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A few early morning trib hook ups

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Ya all know I love to get set up early in the morning ,drink some java and listen to the woods come alive.

Did my best to keep the back ground to a min.:ninja:

Will start with my backing line thread I posted a while back . My combo of chartreuse and neon blue, and first try at sunline. Backing sure helps build bulk quick and not using up mono. After putting on 150 yards of backing slowly and keeping it level ,I added 300 yards of the sunline main. When I was done spooling, the pin was loaded just perfect. This sunline is so smooth. First time user of this line .With this pin having a very narrow throat, Wallis casting, is the preferred. I like this,as it makes me get away from the side cast and dealing with nesting. Ya swivels help, but eventually,nesting happens . I have come very comfortable with it now, and the float just fly's out there .

Fresh runs are the best . The fish are super spunky . I had a few that did some real nice aerial flips,hell,had one almost jump on shore at the other side of the river. These fish have no give up in them. Great fights.

I,ll just leave you with pics from the past 3 days. Rains coming, and reports of maybe some snow , so I think it will be a few days till my next outing.

My float set up using that hollow pencil lead . Sure saves on loading up shot. I like to bulk shot,as I fish deeper pools and have a 4 ft lead of floro with just the hook . Allow the bait to flow naturally IMO. It works for me . My new Rain Shadow Kombat custom rod my son gave me, is one sweet stick.















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1 hour ago, Mr Greedydrift said:

Nice float set up! How are you securing the float to the mainline? 

Slip float stop?

Yes .It is a cool water acorn slip float. Bobber stop to set depths. I use small walleye harness beads so the weight and bobber do not smash together. Also helps so the rubber bobber stop does not get stuck in the top of the float.

10 hours ago, JonnyButts said:

Looks like some great mornings out Misfish. Gotta love the Aerials! I’m hoping the snow stays away, it’s too early for the white stuff . 

I would sooner see snow then rain. :)

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8 minutes ago, PUMP KNOWS said:

What size acorn is that?  Do you tie bags on the spot?  It looks like you have some loose roe in one of the pics.

14 grm.

Thats skien for drifting during the dark hours under a lit float. Lots of scent.😉

I change up my rig once day light starts to appear. 

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1 hour ago, misfish said:

Let me know when Bill. I may hit near your pops this weekend.😉

I'll drop you a PM.   I'm still busy chasing muskie lol.   Wouldn't mind a morning out for steel though on my old stomping grounds.  

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