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A few pics to share.

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Pictures of some of my favorite mountain lakes. Most are so gorgeous they look fake, but are not. I hope you's enjoy.  Maligne Lake, Peyto Lake, Waterton Lake, Lake Louise, Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes where in 1983 while fishing from shore I caught the Alberta record Bull Trout, Alberta's provincial fish, one oz. shy of 18lbs. And it still stands today. Lower Kananaskis Lake, Abraham Lake. I have a couple more that are well worth a gander but as usual my computer decided to take some time off, I will try and post them later.








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Beautiful photos. 

Wow ! That's a huge Bull Trout. I guess your record will always stand as I understand there is now a zero retention limit for that species in Alberta. I've caught them in BC, along with Dolly Varden Trout that look similar. As you know, they're both actually Char...very pretty fish. If you can find a photo of it, please share.


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Back to Crowman, Yes, and as you obviously  know they are a char. Years ago they were thought to be a dolly varden. But bull trout sounds better than bull char, same as our lake trout LOL. Bull trout, Alberta's provincial fish have had a very rough go. For such a gorgeous fish It truly sickens me to say that decades ago they were considered a pest as they were at the top of the food chain. When caught, in most cases they were just left on the bank to rot. Thank fully in August of 2019 they were finally put on the endangered species list. To this day, in spite of everything Fish and Wildlife biologists and volunteers have done for them during spawning they haven't made much of a recovery. They resemble a big brook trout even though colors can vary, it is surprising how many anglers can't tell the difference, so came the motto, no black put it back. I don't even have a picture of my record one. As my 35mm pics of it were being processed, which were actually taken by a Game Warden with my camera (he seemed as excited as I)  the power went out in the camera shop and they lost my negatives and pics. I did take it to a taxidermist friend but before he had chance to finish it he passed away. Some time later his son in law called me and told me he had it, I was very excited to say the least as I thought it was gone to who knows where, so I rushed to his house. I don't believe I have ever been so ticked off, it was painted the color of a brown trout and most the fins were broke to the point even with fin backing they were beyond repair. After  several choice words I told him to shove it and that was the last I seen it. I did release most my fish at that time and this is one I truly wish I'd never kept. 


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Well my dinosaur computer says it's ready to go back to work so I will try and get the pics of the other Lakes on here that I am very fond of. Having seen them I am sure you will understand why. I guess this is it, can't find the ones I want. Thank you. 



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