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  1. Shameless work promoting: The gearbox, brakes and motors seemed solid but this was electric.
  2. Can you tell which locations depend on wild fish? It would be great to know.
  3. Good call on the mono to get to the rim. I bet that makes for a colourful pin, if you use the dacron.
  4. Thanks BIll. I think I will try the nano till it gets cold. Is 150 yards enough?
  5. Unlike that little rainbow. Great video!
  6. http://www.libreoffice.org/ is a more supported then openoffice in my option. It was a fork of openoffice.
  7. Which fireline do you guys use? Original, crystal or tracer? I got a spool of 10lbs nanofil but it seems like overkill not that I know everyone seems to use 6lbs.
  8. I got the $5 for one month for them and lucky tackle box. I'll post what I get.
  9. I got the freestones but I am looking for headwaters in my size.
  10. Thanks for this guys. I think I will go with the more expensive waders and stick to my aventa (maybe look for a second hand okuma for a backup). Has anyone had any experienced the simms freestones?
  11. Thanks Misfish, I'll try this, this weekend. I already have the bearings in. Wouldn't the spacer get in the way or just the outer ones? Thanks musky_hunter
  12. Any hints to get the bearings out? I don't want to press on the seal to get them out.
  13. I thought the replacement would be like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwIamIfMB9c but mine were not as easy to take out. I don't believe they are damaged but should I take them out and repress them?
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