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  1. I was in the States and my BIL wanted to pick up some Beyond Meat burgers (vegetarian wife, my sister). They are lot cheaper in the stores there so I picked up a couple packs to try. They are full of saturated fat and sodium. No cholesterol but lots of fat. I doubt a nutritionist would say they are any better for you than a real burger. A chicken or turkey burger would probably be a much better choice. Here is the nutrition label:
  2. Bumper crop of gobies next year i expect with bass pulled off the nests. Lots of bass egg fodder.
  3. They called one evening when I was at home in the kitchen. Said my computer was sending data and messages out and needed to be fixed. I told them to wait and I would go get it. Then I listened to her for a few minutes and told her that I would make sure it would never happen again. I took a cookie sheet out and threw it on the floor with a crash and banged it around a bit. I told her I had smashed it and it would not do it again. There was a pause and then she hung up. Probably did nothing, but my wife and I had a good laugh. I have done the same thing with the duct cleaner call centres and my duck call. Its pretty funny when they try to explain that they don't mean "ducks' they mean "ducts" while I am yelling at my wife to keep them quiet while I am trying to talk to someone about getting them cleaned.
  4. have bought from these folks for my Sea Ray. I bought a few latches, some locking others not. They have a few different kinds. Not local though, but the prices were not bad (shipping is a bit high though) https://www.searay-parts.com/category-s/966.htm
  5. It is so strange that the surface water temps can get into the mid 50s when the air temperatures have barely gotten there and there has been almost no sun this April/May so far.
  6. Its not the dead of winter, so why is this coming up for discussion now? I grew up most of my years in Northern Ontario. They are Pickerel or Dore up there. When i go to Metro or Foodland, they seem to call them Yellow Pickerel too. Americans call squirrels food, so I am not taking any guidance from our American friends.
  7. Maybe but 5200 does not stick well to polypropylene. The stern saver has four large threaded holes you fill with their thick epoxy then tape onto the transom. The glue setting in the threaded hole gives a mechanical bond. It won’t come loose. IMO you can’t go wrong with the Sternsaver.
  8. I have used them in two boats. Fibreglass. Used the epoxy the come with to mount them. They work great. No holes in the boat! And you can move the transducer around and redrill into the plastic all you want.
  9. Out of curiosity, how long does it take to stuff a body down a 6 inch hole in the ice? Hypothetically speaking of course.
  10. We had all three over the years (never had induction though). Gas is the best by far. One problem with glass that makes a major difference for me is not being able to use cast iron pans for searing any more. 1. they are not flat bottom so they don't sit right, 2. they scratch the surface 3. not hot enough. Our "old" appliances move from home to the cottage. Gas at home now, electric up north. But we have NG at the cottage (near Penetang) so once I retire, its a new gas stove at home and the one at home goes up north.
  11. Maybe same sent, but not the same stuff. Wax does not belong on a glass top. The other cleaners are generally acid based (like citric acid) with a mild abrasive.
  12. https://youtu.be/mhFgEpSIC4I
  13. Split the invoice up. Pay for the boat without the outboard, the equipment that is not attached and anything else that goes with it. The outboard is worth a lot of money (hint hint). Oh, and by the way, the tax authorities WILL find you so you might as well just go in and pay them once you buy the boat.
  14. Call your insurance agent. They are not the insurance company. They work for you. They will tell you everything you need to know about the claim. They will need a list of contents and estimated age of each thing. So start making the list. They will want prove of ownership for as much as you can support but will cover other stuff too My advise is to avoid the temptation of saying you have something you didn’t. Your claim will go sideways fast if they show you misrepresented anything.
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