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Caught my first Muskie today

12 Volt Man

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So, I was fishing with my musky rod for hours today after driving 2 hours to a river in the Kawarthas to try to catch my first muskie (from shore, I don't own a boat). I took a break from using it, picked up my bass rod (7'6 MH) cast a #5 Mepps Black Fury and caught my first one lol Go Figure lolol The Mepps Black Fury lures are sooooo goood! Took a few pics as fast as I could with help from some nice people walking through the park and back it went. took off like a rocket



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  • 12 Volt Man changed the title to Caught my first Muskie today

The 00, 0, and 1 sizes are far inferior from 20-30 years ago..

I still use the bigger sizes with no complaints but their small micro spinners ain't worth a crap.

Overall performance , durability etc.

Like everything in this world nowadays the price goes up but the quality goes down.

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Congrats on THE MUSKY!!! First fish is definitely an all caps experience! 

I’m assuming KraTTor is referring to this being a man’s personal triumph thread rather a quality of Mepps Spinners thread. But I have a history of missing the point.

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On 9/20/2023 at 9:02 AM, Rizzo said:

awesome! now you are doomed...you will obsess over catching the next one. And after a bunch more hours you will! Odds are the next one will be even bigger...and then the obsession grows. Welcome to the club

Lol… until you tear your rotator cuff from casting for the buggers.

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