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  1. I am with you limey. St. Croix xtra heavy fast action paired with a ci4 4000. Awesome setup for everything.
  2. Here are some pics. Early morning shots of a couple different water bodies i fish. Ripping through schools of perch for pike and bass. Awesome being on that lake when they are schooling. 19" smallies and 36" pike.
  3. Lots of whitefish up here. Not the size of simcoe but there are so many, they are pretty much coarse fish. Think the limit is twelve.
  4. The closer you are to the west gate of algonquin, the cheaper it gets both for properties and taxes. There are not many places for sale in the area, covid has really changed the market up here. Places that have been on the market for years are going for more the listed price. If you find something you like, jump on it.
  5. Where in the area are you looking? Depending on township, you are looking at radically different prices and taxes. I moved to Wilno 5 years ago from king city, and I love it here. No problem with atv's on the road, and tons of nearby fishing for everything but muskie. You have to drive an hour to get muskie.......such a hardship lol. The town is very quiet. Average age of madawaska valley is over 65 I believe. 3 gas stations which are always competing with each other as well as golden lake reserve. All amenities in town including a dispensary lol. Cheap smokes and dispensaries on the reserve also. Lots of crown land to enjoy. Lots of wildlife. NO TRAFFIC......other than deer crossing the road, or moose. The bugs can be bad depending on where you are and what the weather has been like.
  6. Yep, the 460 for some, but usually I use the 800. It's more my size and the only one that will almost cut through steps. It is also the only one I use for cutting armor stone. As for the pike, what else are you supposed to do while barging back and forth for material?Love those beach jobs.
  7. Thanks. I kinda cheat with the lifting part. I use a suction cup and mini-ex. All the cutting and leveling is a little beit of work. Especially in the heat. It does come with some bonuses. Like barge missions with my fishing equipment.😁
  8. U-turn in 10 steps. With a 7' change in grade from the lower flagstone to the upper path.
  9. 65 granite steps up from the water, with flagstone landings every 10 steps, and 2 flagstone patio/sitting areas on the way down. I got really tired of hills.
  10. Laid the wet lay in November. Built the Tarp Mahal and heated it round the clock to cure the mortar. What a pain that was. I mean there is never any wind right on the water.🤥🤥
  11. Thanks. It's my bosses place. I did all the hardscape. Alot of cutting. I cut all the armour stone so that I had tight 1.5 inch joints to grout. As well as cutting all the flag, other than the square cut. He was a little irritated that I like to use a line and level to shoot my grades i stead of a laser lol.
  12. Here is the start of the fire pit. Very tight joints on the flagstone. 1/4" or less.
  13. Thanks. Too bad it's not mine lol Just like these 2 docks. I hate the jobsites I work on lol.
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