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Navionics Requires DATA to work! Useless!

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Out on Lake Ontario Sunday I decide to turn on my tablet with navionics to check contours. I have a paid subscription and have had the navionic app for years. Navionic forces users to now pay yearly for features most wont use. Yes, I don’t have to subscribe and I can use old maps but Navionics conveniently disables Raymarine sonar integration also... THIS WAS NEVER A PAID FEATURE to begin with!

Anyways, guess what? The boating map now requires DATA for you to login! So without data it is non functional. Navionics kindly allows me to start a “free trial” if I wish though. Yes I can hotspot from my phone but that is not the point. What are they thinking? Piracy protection? Selling our user info? I dont get it...

Im so angry. Ok end of rant. 


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I think once you sign in it stays logged in till you log out 


so if you sign in at home with WiFi you should be good to go

but that is just a guess. I turned off data and WiFi and it worked for me


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I logged in no problem at home on my tablet but once on the water with no data I no longer had access to my account.

I will try to replicate it turning the wifi off at home but currently installing OPENCPN right now on tablet.

Hope everyone is right and I screwed up.




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Ok, tried again and now Navionics working without data. Not sure why it didn’t work on Sunday 3 miles off of Bronte on Lake Ontario.

I am working on setting up OpenCPN for my tablet anyways. Its free, very clunky and still have no maps installed (properly) but I will give it a shot.

As for fishing, it was a great day even without fish in the boat. Followed suggestions and trolled shallow for a few hours with very few marks. Went out deeper and 90 to 130fow saw action.

Downrigger jumped twice but nothing to show ( probably small ). Was just a perfect day anyways and really looking forward to next year Lake Ontario fishing.

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