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  1. As Lew said, I bought his boat 10 years ago and she is still going strong. Another vote for Crestliner here.
  2. Thanks for the reply Kawartha angler. Nice job on your boat.
  3. Thanks Brian...hope all is well with you as well ! A pic of Corey's boat....it's alright lol
  4. I remember that day very well. Scary thing now Lew is I am probably that much shorter than Ben Great memory for sure
  5. Absolutely Lew !! You know it will be 10 years since I bought her from you. Ill have owned her longer than you next year. Boat still runs great, it is the perfect layout and she has lots of good karma. Got a new cover for her this year so am thinking about getting the carpet redone. Corey got himself a 17 foot Lund this year (dual console)....Still like fishing in the Crestliner better.
  6. Hi Everyone Just wondered if anybody had any suggestions for businesses that would install new carpet in your boat. I'm pondering getting this done but can't seem to find anything from my friend google. I live north of the GTA but am open to driving a bit if necessary. Thanks in advance. Jim
  7. My deepest condolences Paul. She was a great lady.
  8. Nice going ! Be careful they are very addictive. ; )
  9. Good stuff Matt ! Hope all is well.
  10. Holy crap Lew. Same thing happened to Sue a few years ago at Lakair, it's scary stuff. Glad you are feeling better my friend. Take it easy.
  11. Nice going. You sure have got them figured out based on your last 2 reports !
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