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  1. Saw this on another forum. http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/wildlife-home/post/ohio-wildlife-council-approves-3rd-fishing-line-for-lake-erie-ohio-river As long as they don't increase the limits it won't impact anything. I don't know why they don't allow 2 rods per person on Georgian Bay except that it is a way to have limits that are very hard to reach. If would be nice to have a 2 rod rule on G-Bay.
  2. Interesting. They have a striped bass population in Lake Champlain so presumably they tolerate colder freshwater. Lake Ontario's pelagic's seem to be in good shape so there would be forage for another species maybe. I wonder if there were Stripers that are now extinct (i.e., they would not be considered invasive).
  3. Those saltwater cats have toxin and bacteria on their spines and you can get a very nasty infection from them. I avoid handling them at all (I take a boga grip and long pliers, or just cut the hook off if its deep). I love it when we rent a house that has kayaks. Even when they are not fishing ones, you can grab some shrimp or squid and head out and catch lots of fish. Just make sure you have a license if you go out on the water. And know the regulations. There are size limits and seasons and the FWC is not lenient.
  4. Only Shell's premium Nitro+ has no ethanol. All the lower grades have ethanol. All gas companies are required to blend a total minimum of 10% ethanol in the total volume they sell in Canada. The lower grades get the most (usually more than 10 and up to 15%). Mid grade is probably blended around 10% and the premium may have no ethanol. Shell does advertise that their premium has no ethanol. So if you want to buy gas at the pumps with no ethanol, you have to buy premium grade. Marina's normally sell ethanol free gas only (ours does)
  5. I have always run my little 8hp Yamaha 2 stroke dry for winter. If its running, it getting oil/fuel and it dies when the oil/fuel runs out. So I am not worried about it not getting oil for the last split second while it dies. Its been 10 years and no issues. BUT, last year I made the mistake of not filling up the portable fuel tank before winter. It sat in the shed for the winter withonly about a gallon of fuel in it. Filled it up in the spring and it ran like crap. There was a lot of condensation water that built up in the tank over winter. Had to flush the tank, change the filter and run sea foam through it to get it running right. So lesson is that you should leave the tank full and stabilized over winter.
  6. Its been manny years but my wife and I went to Cozumel on a diving vacation. We still say it was one of the best vacations we have had. We were there during some kind of carnival. I think it was Feb or March. We walked around town and to and from the hotel without ever feeling unsafe. I did a charter there as well. Too long ago for the name to matter. We did a half day trip With 4 of us on a big center console with tower. It was about 35ft. . we went outside the reef and trolled. We got barracuda and blackfin tuna. It was pretty rough even though shore was visible. The tuna were a lot of fun. Unbelievable fight. A few got taken by sharks as we brought them in.
  7. I would recommend a Stern saver. They sell them at Bass Pro and other places. I used them to install transducers on my current and last boat to avoid drilling holes. They work great. http://sternsaver.com/
  8. This is pretty crazy: https://files.ontario.ca/rabies_surveillance_and_control_08_28_2019_english-large.png Looks like there is a lot of Raccoon strain rabies around the Hamilton area. Or maybe this is normal?
  9. Two riggers on Lake Ontario for sure. You can run two rods per angler so with two riggers and two people you can run 4 rods. Two on the balls and two stackers. Then add a couple of cheaters and you really cover some water. But you risk a big tangled mess if you hook a big screamer.
  10. I bought a Daiwa BG2500 after reading on line reviews. Best value in the price range you we’re saying.
  11. For my Chief smoker, I find that with fish one pan of chips is enough. But I leave the fish in the smoker for the full time. Less is more. For pork ribs they are lightly seasoned with a dry marinade overnight of a bit of sugar (not much), salt, chili powder, garlic powder and black pepper. I smoke one pan of chips and smoke for about an hour. Then into the oven at 275 for another 2 to 3 hours covered in foil to keep the moisture in. Finish on the BBQ to get a nice crisp. Sauce on the side at the table.
  12. Lead acid batteries will fail much earlier if you leave them partially charged for any length of time. They should be charged back up full every time after you use them to get the lead out of solution and back on the plates.
  13. Here is a killer smoked trout dip recipe. Flake/crumble up the amount of smoked trout you want very fine. Then add a 50/50 mixture of sour cream and mayonaise (enough to get a dip texture - i don't measure things). Then add some lemon rind zest and a dash of hot sauce and some ground pepper. Mix it up and let it sit for a few hours in the fridge. Eat it on thin slices of baguette or crackers. You won't have leftovers.
  14. Growing up we had a 12ft Sears Aluminum boat that we put on top of every car we ever owned. It was a heavy solid boat and very wide so we had wide roof racks. It was not a one person operation to get it on the racks although I did it a couple of times but was worried about dropping it on the paint. That tinny had a LOT of slime on the bottom over the 25 years we owned it. As they say in the offshore salt fishing, that hull could raise fish!
  15. Same one I have. Save the cardboard box for winter use. You put the box over it to keep heat in. You can buy replacement drip pans and chip pans (chip pan is Stainless) from them on line. I did and they are cheap. Another tip is to drill a small hole that exactly fits a meat thermometer so you can monitor inside temperatures. Enjoy!
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