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  1. Hello, Any of the ponds at Westminster in particular??? Thanks.
  2. yeah I’m there now no carp yet but someone lost a salmon!
  3. And when you say off the wall where is that exactly??
  4. Hi guys I’m over from England and about to spend 2 nights in Owen sounds can anyone give me any areas near by where I may catch or find some decent size carp! Remember seeing some massive ones a few years ago when I was last here but they weren’t interested in being caught! Thanks Harry.
  5. Hello all, Thanks very much for all the help. I have 3 nights in Peterborough booked and will defiantly try little lake and the spot by the zoo. What licence do i need to get? Also where is the best place to get some maize or sinking trout pellets from?? Thanks, Harry.
  6. Hello, many big ones or is there slot of small ones as well? Thanks
  7. Hello, thanks for letting me join. I’m from England but I’m coming out to Canada, Ontario for 2 weeks in September. It’s not a fishing holiday but some fishing will definitely be happening. Has anyone got any advice on areas I should visit to try and catch a better carp as when I was out before caught lots of smaller ones so wanted to try and get one over 20lb! Also advice on what licences I need would be great. we are staying a few days in London, then travelling to the kawartha lakes area then off to Tobermory and back to London. thanks guys, harry.
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