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  1. Biggest fear fishing the lower is falling in during the cold weather. I bought a fishing pfd from FishUSA, it was practical, economical and doubles as a fishing vest. I have a float suit for severe cold weather. You also need to make sure you have excellent condition foot wear, just bought some winter boots from north face and you can add screw studs for ice. Safety is so important, no fish is worth dying for and being prepared and safe is paramount. I would recommend a straight pfd and you could probably wear it under a jacket if you are that concerned about how it looks, but really who cares, just wear it as is.
  2. I can’t trust anglers from picking up their own garbage so I certainly am not going to trust them that all will comply with social distancing. Fishing is a recreation for most of us, it is certainly not essential. Dave Chong said no fish is worth dying for during an ice fishing seminar and I agree but it applies in all situations. Once you get or give the virus, there are no ‘do overs’, no take me backs. I’m smart enough to know when I don’t know what I don’t know. There’s so much to this we and the medical community does not know yet. Health care and front line workers are dying trying to save people. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing, at the very least maintain what health you have. The arguement to compare fishing to other activities that are essential is ignorant during a pandemic. Stay at home and self isolate as much as you can, it is the most effective way to avoid infection.
  3. I use to fish Hastings until carp hunters really started to put a number on them. I draw them in with chum, they stick them with an arrow so I stopped going there so not sure if they are still there or not. Rice lake near gores landing has a pier but it did go under construction recently so not sure if it is still open. Second little lake suggestion but it is popular spot. Suggest google mapping any local fishing stores, drop by and ask for some assistance and using satellite image to see any access points of any body of water.
  4. I have the r-type bait casting float rod 2 piece 11' which I got last year. It's all I use now for salmon, hooked up over 150, landed 80 of them in 2 seasons. No issues so far, can't comment on there other rods though.
  5. https://www.gofundme.com/BFSCKevin
  6. This is very sad and unfortunate. I feel like most people, I never met the man but knew him through his YouTube channel. He was passionate and knowledgeable angler who loved sharing his angling adventures. He connected with so many people, especially because he was a local angler and was great at what he did. RIP Kevin, we will miss you. I wished I could meet you in the water one day but that will have to be at another place
  7. I haven't been on this site in awhile but a 12 pack of these jigs are selling for 1.79 on clear out in the Vaughan location. May apply to other locations. Mostly 1/100 and 1/80 but I saw some 1/64 and 1/32 oz jigs, various colours. It's on a side rack near the reel section. Pretty good deal if u like fishing for panfish, crappie and trout. Same deal as below except it's on clear out now. http://www.redflagdeals.com/deal/equipment/white-river-fly-shop-pro-lite-jigs-2/
  8. Nice vid and underwater footage. The north end of the pond is off limits for fishing and there are signs up there.
  9. have a look at quickboats as an alternative
  10. Fished Charleston lake for over a decade. What is unusual about this year is that lakers are open at the last saturday of May rather than the first saturday of June typically. 2 methods, lead core line or using a down rigger. Down rigger is my choice and it is very precise, i just use a mini manual one with a 4-5 lb cannon ball. The fish finder will tell you what depth they are at and just drop into that level and troll. With the weather and time of year you are fishing them, my guess is they will be around 40-60 foot depth range at most come end of May. Baits :- troll with spoons behind inline spinners, i think they call them "christmas trees" in the local area. This is a very deep lake, that is spring fed from the bottom of the lake so it is very cold. No muskies that I have ever heard of but I have caught pike. Mostly smallies in this lake around rocky structure, the large mouth are in weeds if you can find them. Water is quite clear so you can see structure normally but get a good map. The comment about bass season is correct but there is usually a bass tournament at that time and can be tough fishing at season opener. There is not a lot of shallow water since the depth drops off very rapidly when you go out even just 10 feet from shore in much of the lake, so if you can find shallow water with even a bit of cover you can find the bass and pike.
  11. on line:- extremelures.com and landbigfish.com, later has custom colours cost more though, ebay is great just don't get into bidding wars with some guys, you can pay over 180$ for one f not careful
  12. available at fishing world
  13. the outbarb mean upon slack the hook barb catches the tissue so you loose less fish, however the outbarb scratches the finish. they are very sharp high quality hooks., don't bother replacing them.
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