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  1. Thanks for sharing. I miss carp fishing and hearing the screaming alarms.
  2. The two bodies recovered from Lake O yesterday (Saturday Sept 8th) were confirmed not to be Kevin. Please help the search efforts if you are able and spread the word to keep an eye out if you are in the area. Kevin and I share many close friends and I lived through his videos in the last few years after moving away from Ontario. It is devastating to have lost such a passionate and well-liked angler in our community. Come home Kev, we are all waiting for you.
  3. I haven't posted in a very long time and don't frequent OFC as much anymore but I had to sign on for this. Lew, all the best to whatever your heart takes you to next. Although we have never met I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years.
  4. That's awesome Trevor! Congratulations on the new PB
  5. really enjoyed the read Jet. especially loved the part where you talked about Passion, couldn't agree more with you on that. Congrats on the successful trip, you deserved it!
  6. That's a great story Cliff. It took us (frozen-fire/MJL and I) a long time to get our first Simcoe laker as well, must have been 8-10 full day trips before I finally hooked one. Now that you got the monkey off your back it should be alot easier from this point on
  7. Trip of a lifetime indeed. I don't think I will ever feel more devastated from losing a fish lol
  8. That smallie is huge! too bad we didn't get to fish together much this year during the softwater season, but i'll see you on the ice!
  9. we need to add some big erie channel cats and bigger browns to the list for 2013.
  10. That's awesome. He put in the hardwork and got rewarded. That's the best kind. I always try to do all sorts of things to get "rewarded", like climbing down a steel muddy hill, wading chest deep to cross the river for a "better spot", and most of the time I come out empty handed
  11. I'll keep it short. Man what a beautiful place it was, I just don't have the urge to go fishing anymore after I came back the truth - Anthony and I spent a morning in your neck of the woods a few days after we got back, we were going through withdrawal
  12. Thanks for posting up the report Mike, you're the man for the job. I'd bore most people with my very limited writing skills lol. I'm so jealous of Ant's first sea-run steelhead Like what Mike said - Jet, thanks for being an amazing host. We all had an unforgettable time.
  13. Sorry for your loss Roger, condolences to you and your family.
  14. Welcome back! I loved reading all your reports back in the day. Great pics!
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