouTube so the poster could make money. YouTube pays for high views and that gives lots of incentive for people to try to post fake video's that will get a lot of views. That one has 4.6 million views so far. Probably made a couple grand so far. Very similar to all of those "first time listening to pink Floyd" videos and similar. There are lot out there any they are so obviously set up and faked. A very large proportion of YouTube videos are actually staged fakes.
  8. why not? Because he said they tasted like alligator. I had alligator a few times. It was “ok”, but most things deep fried are “ok”. So many things taste way better, so let em live and keep and eat something tasty.
  9. I have seen them in the back bays around Port Rawson (Moon river area). I saw one snorkeling off our cottage on the main Nottawasaga bay (we are on beach with no weeds around for miles). It was a baby of maybe 8 to 10 inches long including the snout.
  10. I am right handed. Baseball and golf right. Hockey left. Cast right and retrieve right, but can do both with either hand. I prefer right retrieve because I feel better holding the rod with my left when fighting a fish for some reason. Maybe because holding a net with the right feels better? Who knows. Interesting that most big game saltwater reels are right retrieve. But they are not casted. Re hunting, I went through most of my youth thinking I was really bad with a shotgun. In my 30's someone on a goose trip asked me if I was left eye dominant. I said "Huh???". He told me to do the test. Oops, I am left eye dominant. So shooting a shotgun with both eyes open has me shooting way left of target. Closed left eye and was a much better shot, but still not as natural as a right eye dominant shooter would be.
  11. A boredom poll on people's reel retrieve preference and why. Its multiple choice because I expect that it might depend on the type of reel or the quarry.
  12. I have used Power Pro, Spiderline, Suffix. Power Pro is pretty good. I ordered a new reel last winter on Amazon and ordered J-Braid to try on it. Its pretty decent. Its limper than Power Pro though. I also bought a spool of Chinese braid to try. Reaction Tackle 500yds of 30lb 4-stand green for $24. I used it on a baitcaster and on a dipsey rod last summer. So far pretty good value IMO. I will leave it on for another season and see how it does.
  13. Anyone from Sudbury? I lived there from 73 to 81 and Dads favourite place to take the family out for dinner was Teklenburg’s. Their fish chowder was simple and hearty. Not a cream base, but clear broth with vegs fish and the seasoning was probably Italian. Definely lots of oregano. Still my favourite way to make plain fish chowder like whitefish.
  14. My son, who has some professional chefs training, said that a cast iron pan sear comes out better than BBQ searing. May try that next.
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